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Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. as she drops request for entry to Japan

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Sep 24Woman hospitalized after Abercrombie Ginza clerk dropped walkie-talkie (AP)
A woman was seriously injured in May when a clerk at popular U.S. casual clothes chain Abercrombie & Fitch Co.'s flagship store in Ginza accidentally dropped a walkie-talkie from the eighth floor that fell and hit her on the head about 30 meters below, police revealed Friday. The woman in her 50s is still in hospital following the May 15 accident. The store declined to comment on the case, but a source said its clerks are now wearing walkie-talkies with straps.
Sep 24Singing contest gathers Asia's top talents (Japan Times)
Among this year's many events celebrating the 1,300th anniversary of Nara as Japan's first capital is one with a decidedly international tone. From Oct. 2 to 3, Nara's Akishino Music Hall welcomes some of the most talented singers from throughout Asia as it hosts the regional preliminary contest in the International Francesco Paolo Tosti Singing Competition. The competition, which was started in 1996, honors Italian composer Tosti (1846-1916) and is held every four years in the Italian town of Ortona, where Tosti was born.
Sep 24A taste of Spain in Shinjuku Ward (Japan Times)
Just outside Wakamatsu-Kawada Station on the Oedo subway line in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, stands an elegant building with cream-colored exterior walls and an entrance with a modern canopy decorated with a motif of grapes. Completed in 1927, the two-story residence was home to Count Nagayoshi Ogasawara, the 30th in the family line that during the Edo Period (1603-1867) reigned over the Kokura Domain, which today is Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Sep 23Soft power: Porn stars Saori Hara and Maria Ozawa among preferred Japanese perversions in China (Tokyo Reporter)
In a special section dedicated to trends in China, weekly tabloid Shukan Post (Oct. 1) explains that while Japan may have recently been surpassed by its Asian neighbor in GDP it is China that still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to debauchery. One article discusses the porn industry. Let's take a stab at that, so to speak. The tabloid explains that it is impossible to measure how much influence the Web has had on the world of AV, or adult video. China is certainly no exception as porn sites are growing exponentially and overtaking the popularity of video tapes and DVDs.
Sep 23Thom Yorke's Atoms For Peace live in Japan (The Vine)
High quality clips of Thom Yorke's "solo" outlet Atoms For Peace playing live in Japan (and featuring the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Flea on bass) have surfaced online. When the Radiohead frontman first announced in late 2009 that he was putting a band together to perform his "solo" work, there was much internet guffawing about the presence of Red Hot Hili Pepper's Flea in the group. (Drummer Joey Waronker, percussionist Mauro Refosco and longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich round out the line-up). But as it turned out, and judging from first the few shaky clips posted online in the wake of Atoms For Peace's debut in America, the nimble-fingered bassist was perhaps one of the few players agile enough to tackle the computer generated basslines on Yorke's record The Eraser.
Sep 22Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. as she drops request for entry to Japan (AP)
American celebrity Paris Hilton, who is on probation for drug possession, left Japan on a chartered plane for the United States on Wednesday as she dropped her request for entry to Japan following questioning by immigration authorities. Hilton, 29, appeared at a departure gate wearing a T-shirt and sunglasses and told reporters that she was very tired. The great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels, was questioned by officials of the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau after arriving on a chartered flight at Narita International Airport on Tuesday evening, and spent the night at a hotel at the airport.
Sep 22U.S. serviceman ordered to pay 50 mil. yen over taxi driver's murder (AP)
The Yokohama District Court's Yokosuka Branch on Wednesday ordered a U.S. Navy member, who is now serving a life sentence over the murder of a taxi driver, to pay the bereaved family about 50 million yen in damages. Olatunbosun Ugbogu, 24, was convicted of stabbing Masaaki Takahashi, 61, on his shoulder with a kitchen knife, in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, on March 19, 2008, and getting away with the taxi fare.
Sep 22Lay judges and the celebrity(Japan Times)
The trial of actor Manabu Oshio, charged with aggravated abandonment leading to death in a case in which a 30-year-old woman died after taking the illegal drug MDMA or Ecstasy, was the first trial involving a celebrity under the 1-year-old lay judge system. The Sept. 17 ruling at the Tokyo District Court shows that the six lay judges - four men and two women - who sat with three professional judges made their decision strictly on the basis of evidence, without being swayed by media coverage of the high-profile trial. The court gave the 32-year-old actor 2 1/2 years' imprisonment although the prosecution had demanded six years in prison.
