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Women in N.Y. film wins award

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Women in N.Y. film wins award
Japan Times - Nov 7, 2010

Kyoko Gasha, a Reuters TV reporter, has won a prestigious award from media professionals for her documentary about Japanese women living in New York. "Mother's Way, Daughter's Choice" depicts professional women who have decided to carve out lives for themselves in Manhattan and the choices they have made along the way, partly reflecting Gasha's own experiences. Gasha, 47, had already received the audience and best cultural documentary awards at this year's New York International Independent Film Festival, but this was the film's first award from a professional association. (Japan Times)
News photo
(In the news: Kyoko Gasha, a Reuters TV reporter, is seen with former CBS anchorman Dan Rather
at the Front Page Awards organized by the Newswomen's Club of New York on Thursday.)

Leaked Senkaku video 'authentic'
Japan Times - Nov 7, 2010

Prosecutors have confirmed that leaked video clips of the collisions between Japanese patrol boats and a Chinese trawler off the Senkaku Islands are identical to footage they received from the coast guard, informed sources said Saturday. The Naha District Public Prosecutor's Office has also concluded that the confidential video footage of the Sept. 7 collisions in the East China Sea was not leaked through its prosecutors, as there is no record of illicit usage of a dedicated server and USB for storing the video at their office, according to the sources. (Japan Times)

Footages likely of collision off Senkaku Islands leaked on Internet
AP - Nov 5, 2010

Footage believed to have been taken by the Japan Coast Guard of the collision in September between its patrol ship and a Chinese fishing boat off the disputed Senkaku Islands has been found posted on the Internet, prompting senior officials early Friday to discuss how to handle the matter. Coast Guard Commandant Hisayasu Suzuki and other senior officials gathered from the early hours and determined that the footage was highly likely to have been leaked, according to Coast Guard officials. "I think it is authentic footage," a senior official said. (AP)

Rocky relations between China and Japan
The Economist - Nov 4, 2010

At a gathering on October 4th of European and Asian leaders in Brussels, China's prime minister, Wen Jiabao, spoke in a corridor with his counterpart, Naoto Kan, for 25 minutes. But as with the encounter in Hanoi, no more than the barest of courtesies appear to have been expressed. A more formal meeting did look set for Hanoi, but the Chinese abruptly cancelled it, accusing Japan of acting in "collusion" with other countries (for which, read the United States) to inflame the dispute. Now China's persistent anger threatens to overshadow a G20 summit in Seoul on November 11th-12th, and a meeting soon after of Asia-Pacific leaders in Yokohama, Japan. President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, are due to attend both. (The Economist)

Prominent lawyer slain in Akita home
Japan Times - Nov 5, 2010

A 55-year-old lawyer died early Thursday after being stabbed in his Akita home by a man whose wife he had represented in their divorce. The victim, Hirotaka Tsuya, was a member of the Akita Bar Association and head of a panel on consumer affairs at the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. Police arrested Katsuo Sugawara, 66, a resident of Akita, at the scene. According to local lawyers, Tsuya represented Sugawara's ex-wife in their divorce, which was settled in 2004. (Japan Times)

200 sickened in bumper year for toxic toadstools
Yomiuri - Nov , 2010

Poisonous mushrooms have sickened 209 people in 72 incidents this year as of Oct. 20, already 10 more than was seen in 60 cases in all of 2007, which was the most that had occurred in the past five years. The high number of poisonings have led the Niigata prefectural government to issue an "outbreak warning" for the first time in 10 years. According to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, poisoning incidents and even the sale of toxic mushrooms were confirmed in 26 prefectures, including Tokyo. The main culprits are the kusaurabenitake, tsukiyotake and nigakuritake fungi. (Yomiuri)

By JS on Nov 10, 2010

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