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Japan's bullet trains go faster, further

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Ski season opens in Nagano
tbsnewsi - Dec 4, 2010

The ski season began Saturday at Nagano's Shiga Kogen. Located in the heart of the Joshinetsu National Park in Nagano Prefecture, Shiga Kogen is by far the largest ski resort in Japan, consisting of 21 ski fields and about 70 lifts, gondolas, ropeways and towsis. (tbsnewsi)

Japan's bullet trains go faster, further
Sydney Morning Herald - Dec 4, 2010

Japan Railways on Saturday unveiled an 80-kilometre extension to the northern tip of its bullet-train network that will take passengers from the previous terminus of Hachinohe to just outside Aomori City. The new track slices about 15 minutes off the trip from Tokyo, with the journey now clocking in about three hours and 20 minutes. From March next year, another 10 minutes will be cut from the journey when new trains known as Hayabusa (or "falcon") start travelling the line at top speeds of 300km/h. By 2013, they'll be rocketing along at 320km/h. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Rains lash Pacific coast; one dead
Japan Times - Dec 4, 2010

A fast-growing low-pressure system Friday dumped heavy rain on the Pacific coast. In Tokyo, a 69-year-old female janitor died after falling into a manhole while she was trying to clear rainwater in a flooded underground parking lot, police said. The downpour accompanied by blustery winds was expected to make its way to the Sea of Okhotsk off Hokkaido by Saturday morning, possibly sparking thunderstorms and twisters in its path, the Meteorological Agency said. (Japan Times)

Mie governor's son sent up for drugs
Japan Times - Dec 4, 2010

The eldest son of Mie Gov. Akihiko Noro was sentenced Friday to 18 months in prison and fined \10,000 for selling and using stimulant drugs earlier this year. Takehisa Noro, 36, sold 0.2 gram of stimulants for \10,000 to a woman on April 18 in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, and also used the drugs in a Tokaido shinkansen train on Aug. 23, according to the Nagoya District Court. (Japan Times)

Japan, US launch major military exercise
AFP - Dec 3, 2010

Japan and the United States launched their biggest ever joint military exercise Friday amid tensions on the Korean peninsula, the Japanese defence ministry said. The "Keen Sword" drills, which mark the 50th anniversary of the Japanese-US alliance, will continue until December 10, officials said. The drill was planned before North Korea's artillery barrage of a South Korean island last week but comes just days after a US and South Korean show of military force aimed to deter Pyongyang. Around 34,000 Japanese military personnel with 40 warships and 250 aircraft are joining more than 10,000 US counterparts with 20 warships and 150 aircraft in the drill off Japan's southern islands, close to the coast of South Korea. (AFP)

100% electric zero-emission Nissan LEAF debuts in Japan
nihoncar.com - Dec 3, 2010

Nissan today announced the launch of the all-new 100% electric, zero-emission Nissan LEAF, which goes on sale December 20th at Nissan dealers nationwide. It will be followed by the United States, also in December, and in select European markets in early 2011. Release in other global markets is set for 2012. Nissan LEAF is a newly developed EV designed for the mass market, offering new mobility for a sustainable zero-emission society. Achieving outstanding environmental performance as a zero-emission vehicle with no tailpipe emissions, including CO2, Nissan LEAF is powered by a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor. (nihoncar.com)

By JS on Dec 7, 2010

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