Sep 22Court orders comedian to pay 10 mil. yen over assault on woman (AP)
The Tokyo District Court on Tuesday ordered TV personality Shinsuke Shimada and his management agency, Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., to pay around 10 million yen in damages for assaulting a former female employee of Yoshimoto in 2004. Judge Norihiro Matsuda also ordered Shimada to pay the victim's medical expenses while determining that the company was also liable for the violence as the defendant's employer. The woman had demanded around 100 million yen in damages in the lawsuit.
Sep 21Japanese rural areas through Chinese eyes (People's Daily)
The Japanese rural areas have already achieved modernization, and the living standard of rural residents is relatively higher. There is almost has no gap between the living standards of urban residents and rural residents, and rural life is even more comfortable than city life. However, the population of villages is small and most are the elderly. The labor forces of rural areas are also mainly the elderly, since most young people move to cities for development, which is very similar with the current situation of the Chinese rural areas.
Sep 21A Japanese traditional wedding takes in rice field(demotix.com)
Senmaida rice filed is one of the most beautiful view rice filed in Japan and each year two lucky couples will be drawn from a nation-wide lottery to have their wedding ceremony take a place at Senmaida rice filed in September. This year that fortune gets Japan Defense Force, Mizumoto Keiichi, 24 years old younger at Wajima city. His wife is Mizumoto Mami, 23 years old. Wajima local government has been arranging two wedding ceremony each year, which event started ten years ago 2000. Since that event started, 23 couples had taken their wedding ceremony in Senmaida rice filed and that two couples choose by lottery system. Even though, this year contest only one couple.
Sep 21The mystery of Japan's missing centenarians (BBC)
It was a hot summer's day in late July that police in Japan found the mummified corpse of Sogen Kato - still lying in the bed where he had died 30 years earlier. At 111 years old he was believed to be Japan's oldest man. His 81-year-old daughter had hidden his death and pocketed more than 9m yen in pension payments, police said. Suspicions aroused, local governments sent out teams to check on their elderly residents. When officials visited the home of Tokyo's reputed oldest woman, Fusa Furuya, aged 113, they discovered that she had not been seen by her daughter since the 1980s. Japan's media has delivered a day by day bodycount of the missing, prompting much national hand-wringing.
Sep 21Pedophile priest Peter Chalk admits 'addiction'(The Australian)
Alleged pedophile Catholic priest Peter Chalk has confirmed his "evil behaviour" as well as the cover-up of his abuse. He made the admissions in letters he wrote while being sheltered by the church in Japan, and also confessed he had an "addiction" to young people. Mr Chalk discreetly left the priesthood, changed his name and became a teacher in Japan in 1995 after his alleged victims went to police following six years of inaction by his order, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC). Until last week when The Australian tracked him down in Japan, his location had been unknown to his victims. The police investigation into the allegations appeared to have stalled in the mid-1990s and extradition was considered difficult as Chalk had become a Japanese citizen.
Sep 21Battling a broken system (Japan Times)
In July, Tokyo's family court granted me, an American, physical custody (kangoken) of my 13-year-old daughter exactly 120 days after she was abducted by my Japanese wife, a lifelong public servant employed as a teacher at a state school in Tokyo. This just may be the first time that Japan's family court has awarded a foreign father custody of a Japanese child after a successful abduction by the child's Japanese mother. The times they are a-changin'. Or are they?
Sep 213 firefighters arrested for gang rape in Yamagata Prefecture (Mainichi)
Three firefighters were arrested on Sept. 20 on suspicion of gang raping a woman in Nagai, Yamagata Prefecture. Police say two of the arrested firefighters deny the accusation, saying the sex was consensual. Police allege that from around 2 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. on Aug. 6, the three as a group raped a woman in her 20s. The victim is said to have been acquainted with one of the suspects.
Sep 21Ticket sale for J-pop group SMAP suspended in China (AP)
Ticket sale for a concert next month by the Japanese pop group SMAP in Shanghai has been suspended, the Hong Kong daily Mingpao reported Monday. It is not clear whether the events scheduled for Oct. 9 and 10 have been canceled, but there is a possibility that the move may have to do with worsening relations between Japan and China over Tokyo's handling of recent ship collisions off the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.
