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Ministry ends season's whaling

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Four fires kill seven in 24 hours
Japan Times - Feb 20, 2011

A series of fires from late Friday night through Saturday morning killed seven people in Hiroshima, Wakayama and Hyogo prefectures, police said. Four bodies were found after a fire broke out at 10:50 p.m. Friday in the home of Zenichiro Shinkado, 88, his wife, Haruko, 84, and two of their sons in Shobara, Hiroshima Prefecture. The fire destroyed the residence and an adjacent barn, the police said. (Japan Times)
News photo
(Emergency: A fire consumes a home in Shobara, Hiroshima Prefecture, early Saturday.)

Ministry ends season's whaling
Japan Times - Feb 19, 2011

Japan has halted its whaling in the Antarctic Ocean for this season because of harassment by the Sea Shepherd antiwhaling group, fisheries minister Michihiko Kano said Friday. The whaling had been slated to run until March. It is the first time Japan's so-called research whaling, which runs from fall to spring, has been suspended due to interference since the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society began to target the whalers in 2005. The group's harassment will likely continue. (Japan Times)

Radiohead scrap Tokyo plans but release album early
Wall Street Journal - Feb 19, 2011

What's a congested square frothing with excited music fans and no band? At best, a genius publicity move and at worst, a huge letdown. It's official: Alternative music junkies' favorite rogue band, Radiohead, was nowhere to be seen in Tokyo's famous Shibuya intersection in person, via satellite, a beamed in hologram or otherwise on Friday night. It all started with a mysterious tweet from the band's official Twitter account about 24 hours earlier. On Thursday night, in a Morse-like code staccato in Japanese, the band chirped "Shibuya Hachiko Friday 6:59." (Wall Street Journal)

Malaysia detains trio over missing Japan condoms
AFP - Feb 18, 2011

Malaysian police have arrested three men over the disappearance of more than 700,000 ultrathin condoms that went missing as they were being exported to Japan. The suspects, workers from a condom factory in the northern state of Perak, will be held for police investigation until Saturday, local police chief Shukri Dahlan told state media late Thursday. "Having questioned the suspects, we have reason to believe that this was the job of an international syndicate," Shukri was quoted as saying by English language daily The Star Friday. (AFP)

Japan's new highway toll caps may boost fuel demand
Reuters - Feb 18, 2011

Japan will limit national highway tolls for passenger cars to 2,000 yen ($24) on weekdays from April while keeping a 1,000 yen cap for weekends, a move that could encourage drivers to make longer trips on weekdays. The decision represents a compromise by the government, which said last April it wanted to cap tolls at 2,000 yen seven days a week. With the catch-phrase "1,000 yen highway" and coupled with relatively low retail gasoline prices in 2009, many drivers hit the roads, one of the factors that boosted gasoline consumption in 2010 for a second straight year. (Reuters)

Residents near Japanese volcano urged to evacuate
Reuters - Feb 18, 2011

More than 2,500 people living near a volcano that has been spewing ash in southern Japan were advised to evacuate their homes Thursday after heavy rain threatened mudslides of accumulated ash, a local official said. Shinmoedake began erupting in late January, in its biggest activity in some 300 years. The volcanic activity has disrupted airline flights and blanketed nearby vegetable farms with ash, but there have been no reports of serious injury or deaths. (Reuters)

By JS on Feb 23, 2011

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