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Mad media coverage of Ebizo incident due to public's jealousy

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Dec 11Mad media coverage of Ebizo incident due to public's jealousy
The incredible media coverage of the fallout following the drunken brawl involving kabuki's "prince" Ebizo Ichikawa is due to the general public's jealousy of the star's fame, explains weekly tabloid Spa! (Dec. 14). To recap, on the night of November 25, an intoxicated Ebizo became engaged in a confrontation at a bar in Tokyo's Nishi Azabu district with an individual known to him. The 33-year-old star wound up receiving a thorough beating, which resulted in a bloodied face, chipped tooth, and broken left cheek. It was widely reported that Ebizo was out of control, exhibiting boisterous behavior that at one point included making members of his party drink tequila out of an ashtray. (Tokyo Reporter)
Dec 11Aging naturally and gracefully
The current Visit Japan campaign, where the government hopes to hit 10 million foreign visitors by the end of 2010, should be courting the American baby boomers - 78 million people between the ages of 50 and 70. We could call it the Visit Aging Japan Campaign. Japan has a lot to be proud of when it comes to aging. While Europe and the U.S. are at the forefront of anti-aging, we're at the forefront of just plain aging. And we love aging! Age brings privilege, such as respect, retirement and a pension check. In Japan, if you're smart, you'd start getting older as soon as possible. (Japan Times)
Dec 11Lapland Santa's Narita posts moment
Santa Claus arrived Friday at Narita airport from Finland to cheer up postal workers busy sorting Christmas cards arriving in Japan from all over the world. The Narita airport branch of Japan Post Service Co. handles more than 90 percent of all Christmas cards sent from overseas. The sorting and delivery operation is now at its peak, with about 20 million international mail items expected to be handled at the branch in December. (Japan Times)
Dec 11More adults live with parents as they marry later, lose jobs
The number of people in their 20s and 30s living with their parents increased in the five years to 2009 in Japan, with more of them marrying later or unemployed following the global banking crisis of autumn 2008, a national research institute said Friday. The most significant rise was among men aged 35 to 39, jumping 8.2 percentage points to 41.6 percent, according to the study released by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research. (AP)
Dec 11Dear deer: Get off the tracks! Love, JR
Japan Railway group companies across the nation are stumped about how to deal with a sharp increase in the number of delays caused by trains hitting deer. The companies have been trying all kinds of strategies to keep deer from wandering onto railway tracks--even going so far as to import predator poop--but without success. Hokkaido Railway Co. trains were involved in 2,029 incidents--such as collisions and emergency stops--with Yezo shika deer last fiscal year. (Yomiuri)
Dec 10Wall Street 2 in Roppongi raided, arrests made
Four establishments, including the Wall Street 2 nightclub, in Tokyo's Roppongi entertainment district were raided by police last month for violation of a national ordinance, reports Zakzak (Dec. 9). The manager of Wall Street 2, Dutch national Mohammed Abubaca, 36, was arrested by police at around 3 a.m. on November 23 for operating a nightclub where patrons are allowed to dance and drink in a manner that violated the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses - a nationwide code with sections regarding nightlife activities, one of which prohibits dancing after 1 a.m. without special authorization. Eight arrests in total were made. (Tokyo Reporter )
Dec 10Japanese net cafes are a wretched hive of scum and villainy
Internet cafes dot the Japanese urban landscape and offer a moment of pause for regular folks. Ditto for criminals. Sure, internet cafes in Japan have game consoles and DVD players, but they also have showers and private rooms with big reclining chairs for customers to crash on. One chain called "Manboo" even has a nail salon. They're so great, you wonder why people don't just go ahead and live in them. They do. There are even words in Japanese to describe those who live in internet cafes: "net cafe nanmin" (literally, "net cafe refugee") and "cyber-homeless". Many cafes charge around the equivalent of US$20 a night, including free online, manga, DVD, TV and fizzy drinks. (Kotaku)
Dec 10Abductee, 13, freed; mobsters held
Three men, including two gangsters, have been arrested in the kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl for a \100 million ransom in Nonoichi, Ishikawa Prefecture, police said Thursday. The first-year junior high school student was rescued about one hour after being kidnapped at around 7 a.m. Wednesday, the police said. Fujio Hojo, 52, is suspected of pulling her into a car while she was on her way to school and holding her captive. (Japan Times)
Dec 10Average heights of boys in Japan show no growth
