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Japan downgrade: The beginning of the end?

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Soccer: Japan beat Australia to win record fourth Asian Cup title
Reuters - Jan , 2011

Tadanari Lee scored with a stunning left-foot volley in the second period of extra time to give Japan a 1-0 win over Australia on Saturday and a record fourth Asian Cup title. Lee swivelled to fire in a Yuto Nagatomo cross from the left in the 109th minute as the Blue Samurai sealed a narrow victory at the Khalifa Stadium. (Reuters)
High court sides with Tokyo on anthem
Japan Times - Jan 29, 2011

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and board of education did not violate the Constitution by requiring school teachers and other staff to stand when the Hinomaru flag is raised and the national anthem sung during school events, the Tokyo High Court ruled Friday, reversing a lower court decision. A three-judge panel led by Hiromu Tsuzuki acted on an appeal against a 2006 decision by the Tokyo District Court that disciplinary action against those who refused to stand and sing "Kimigayo" was unconstitutional. (Japan Times)

Schools close as erupting volcano rains ash and stones on nearby communities
Mainichi - Jan 29, 2011

Several schools here have suspended classes as ash and stones continue to fall from the erupting volcano Shinmoedake in the Kirishima mountain range between Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures. The eruption on Jan. 26 was the first major eruption in the past 50 years, and some experts say an even greater eruption is possible. On Jan. 28, I visited the Natsuo-cho district of the Miyazaki Prefecture city of Miyakonojo, located some 10 kilometers southeast of the crater to report the situation in the area, which has been badly affected by falling ash. (Mainichi)

Japan extends SDF peacekeeping mission in Golan Heights for half year
AP - Jan 27, 2011

The government decided Friday to extend the Self-Defense Forces mission taking part in U.N. peacekeeping operations in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights for another six months through Sept. 30. The Cabinet of Prime Minister Naoto Kan endorsed the extension following a U.N. Security Council decision to extend the mission of the U.N. Disengagement Observer Force in the Golan Heights. (AP)

Japan downgrade: The beginning of the end?
CNN - Jan 28, 2011

The timing of the downgrade of Japan's sovereign bonds by Standard & Poor's on Thursday came as a bit of a surprise to some. After all, Japanese government bond yields have been relatively stable recently, the yen fairly strong, and, as Citigroup points out, the government has vowed to address its sky-high debt load this year. But S&P isn't convinced that's going to happen. "The downgrade reflects our appraisal that Japan's government debt ratios--already among the highest for rated sovereigns--will continue to rise further than we envisaged before the global economic recession hit the country and will peak only in the mid-2020s." (CNN)

Unmanned Japanese cargo vehicle Konotiri2 docks with ISS
AP - Jan 27, 2011

The unmanned Japanese space cargo vehicle Konotori2 docked with the International Space Station on Thursday night following its launch Saturday, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said. The vehicle, which is officially called HTV2, made its final approach to the ISS about three hours before the linkup, and Scott Kelly from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other astronauts at the station connected it to the ISS using the station's robotic arm. (AP)

By JS Feb 2, 2011

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