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Japan PM urges China to be responsible international actor

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Japan PM urges China to be responsible international actor
mysinchew.com - Oct 1, 2010

Japan's prime minister voiced concern Friday about China's defence spending and maritime activities and urged it to act as a "responsible member of the international community". The comments by Prime Minister Naoto Kan came as the Asian giants are embroiled in their gravest row in years, sparked by a maritime incident near a disputed island chain more than three weeks ago. "We are concerned that China... has strengthened its defence power without transparency and that it has intensified its maritime activities in regions from the Indian Ocean to the East China Sea," Kan said. (mysinchew.com)
Cigarette prices soar
Yomiuri - Oct 2, 2010

An increase in the tobacco tax pushed cigarette prices up Friday by a record-high 60 yen to 140 yen per 20-cigarette pack, as tobacco shops worried about a drop in business and many smokers vowed to kick the habit. The smoking rate in Japan in 2008 was 36.8 percent for men and 9.1 percent for women. To help bring these numbers down, the health ministry has proposed another tobacco tax increase as part of tax system reform for fiscal 2011, stating that tobacco prices in this country are still low compared to other advanced nations. The price of Mild Seven, the most popular brand sold by Japan Tobacco Inc., rose from 300 yen to 410 yen per pack. A pack of Marlboro from Philip Morris Japan K.K. went from 320 yen to 440 yen. (Yomiuri)

Russia hits back at Japan over Pacific islands row
AFP - Sep 30, 2010
Russia hits back at Japan over Pacific islands row
(Russian President Dmitry Medvedev speaks during a news conference on
September 28. Russia Thursday slammed …)

Russia Thursday slammed as unacceptable Japan's condemnation of a plan for President Dmitry Medvedev to visit the Kuril Islands, in a new diplomatic row over the long-running territorial dispute. Medvedev had the day earlier announced on a trip to Russia's Far East that he intended to visit the Kuril Islands in the near future and had only been prevented from doing so this time by bad weather. Japan's Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara promptly warned that a presidential visit to the islands would "severely hurt ties". (AFP)

Over 10,000 foreign children living abroad get child allowances from Japan
Japan Today - Oct 1, 2010

A total of 10,656 foreign children living abroad have received monthly child allowances of 13,000 yen each from the Japanese government since the system was launched in June, Japan's welfare ministry said Thursday. For the whole of fiscal 2010 through March 2011, up to 1.6 billion yen in total will be paid to such children who have parents living in Japan but remain in their home countries. Under the one-year program for the current fiscal year, households will receive 13,000 yen per month for each child of junior high school age or younger, and foreigners who are expected to live in Japan for one year or more can also receive them even if their children remain in their home countries. (Japan Today)

House condemns Japan on custody rights
AP - Oct 1, 2010

The House turned up the pressure Wednesday on close ally Japan, strongly urging Tokyo to return immediately half-Japanese children that lawmakers say have been kidnapped from their American parents. The House voted overwhelmingly for a nonbinding resolution that "condemns the abduction and retention" of children held in Japan "in violation of their human rights and United States and international law." The resolution, which passed 416-1, also calls for Japan to allow Americans to visit their children and for the Japanese government to join a 1980 international convention on child abduction that would allow for the quick return of the children to America. (AP)

Zoo's escaped kangaroo found in rice paddy
Japan Times - Oct , 2010
News photo
(Back behind bars: A male kangaroo is placed in a cage at Horii Zoo in Moriyama, Shiga Prefecture,
after it was caught in a rice paddy following a five-hour search by zoo workers.)

A male kangaroo that ran away from a zoo in Moriyama, Shiga Prefecture, was caught in the middle of a rice paddy after a five-hour search by zoo staff. The 40-kg, 1-year-old kangaroo escaped after arriving by truck at Horii Zoo from another zoo in Tochigi Prefecture early Wednesday. The paddy was about 500 meters from the zoo. Local residents told police that the kangaroo was hopping around there. (Japan Times)

By J.S. on Oct 6, 2010

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