The average heights of boys between five and 17 in Japan dropped or remained unchanged in all age groups in the 2010 school year from the previous year for the first time since surveys began in the education ministry said Thursday. The heights of girls also fell or remained unchanged in all age groups except for 13 and 17, according to a preliminary report on the trend in children's physical conditions released by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. (AP)
Dec 10Akihabara massacre site again traffic-free
A popular shopping street in Tokyo's Akihabara electronics and entertainment district will become a pedestrian zone again on Sundays from mid-January, two years and seven months after a shocking massacre at the site, law-enforcement sources said Thursday. The plan, set to be officially decided Friday at the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Committee, will make a part of Chuo-dori street in Akihabara vehicle-free every Sunday afternoon from Jan. 16 on a trial basis, the sources said. (Japan Times )
Dec 09Govt approves introduction of full-body airport scanners
The transport ministry on Thursday approved the introduction of full-body scanners at the security gates of this nation's airports, as part of efforts to check for suspicious items passengers might be concealing under their clothes. The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry plans to change its aviation security guidelines by the end of this month to allow airline companies to introduce the device. Five kinds of full-body scanners were tested at Narita Airport from July to September, and the ministry concluded that one of them was as effective as a pat-down check in detecting suspicious items. (Yomiuri)
Dec 09Lustful lady driving instructor goes for car-nal cavorting
"I'm just nuts about guys, but I also love driving. Thinking I might find a way to combine business and pleasure, I obtained certification as a driving instructor. Naturally I was careful not to do anything to upset the boss. One day I went to work wearing a miniskirt and revealing blouse and it just so happened that my student was a good-looking young fella. And his assignment that day was to practice driving on public roads." Thus begins another filthy feminine fantasy from the October issue of Ai no Taiken Special Deluxe, as introduced in Shukan Bunshun (Oct. 7). "'If you're dressed like that,' he said to me, 'I suppose I can expect a variety of services.'" (Tokyo Reporter)
Dec 0970,000 commuters delayed in Japan over mobile phone train row
Up to 70,000 commuters were delayed on rush hour trains in Japan after an argument broke out between two passengers over the use of a mobile phone. The quarrel was sparked when two passengers travelling on an early morning train in Chiba prefecture just outside Tokyo started speaking on their mobile phones - an act which is generally frowned upon as impolite on Japanese public transport. Another passenger reportedly chastised them for their bad manners and asked them to get off at the next station to continue their conversation, according to local media reports. (telegraph.co.uk)
Dec 09Aomori draws closer
Super-express trains began running directly between Tokyo and Aomori on Dec. 4 after the Tohoku Shinkansen Line extension from Hachinohe to Shin-Aomori - both in Aomori Prefecture - opened. The fastest run links Tokyo and Aomori in about three hours and 20 minutes, about 40 minutes less than before. In March 2013, bullet trains doing 320 kph will start running between the two cities, further shortening the ride time by some 15 minutes. Tokyoites' image of a faraway Tohoku is about to disappear. (Japan Times)
Dec 09Savoie's case against judge dismissed
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a man who seeks to hold a Williamson County judge and a parental coordinator responsible for his children's abduction. Christopher Savoie sued Judge James Martin III and parental coordinator Celia Woolverton after his Japanese ex-wife spirited their two children to Japan last year. Noriko Savoie is Japanese and Christopher Savoie, who lives in Tennessee, has been unable to see his children since the abduction. (Japan Times)
Dec 09Princess Masako turns 47, says Aiko coping better at school
Crown Princess Masako marked her 47th birthday Thursday and said she is relieved to find her daughter, Princess Aiko, enjoying elementary school after her difficulties earlier this year. The medical team for the Crown Prince's household also released a statement saying Princess Masako, who continues to receive treatment for a stress-induced illness, is "steadily recovering," although she remains unstable both physically and mentally. (Japan Times )
Dec 092PM melts the hearts of Japanese fans, more than 30,000 attend showcase in Japan
The boys of 2PM have ventured their way into the Japanese market with the release of a special Japanese edition of their album "1:59 PM." To commemorate this, the boys held a special event today titled '1st Contact in Japan,' which was held at the Ryougoku Stadium. The stadium holds more than 10,000 spectators and 2PM put on a total of three showcase performances, so in total more than 30,000 people came to get a glimpse of 2PM. (allkpop.com )