Sep 20The tranquillity of Japan's Hama-rikyu Gardens (The Star)
It is easy to conjure up images of old Japan amid the serene surroundings of Hama-rikyu Gardens. Like Tokyo's Rikugien Gardens and Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens that we had visited in Bunkyo ward, Hama-rikyu Gardens in Chuo ward was formerly a daimyo (feudal lord) garden during the Edo period or Tokugawa Shogunate (1603-1868). Situated near the mouth of Sumida River, the 25ha garden was once covered with reeds and used as a falconry ground for the shoguns. The fourth shogun's younger brother, Matsudaira Tsunashige, a daimyo of Kofu, reclaimed the shallows to build his villa, Kofu Hama-yashiki (Beach Pavilion), in 1654.
Sep 20Not all Tokyo Game Show cosplayers are Japanese (Kotaku)
This year's Tokyo Game Show is making a bigger push for cosplay and cosplayers. The changing rooms, which have been typically, in the bowls of the the convention hall have been moved to a nice, air-conditioned area. That's not all. For this year's Tokyo Game Show, somewhere between 50 and 100 foreign cosplayers flew out for the show. In years past, foreign cosplayers have of course participated in show's "cosplay alley". However, it was not an organized effort on the part of show organizers. Is this the year that TGS cosplay truly went global?
Sep 20Stepfamilies on rise but relationships difficult(Yomiuri)
With divorce and remarriage not as uncommon as they once were in Japan, stepfamilies--families in which one or both parents already have children from a previous marriage, and now have new partners--are on the rise. But many stepparents have encountered difficulties, more than they initially anticipated in trying to build a decent parent-child relationship with their stepchildren. The word "stepfamily" originates from "steop," an Old English word meaning a person who lost blood relatives. The word, stepfamily, has gradually taken roots also in Japan as the title of a recent TV drama contained the term.
Sep 20Remarrying couples need more help (Yomiuri)
Although cases of remarriage involving people with children from previous relationships are believed to be rising, there are very few public organizations offering help with the different problems that can arise. One in four marriages are believed to involve at least one person who has been divorced. The exact number of those who have remarried with children from previous relationships is not available, however, due to a lack of reliable statistics. According to demographic surveys by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, the annual number of divorces of couples with children rose from about 100,000 nationwide in 1990 to about 150,000 in 2009.
Sep 19'Rakugo' star spins his tales in English (Japan Times)
More than 100 readers of The Japan Times attended an English-language "rakugo" comic performance Saturday held in celebration of the paper's 40,000th issue. "A rakugo performer is not just a storyteller, he's also an actor who plays several characters," said professional rakugo performer Kaishi Katsura as he gave several examples of his art during the performance in Minato Ward, Tokyo.
Sep 19Visitors form long lines at 'B-class gourmet' fare (Mainichi)
Visitors formed long lines at a "B-class gourmet" fair Saturday in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, to try cheap but tasty local dishes from across the nation. More than 100 people stood in line in front of each booth in the morning at the fifth B-1 Grand Prix where this year's most popular dish will be selected Sunday from 46 dishes from 24 prefectures.
Sep 19Oshio sentenced to 30 months in prison over woman's drug-linked death (AP)
Actor Manabu Oshio was sentenced to 30 months in prison Friday for giving a girlfriend the synthetic drug MDMA, commonly known as Ecstasy, and failing to act properly when the woman became gravely ill and died after taking the drug with him last year. The defense counsel of Oshio, the first celebrity to be dried under the new lay judge system launched last year, filed an appeal of the guilty verdict with a higher court. A panel of three professional and six citizen judges at the Tokyo District Court gave the penalty to Oshio, 32, who was charged with violating the narcotics control law and the Penal Code for giving the drug to her and abandoning his responsibility for protection that resulted in her death.
Sep 19No sex please, we are otaku!(Japan Times)
Spa!, not without misgivings, proclaims a "virgin boom." Virginity is in, sex appeal is out. Why does there even have to be such a thing as sex in the world? TV personality Kumiko Shiratori, the last word in unsexy cuteness, claims to have understood at puberty that sex was "filthy," and at 28 has yet to change her mind. She evidently strikes a chord.
Sep 19Why Japanese girls go mad for Korean girl bands (chosun.com)
Korean girl groups are attracting more fervent admirers among their own sex in Japan than from the young men they are ostensibly manufactured to appeal to. About 80 percent of the audience at the debut showcase of Girls' Generation at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo on Aug. 25 were female, from teenagers to women in their 30s. Plenty of them even sported Girls' Generation outfits.

By J.S. on Sep 30, 2010

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