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Obama to skip Nagasaki, Hiroshima

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Obama to skip Nagasaki, Hiroshima
Yomiuri - Oct 30, 2010

U.S. President Barack Obama will not visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki while he is in Japan next month to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting, the White House said Thursday. Ben Rhodes, U.S. deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, said a tight schedule means Obama will not be able to visit the two cities on which the United States dropped atomic bombs in 1945. Obama will visit Japan from Nov. 12 to 14, and hold talks with Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Nov. 13 on issues including the relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps' Futenma Air Station in Okinawa Prefecture and North Korea's nuclear development. (Yomiuri)

Govts buried under trash scheme / Garbage-fuel quality so low, private factories can't even be paid to use it
Yomiuri - Oct 30, 2010

Once seen as a potential solution to the question of how to recycle garbage, refuse-derived fuel (RDF) has become a public financial burden, as the resulting fuel is substandard for industrial use, according to the results of a recent survey by the Board of Audit. More than half of the nation's 50 local government-run facilities used for turning burnable garbage and discarded plastics into fuel have paid steel and paper companies to use the RDF they produce. Production costs also run high: It costs more than twice as much to turn garbage into fuel than it does to merely incinerate it. Many local governments have discovered the more RDF they make, the more it costs. (Yomiuri)

Samurai kids suffered severe lead poisoning
USA Today - Oct 29, 2010

Samurai children suffered severe lead poisoning from cosmetics used by their mothers, Japanese archeologists report. In the Journal of Archeological Science study led by Tamiji Nakashima of Japan's University of Occupational and Environmental Health, a team looked at the bones of 38 children buried at the Sohgenji Temple site in Kitakyushu, Japan, and compared them to the remains of 23 adults. Lead poisoning causes severe neurological damage to children, as well as associated health problems including fatigue, cramping, coma and death. Based on chemical and X-ray analysis, the bones of the children in the study contained levels of lead dozens of times higher than both the male and female adults, the researchers report. (USA Today)

Typhoon likely to make landfall on Kanto region
AP - Oct 29, 2010

Typhoon Chaba will approach the Kanto region surrounding the Tokyo metropolitan area Saturday evening and is likely to make landfall there, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. The 14th typhoon of the year was moving toward the northeast on the water off Wakayama Prefecture at 6 a.m. Saturday at a speed of 35 kilometers per hour, according to the agency. The agency issued an alert over strong winds and high waves. (AP)

Japan carries out successful missile-defense test
Stars & Stripes - Oct 29, 2010
Japan missile test
(In this image provided by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency a Standard Missile – 3 is launched
Thursday from the Japanese destroyer JS Kirishima in a joint missile defense intercept test
with the Missile Defense Agency in the mid-Pacific. The U.S. and Japanese militaries said
Thursday the JS Kirishima fired an interceptor missile that shot down a separating medium-range
missile target about 100 miles above the Pacific Ocean.)

A Japanese destroyer thwarted a simulated missile attack against Japan on Thursday - practice for the real-world threat posed by North Korea. From its position off the coast of Hawaii, the JS Kirishima intercepted the target missile 100 miles over the Pacific Ocean, according to the Missile Defense Agency. The exercise proved Japan's ability not only to shoot down a medium-range missile using the SM-3 Block IA missile - the sea-based component of U.S.-Japan missile shield - but also to detect and track such a warhead. (Stars & Stripes)

Woman served fresh arrest warrant over murder of another boyfriend
AP - Oct 29, 2010

Police served a fresh arrest warrant Friday on a 35-year-old woman, who has been indicted on a charge of killing her boyfriend in Saitama Prefecture, for allegedly killing another boyfriend in Tokyo last year. Kanae Kijima allegedly killed Takao Terada, a 53-year-old company employee, in a fake suicide in January last year by burning coal briquettes at his apartment house in Ome, western Tokyo, while he was sleeping at night. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning. She has denied the charge, according to the Metropolitan Police Department. (AP)

By JS on Nov 3, 2010

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