Dec 08Gal's tea time talk about a foreign tongue treat
"I was having a cup of tea with my friend, when she abruptly asked me, 'Say, have you ever had sex with a foreigner?' My reply was, 'No, they've all been Japanese.' She surprised me by confessing that she'd made it with one." Thus begins a steamy amateur submission from the November issue of women's soft porn magazine Amour, as excerpted in Shukan Bunshun (Nov. 4). The alien in question turned out to be an American teacher of English conversation. (Tokyo Reporter)
Dec 08Lasik surgeon held over infections / Unsanitary procedures, lack of sterilization alleged at defunct Ginza clinic
The Metropolitan Police Department on Tuesday arrested a former eye clinic director in connection with bacterial eye infections in five men caused by unsanitary procedures during a popular laser eye surgery. Tomoo Mizoguchi, 49, of Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, was arrested on suspicion of professional negligence resulting in injury. This is the first time a surgeon who performs the Lasik (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) operation to improve eyesight has faced a criminal charge in relation to the surgery. (Yomiuri)
Dec 08Star of traditional Japan theater barred for brawl
A star of traditional Japanese theater who called in sick, then went out drinking and ended up brawling in a bar apologized Tuesday for the scandal that has embarrassed the rarefied world of Kabuki. Ebizo Ichikawa, 33, known as the "prince" of Kabuki, gave a televised news conference Tuesday hours after leaving a Tokyo hospital where he was treated for the facial injury sustained in the fracas that has riveted the nation for almost two weeks. Originating in the 1600s, Kabuki is a stylized all-male theater that combines music, dance and acting to tell stories about samurai vendettas, love suicides and everyday city-life in performances that use outlandish facial makeup and elaborate costumes. (AP )
Dec 08'Tree of Hope' lit up for refugees
The Christmas "Tree of Hope" was set aglow in Tokyo's Marunouchi district Tuesday by Princess Kiko and a group of schoolchildren to show support for refugee kids worldwide suffering in conflicts and hardship. Hosted by Refugees International Japan, a Tokyo-based nonprofit,the decorated tree with gold ornaments was placed in the lobby of the Marunouchi Oazo commercial complex. Princess Kiko is a longtime supporter of RIJ. (Japan Times)
Dec 08Parts of white-collar suspect grillings will be recorded
Prosecutors plan to record segments of interrogations conducted by special investigators on people suspected of graft involving politicians and high-profile business crimes, official sources said Tuesday. While such recording, both video and audio, is already used in investigations of crimes subject to lay judge trials, the latest move was apparently made in the face of criticism over the alleged coverup of evidence by prosecutors in a document forgery case involving a ranking welfare ministry official who was acquitted in court. (Japan Times)
Dec 07Slutty housewife's sordid story of pachinko slot seduction
"My husband often leaves town on business trips, so much that he's away nearly half of every month. And after he comes back he always wants the same kind of sex, so I'm bored to tears." Shukan Bunshun (Nov. 11) has found another steamy story of seduction, gleaned from the October issue of women's soft porn magazine Ai no Taiken Special Deluxe. "To work off my stress," the anonymous writer confesses, "I started to go to play pachisuro (pachinko slot machines). I wasn't out to gamble a lot of money, but rather I hoped to get to know some other player, if you get my drift. Anyway, as it turned out, a 22-year-old 'freeter' (part-time worker) happened to be sitting on the stool next to me." (Tokyo Reporter)
Dec 07Japan man gets death sentence for killing family
Japanese jurors Tuesday sentenced a 22-year-old man to death for murdering his wife, baby and mother-in-law, court officials said. Former air force serviceman Akihiro Okumoto was convicted of strangling his five-month-old son Yuto and killing his wife Kumiko, 24, and 50-year-old mother-in-law, Takako Ikegami with a hammer in March. Judge Masayoshi Takahara told the Miyazaki District Court Okumoto should be sentenced to death because he murdered the three out of "a selfish desire" to live alone, according to Jiji Press. (mysinchew.com )
Dec 07'Single' Akina Minami wins Wedding Best Dresser Award
Akina Minami, 21, was named one of three winners of the inaugural Wedding Best Dresser Awards this week, despite being single and unattached. Minami won in the category of TV personality. In the model category, the award was scooped up by Marie, 23, while 19-year-old Tomomi Itano from AKB48 took the gong in the idol category -- both of whom are also single. (Japan Today )
Dec 07In Japan, this is where the hardcore geeks go to dance
