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BBC 'unluckiest' take on double hibakusha hit

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Japan culls 10,000 chickens to contain bird flu
AFP - Jan 22, 2011

Japan has began slaughtering some 10,000 chickens at a poultry farm in western Miyazaki prefecture in a bid to contain an outbreak of bird flu, according to the local government. Officials in the prefecture, 900 kilometres southwest of Tokyo, said 36 chickens were found dead on Friday at the poultry farm. Preliminary tests confirmed that six of the birds had died of the H5 subtype of the avian flu virus, the officials said. (AFP)
BBC 'unluckiest' take on double hibakusha hit
Japan Times - Jan 22, 2011

The Japanese Embassy in London has lodged a written protest targeting the BBC and a TV production agency, arguing they insulted a deceased Japanese man who survived the atomic bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, embassy and other sources said Thursday. In the popular quiz show, "QI," broadcast by the BBC in December, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, whose story as a double hibakusha is well-known and who died last January at age 93, was introduced as "The Unluckiest Man in the World," to laughter from the show's TV celebrities and audience. (Japan Times)

Japanese rocket carrying cargo for space station lifts off
Fox News - Jan 22, 2011

Japanese rocket carrying an unmanned cargo transporter to the International Space Station was launched Saturday afternoon, after a two-day delay due to adverse weather conditions. The H-2B rocket was launched at 2:37 p.m. from the pad at Tanegashima Space Center on Tanegashima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is carrying the HTV2 transporter, also called Konotori2, which is expected to connect with the ISS on Jan. 28, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said. (Fox News)

Japan snow-related deaths total 45 so far this winter
AP - Jan 21, 2011
Forty-five people have died in incidents related to heavy snow so far this winter in Japan, reaching a pace similar to the 2005- 2006 winter season when the second-highest number of snow-related deaths in the postwar period was logged, a government agency said Friday. The government urged caution as people aged 65 and above account for 60 percent of the deaths, which occurred in 11 prefectures between Nov. 1, 2010, and Jan. 19, according to the Fire Disaster Management Agency. (AP)

Japan gets tough on yakuza gangsters
AFP - Jan 21, 2011

Call it a sign of the times for Japan's yakuza crime syndicates -- placards on the fence around one of Tokyo's most high-profile building sites warn: "Gangsters not welcome." Developers of Tokyo's Sky Tree broadcast tower, set to be the world's highest when it's finished next year, are doing what long seemed unthinkable, shutting the door on the tattooed tough guys of the Japanese underworld. Their bold stance comes amid a police offensive against crime groups since 2009 that has also emboldened local governments and citizens' groups to voice their opposition to mobsters long deemed untouchables. (AFP)

Debate starts on restricting foreign purchases of land
Japan Times - Jan 21, 2011

Lawmakers of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan started discussions Thursday on restricting foreign purchases of domestic land out of concerns for national security and natural resources. This is the first move by the DPJ after the recent purchase of plots including water-retaining forests and real estate close to national defense facilities raised concerns amid a lack of legislation to restrict such acquisitions. Concern over the potential risk first arose among government officials three years ago, when word spread that South Korean interests had purchased a resort hotel next to Self-Defense Forces facilities in Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture. (Japan Times)

By JS on Jan 26, 2011

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