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Sony Walkman declared dead in Japan

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Oz golfer arrested in Japan for possessing cocaine
AFP - Oct 23, 2010

Australian golfer Wayne Perske was arrested early Saturday in Japan on suspicion of cocaine possession, police said. The 36-year-old professional, in Japan for the Bridgestone Open, is suspected of possessing 1.25 grams (0.044 ounces) of cocaine at a bar in Chiba, southeast of Tokyo, said a spokesman for Chiba Central Police Department. A customer at the bar late Friday reported to the police that a foreigner had a suspicious substance, leading officers to search and arrest him, a police officer was quoted by Kyodo News as saying. (AFP)

Sony Walkman declared dead in Japan
switched.com - Oct 23, 2010

After 31 years and over 200 million units sold, Sony is officially putting the cassette model Walkman out to pasture. Introduced in 1979, the portable tape player defined the following 10-plus years of mobile music playback. It was even a leader in the era of optical media, with its Walkman line of portable CD players eventually known as Discman. But in the era of the iPod, the brand name has diminished in value. Radios and digital media players still go by the name Walkman, but the moniker has always referred to the tape-playing model in the collective mind. (switched.com)

Tsukiji to relocate to Toyosu: Ishihara
Japan Times - Oct 23, 2010

The metropolitan government will spend \128.1 billion this fiscal year to relocate the Tsukiji fish market to the Toyosu district in Koto Ward, Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara said Friday. His announcement drew an immediate outcry from the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, which holds a majority in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and opposes the move to a site deemed highly toxic. The DPJ also threatened to block the budget for the move. Ishihara said relocation would be quicker than rebuilding at the current site, as the DPJ wants. (Japan Times)

51 bodies possibly of Japanese war dead found on Iwoto Island
AP - Oct 21, 2010

A special team tasked by the Japanese government with recovering the bodies of the war dead on Iwoto Island, one of the fiercest battlefields in the closing days of World War II, has found the remains of what appear to be a total of 51 Japanese soldiers, government sources said Thursday. The remains were found buried in two places on the island, in similar locations to those indicated on U.S. documents as group burial sites, one holding about 2,000 bodies and the other around 200 bodies, according to the sources. The possibility that such burial sites existed on the island, also known as Iwojima, had been raised, but they had not been discovered previously. (AP)

Toyota to recall 1.66 million vehicles globally
Reuters - Oct 22, 2010

Toyota Motor Corp said on Thursday it would recall 1.66 million Avalons, Highlanders and other vehicles, bringing its total for worldwide recalls in the past year to about 14 million. Most of the 1.66 million recalls announced on Thursday are in Japan and the United States, Toyota's top market, in the latest blow to the reputation of a company once considered the gold standard of reliability. While there are three separate issues involved in the latest recalls, most involve a master cylinder brake seal. (Reuters)

Rescue work continues on rain-hit Amami, 3 left dead
AP - Oct 21, 2010

Island region of Kagoshima Prefecture after torrential downpours the previous day caused flooding and mudslides, cutting off roads and leaving three people dead. But rescue workers and local governments were having a difficult time as some 30 locations were closed to traffic on Amami-Oshima Island as of 3 p.m. and about 7,000 telephone lines remained without service. The Kagoshima prefectural government said it estimates that more than 2,000 residents remained in isolated areas. (AP)

By JS on Oct 27, 2010

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