I spent the past week chasing otaku in Tokyo. Otaku are geeky fans who love comics, videogames, and music - and in Tokyo there are so many otaku that they have created their own nightlife scene. Akiba nightlife is built around fandom, so going out dancing means showing your devotion to idols who sing to you from small stages all around the neighborhood. You get together with your buddies at an idol club where young women aspiring to be pop stars whip the audience into frenzies of adoration. Otaku demonstrate the depth of their fandom by mixing a love of music and anime into the strange, silly, and wonderful form of dancing called otagei. (io9.com)
Dec 07Feisty female enjoys constant flow of frolic with her 'sefure' quartet
"There's a man I love best, but as his work took him to a faraway place, it's become a long-distance romance. So to keep the pot boiling, so to speak, I became sefure (sex friends) with four guys. They are all different types, so I can alternate them and enjoy real variety." Thus begins another far-fetched tale of feminine frolic from the December issue of the women's soft porn magazine Ai no Taiken Special Deluxe, as introduced in Shukan Bunshun (Nov. 18). "The first," she continues, "was 'A,' a student. He was a virgin and I popped his cherry. Sex with him is easygoing and pleasant." (Tokyo Reporter)
Dec 07A global goodbye for Japan pop star Hikaru Utada
Japanese pop star Hikaru Utada, one of the country's best-selling artists of all time, is calling it quits at the end of the year, but not before performing for fans this week in a concert that will be streamed live online. The New York-born singer-songwriter shocked fans when she announced on her blog in August that she would be taking a hiatus starting in 2011 to focus on self-improvement. She hasn't said if the break is permanent or temporary. She'll perform to sold-out crowds on Wednesday and Thursday in Yokohama, near Tokyo. The Wednesday show will be simulcast at 64 movie theaters around Japan. (taiwannews.com.tw)
Dec 07MOFA gets E for effort in 'with or without U' farce
My Japanese passport expired last month, meaning I've been a citizen here for a full decade now. Hooray. This should have occasioned thoughts on what's changed in Japan for the better. Instead I got to see how inflexible Japan's bureaucracy remains. Consider what happened when I visited Sapporo's Ministry of Foreign Affairs branch to get that passport renewed. I walked in with all the necessary documentation and filled out the forms. The friendly clerk gave everything a once-over (very professionally; no double-takes at a Caucasian applicant), and all was going smoothly . . . until he got to the rendering of my name in Japanese. (Japan Times)
Dec 07Japan, India pressed to curb child abductions
Japan and India are among America's most prized allies. Yet to scores of embittered parents across the U.S., they are outlaw states when it comes to the wrenching phenomenon of international child abduction. The frustrations of these "left-behind" parents run deep. They seethe over Japan's and India's noncompliance with U.S. court orders regarding children taken by the other parent to the far side of the world, and many also fault top U.S. leaders for reluctance to ratchet up the pressure for change. (Fox News)
Dec 07Cooking as hobby and dating technique: Japanese men take to kitchen
The number of Japanese men who are actively engaged in the kitchen seems to be on the rise. Japanese men are stepping into the kitchen for a variety of reasons including adopting cooking as a hobby after retirement and using cooking classes and their new cooking skills to meet women. While a majority of their time was spent at work, many men are finding that when they retire they have nothing to do with their newly acquired freedom. Their wives, if they are married, already have established social circles and activities, whereas men may have to redefine their social group now that they are no longer working. Many men are finding that one of the ways to do this is to join a cooking class. (thepacker.com)
Dec 07High court sides with fishermen, orders opening of Isahaya Bay dike
The Fukuoka High Court ordered the central government Monday to open the Isahaya Bay dike in Nagasaki Prefecture for five years, ruling in favor of local fishermen who claim the reclamation project has damaged the local environment and their industry. The decision, which upholds the Saga District Court's ruling from June 2008, will likely have a great impact on the course of the huge public works project. "It cannot be said that the closing of the dike is requisite for farming," Judge Hiroshi Koga said. "It is illegal if the state effectively violates the (plaintiffs') fishing rights." (Japan Times )
Dec 06Young smokers turn to loose tobacco following cigarette price hike
Following the recent hike in cigarette taxes, cheaper loose tobacco is rapidly growing in popularity among young smokers, making it difficult for the country's main manufacturer to keep up with increasing demand. Although cigarette prices rose by 30 to 40 percent in October, the price of a package of "Koiki," the country's shredded tobacco brand marketed by Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT), increased only slightly by 30 yen to 360 yen, due to a difference in tax rates between paper-wrapped cigarettes and shredded tobacco leaves. (Mainichi)
