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2 Japanese honored at Nobel event

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2 Japanese honored at Nobel event
Yomiuri - Dec 12, 2010

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony was held at the Stockholm Concert Hall on Friday, with Japanese scientists Ei-ichi Negishi and Akira Suzuki receiving medals and diplomas in chemistry from King Carl XVI Gustaf. Negishi, 75, is a professor at Purdue University in the United States and Suzuki, 80, is a professor emeritus at Hokkaido University. The two won the 2010 Nobel Prize in chemistry along with American chemist Richard Heck, for their work on reactions to create complex organic compounds through what is called palladium-catalyzed cross coupling. Formally clad in swallowtails and white ties, the Nobel Prize winners walked onstage and seated themselves in bright red chairs as the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra played a march by Mozart. (Yomiuri)

Kanji meaning 'open' best characterizes Japan in 2010: Sengoku
Japan Today - Dec 11, 2010

The top government spokesman on Friday chose a kanji character that means "opening up" or "leading the way" in English as best characterizing Japan in the year 2010. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku said Japan is facing many challenges but that there was much good news in 2010, including the national team's impressive performance at the World Cup soccer finals in South Africa, in which Japan reached the knockout stage, and two Japanese scientists winning the Nobel Prize in chemistry. (Japan Today)

Japan to deploy missile interceptors nationwide on N. Korea threat
AP - Dec 10, 2010

The Japanese government plans to boost its deployment of Patriot Advanced Capability-3 interceptor missiles at air bases across Japan to counter the threat of North Korea's ballistic missiles under new defense policy guidelines to be approved later this month, officials said Friday. A draft appendix to the guidelines to be updated as early as next week covering the five years from April 2011 also stipulates equipping all six Aegis destroyers with Standard Missile-3 interceptors while cutting tanks and artillery by about 200 each to 400, the government and Self-Defense Forces officials said. (AP)

Man arrested on suspicion of assaulting Kabuki star Ebizo
AP - Dec 11, 2010

Police arrested a 26-year-old man on Friday for allegedly assaulting top Kabuki performer Ichikawa Ebizo at a bar in Tokyo in late November. The Metropolitan Police Department said the man, identified as Rion Ito of no fixed abode, has admitted to the assault allegations. He was quoted as saying, "It's true that I punched him. I'll talk about the details after I clear my mind." Sources said Ito has claimed that Ebizo adopted an aggressive attitude that led to trouble between them. Ebizo, 33, at a news conference on Tuesday, denied engaging in any violence. (AP)

Japan, U.S. wrap up joint military exercises
CNN - Dec 10, 2010

The United States and Japan wrapped up seven days of joint military exercises Friday, as tensions simmered on the Korean peninsula. About 40,000 U.S. service members and Japanese military personnel took part in the exercises that the U.S. Air Force called the largest joint, bilateral field training exercise between the two nations. It was the 10th such exercise since 1986. (CNN)

Man acquitted in lay-judge murder trial after death rap was sought
AP - Dec 10, 2010

A 71-year-old man was found not guilty Friday of murdering and robbing an elderly couple in Kagoshima Prefecture last year, marking the first acquittal in a lay judge trial in which prosecutors had sought the death penalty. It was the second ever acquittal under the lay judge system, introduced last year. Masahiro Shirahama was accused of breaking into the home of Tadashi Kuranoshita, 91, and his wife Hatsue, 87, in the city of Kagoshima in June last year and beating them to death with a metal shovel in order to rob them. But he denied the charges during his trial at the Kagoshima District Court, arguing that he never went to the crime scene. (AP)

By JS on Dec 15, 2010

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