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Foreign visitors to Japan hit record-high 9.44 mil. in 2010

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Foreign visitors to Japan hit record-high 9.44 mil. in 2010
AP - Jan 14, 2011

The number of foreign nationals arriving in Japan last year rose 24.6 percent from a year earlier to a record-high 9,443,671 due to the economic recovery in Asia and the relaxation by Tokyo of visa regulations for Chinese tourists, government data showed Friday. First-time travelers to Japan also reached an all-time high of 7,919,678, up 29.4 percent from 2009, the Immigration Bureau of the Justice Ministry said in a preliminary report. (AP)
Windows broken at Japanese Embassy facility in Beijing
AP - Jan 14, 2011

The Japanese Embassy in Beijing said Friday that two windows were broken at the embassy's public diplomacy center. The attack is possibly related to Friday being the date of commemorating the integration of the Senkaku Islands into Japanese territory. The islands are claimed by China. (AP)

Kan revamps Cabinet to focus on fiscal consolidation
AP - Jan 14, 2011

Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Friday revamped his Cabinet in the hope of boosting his popularity and improving ties with formidable opposition parties, recruiting veteran lawmakers known to be enthusiastic about fiscal consolidation and trade liberalization. The shakeup, resulting in four newcomers to the Cabinet, took place ahead of the 150-day regular parliament session due to begin on Jan. 24, after which the government led by the Democratic Party of Japan will face tough challenges from opposition parties over the passage of the fiscal 2011 budget and related bills. (AP)

Sex offenders to get chats with cops
Japan Times - Jan 14, 2011

Police will begin holding regular interviews with convicted child-sex offenders who are released from prison, the National Police Agency said Thursday. Former convicts 49 or younger who have multiple convictions for violent sex crimes will start undergoing the interviews in April, subject to their consent, the NPA said. (Japan Times)

No. of crimes decreases for 8th year in Japan in 2010
AP - Jan 13, 2011

The number of criminal cases reported to or detected by police in Japan in 2010 totaled 1,585,951, down 6.9 percent from 2009, dropping for the eighth straight year and falling below the 1.6 million mark for the first time in 23 years, the National Police Agency said in a preliminary report Thursday. The number of murders, attempted murders and planned murders declined 2.5 percent to 1,067 last year, hitting a postwar low for the second straight year. (AP)

Survey shows rising indifference to sex among male teens, couples
AP - Jan 12, 2011

One-third of Japanese men aged 16 to 19 were uninterested in or even averse to sex as of last year, doubling from 2008, a government survey showed Wednesday. The survey, conducted in September, also showed more married couples were also found sexless than before, with more than 40 percent saying they had no sex in the past month. The last survey was conducted by a research group of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry to study people's views on lifestyle. It is based on replies provided by 671 men and 869 women aged 16 to 49 in interviews. (AP)

By JS on Jan 19, 2011

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