Dec 06Internet cafe employee stabbed in Tokyo's Shinjuku
Police are searching for a man who stabbed an Internet cafe employee in Tokyo's Kabukicho entertainment district on Sunday night. Police said they received an emergency call about 6:30 p.m. from the employee saying he had just been stabbed with a knife by a man aged around 40. According to the victim, the man appeared at the entrance of the fourth floor establishment and demanded to be let in. The 26-year-old employee opened the door and turned to walk back into the establishment, at which point the man stabbed him in the back and fled. (Japan Today )
Dec 06Mexican police bust drug ring to Japan
A Japanese man accused of operating a drug trafficking ring between Mexico and Japan was arrested in Mexico last week, the Ministry of Public Security said Saturday. Phanor Eriko Kuratomi, known as "El Casio," was arrested Friday in Mexico City, according to a ministry news release. The arrest was the result of an investigation that revealed that Eriko Kuratomi, a Japanese citizen, used women to transport drugs in their bodies. (CNN)
Dec 06The only pie-maker in Japan
When I first came to Japan there were no pies at all to be had. I was so desperate for a pie I decided to make my own. Then I made them for colleagues, mostly Brits, Kiwis and Aussies. One day I had a girlfriend round to dinner at my place and made a large pork pie and a vegetable pie with cheese sauce. She liked the pies so much she persuaded me to try selling them to local restaurants and cafés. That same night we took a couple of slices of the veggie pie to a local restaurant where, to my utter astonishment, the owner said she wanted to place a standing order of two large veggie pies a week. It had never occurred to me that anyone would want to buy my pies. (telegraph.co.uk)
Dec 06GSDF disarms mine in Niigata port
About 1,000 residents were evacuated in Niigata on Sunday as the Ground Self-Defense Force disarmed an unexploded sea mine believed to have been jettisoned by a U.S. plane that was attempting to mine Niigata port during World War II. The disposal work was completed in 40 minutes without mishap. (Japan Times )
Dec 05Wanton sex no cure for woman's boredom
"I've been married for three years now. My hubby's very kind, and is solicitous of my sexual urges and desires. But to be honest, I was getting a bit bored with the same old routine, if you know what I mean." Thus begins the latest account of illicit romance in the December issue of woman's soft porn mag Ai no Taiken Special Deluxe, as introduced in Shukan Bunshun (Dec. 2). "There are times when, just for the hell of it, I want to be forced to give a guy a blow job or engage in hell-bent-for-leather sex," she continued. "So I logged on to one of those 'encounter sites' and wound up making the acquaintance of Mr. Y, who, at 30, is the same age as my hubby. (Tokyo Reporter)
Dec 05Dark side of the Internet
A long with its many benefits, the Internet has also brought new dangers, as seen in the rising number of reports of shady sites to a hotline commissioned by the National Police Agency. Over 18,500 tips were received by the Internet Hotline Center in the first half of the year, an increase of 75 percent from the same period last year. Police attribute the rise in part to increased concern over child pornography; other tips included suicide pacts and even offers to commit murder for pay. (Japan Times)
Dec 05Rape: A crime for which hush-up society ought to stand trial, too
Mika Kobayashi is a brave woman. Ten years ago she was the victim of a horrendous crime. For a long time she could barely function in society, yet she overcame the trauma to write and publish two books about what happened to her. Kobayashi's going public with her own story has since helped many others living with deep psychological stress. "Seihanzai Higai to Tatakau to iu Koto" ("Fighting the Harm that Comes from Sexual Crime"), the title of the second book, published by Asahi Shimbun Shuppan in October, illuminates her message. Rape is a singularly brutal crime; and the ordeal faced by victims in its aftermath, particularly in traditional societies, only compounds that brutality. (Japan Times)
Dec 05Former Haneda residents plan reunion to celebrate area's renewal
Parts of Tokyo's Haneda Airport, which began operating regular international flights for the first time in 32 years this October, was once inhabited by some 3,000 residents who in 1945 were kicked out to make space for the airport's expansion under orders of the U.S.-led occupation of Japan by Allied forces, also known as the GHQ (General Headquarters). Residents were given 48 hours to vacate their homes, and many lost contact with each other as they scrambled to find new housing amid the confusion. Now, with development plans for the land finally coming together this autumn, former residents are planning a reunion in celebration of Haneda's renewal. (Mainichi )

By JS on Dec 16, 2010

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