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Singapore's sushi restaurants say may replace Japanese imports

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Singapore's sushi restaurants say may replace Japanese imports
Reuters - ‎Mar 17, 2011

Customers are flocking as usual to the dozens of sushi bars and upscale Japanese restaurants in Singapore, which have a large number of Japanese expatriates and aficionados of the cuisine, but news that food imports from Japan will be tested for ...
(Sushi of high-quality fatty Atlantic bluefin tuna or ''o-toro sushi nigiri'' are served at a sushi restaurant in Tokyo.)

Sushirrito and Tataki South Remake Japanese Cuisine for American Appetites
SF Weekly - ‎Mar 16, 2011
(On a roll: crawfish, cucumber, and tobiko with scallop on top.)

Sure, I'd noted the scarcity of Japanese terms on Tataki South's menu. But when I spotted the California roll banished to Tataki's "Old-School Rolls" list, it sparked a moment of reckoning akin to receiving that first AARP card or spotting your first ...

Mumbai restaurants feel quake aftershocks
Times of India - Mar 16, 2011

Fine dining restaurants that serve Japanese cuisine and import raw material from there are already starting to feel the heat of the disaster. Joss restaurant at Kala Ghoda has discontinued certain seafood items like 'hamachi' or loin of tuna even as it ...

Some Importers To Test Japanese Products For Radiation Risk
Automated Trader - ‎Mar 14, 2011

Japanese cuisine is popular in many Asian countries and restaurants regularly import fresh fish for sushi, sashimi and other sea-food related items in their menu. With fruit orchards and vegetable farms in northern Japan hit by the earthquake, ...

O Fine Japanese Cuisine to Open Second Sushi Bar in Irvine
OC Weekly - ‎Mar 14, 2011

14 2011 @ 5:00PM Last time I was at O Fine Japanese Cuisine in Laguna Beach, our server asked me where I drove from. Irvine, I said. She brightened at that statement and told me that pretty soon, there'd be a O Fine Japanese Cuisine in Irvine, too. ...

Restaurants in Xiamen suffer little from falling Japanese seafood supply
What's on Xiamen - ‎Mar 16, 2011

Operators of some Japanese restaurants claimed that Japanese cuisine's origination from Japan does not necessarily mean it has to import all materials from Japan. Japanese restaurants in Xiamen import materials mainly from South Korea, North Korea, ...

New Tokyo steakhouse rolls in
Sioux City Journal - ‎Mar 17, 2011‎

Tempura -- Any Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables that is battered with panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) and deep-fried. Teppanyaki --Just another way of saying an iron griddle is being used to prepare your meal. Simply put, teppan means iron plate and ...

Shige's Red Carpet Fine Dining
Boise Weekly - ‎Mar 16, 2011

For a long time, Boise was home to only one Japanese restaurant, and when chef Shige Matsuzawa and his wife, Debbie, opened Shige Japanese Cuisine in 1992 on the upper level of the building on the downtown corner of Eighth and Main streets, ...

Come on in, hibernate for a delicious spell at Asian Panda
Daily Herald - ‎Mar 17, 2011

... to a buy-one-get-one-half-price grand opening special on sushi, dinner and lunch entrees. Even with regular pricing, there are more than 50 menu items for $8 or less. Try Asian Panda for an authentic Chinese and Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price.

N-shadow over tourism and eateries
Times of India - ‎Mar 16, 2011

Hotels though, have not yet struck Japanese cuisine off their menu. But they have stopped importing ingredients from the radiation-affected country, opting for Singapore and Dubai. With the world glued to the news of rapidly disintegrating Fukushima ...

By JS on Mar 23, 2011

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