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Man survives 12 days on mountainside on candies and water

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Aug 28Man survives 12 days on mountainside on candies and water (Mainichi)
A Tokyo man reported missing on Aug. 15 has been rescued from a mountain in northwestern Saitama Prefecture after surviving for nearly two weeks on just candies and water. Thirty-year-old Junichi Tada had last contacted his family on the morning of Aug. 14 to tell them he was going hiking. According to the rescue team, though he was weak, had a broken left leg and had been living on nothing but stream water and seven small candies, his condition was not life-threatening.
Aug 28Man arrested for starting blaze that killed young daughter(Mainichi)
Police have arrested a man who set his home on fire, resulting in the death of his 11-year-old daughter who went into the burning structure to rescue her cat. Shigeru Ishihara, 48, was arrested on suspicion of murder and arson of an inhabited structure following the blaze in the predawn hours of Aug. 26. When questioned by police, he reportedly admitted having started the fire, but made vague statements when asked if he acted with murderous intent.
Aug 28Convenience store manager stabbed to death in Fukui(Mainichi)
The manager of a Circle K convenience store in Ono, Fukui Prefecture has died of stab wounds suffered during an apparent armed robbery on Aug. 27. A delivery worker called police after finding the manager, Yoshihiro Yamamoto, 46, lying in front of the counter covered with blood at around 3:15 a.m. Yamamoto was taken to hospital but pronounced dead shortly thereafter.
Aug 28An insane asylum for tourists (Japan Times)
As the world spins faster and faster on its axis, threatening to cut off our supply of gravity and fling us into outer space, Japan is left wondering what to do next. At this very moment company presidents around the country are scratching their bar code heads thinking, "What can we do to keep our place in the global economy? How do we maintain our gravitational pull in the world?" And though the answers are there, staring them in the face, the answers are hard for them to see. Take our small island of 651 people. Once a popular sea side resort, it has been abandoned by the Japanese who nowadays prefer air conditioned shopping malls and movie theaters.
Aug 27Summer samba carnival brings the heat to Asakusa's streets(Japan Times)
Powerful drum beats, cheerful songs and passionate dancing from Brazil will fill Tokyo's Asakusa district, the capital's traditional downtown, during the 30th Asakusa Samba Carnival. The annual event was launched in 1981 by an association of local stores in an effort to revitalize the area. The group modeled the event after Rio de Janeiro's famed Carnival. The festival attracted some 500,000 audiences last year, according to the organizers. The event, which runs from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Aug. 28, will take the form of a contest.
Aug 27Bali killer sentenced to 20 years (Japan Times)
A 31-year-old construction worker was found guilty Wednesday of killing and raping a 41-year-old Japanese woman on the Indonesian resort island of Bali late last year and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Presiding Judge I Gusti Bagus Komang Wijaya Adi of a district court in the Bali provincial capital of Denpasar said the defendant, Mawardi, was guilty of killing Hiromi Shimada, stealing her belongings and having sex with her after she was slain.
Aug 27Touring Tokyo on a tight budget (Fox News)
One of the most fascinating things about Tokyo is the way it combines both the ancient and the modern. Or rather, the way it doesn't combine them at all, so the new and the old are side by side everywhere you turn. Take the metro to the Chiyoda Ward in central Tokyo and you'll find yourself surrounded by a tangle of glass and steel skyscrapers - until out of nowhere appears a moat, a pavilion of neatly trimmed grass and the hulking stone walls of the imperial palace. There's hardly a guard in sight and entrance to the surrounding gardens is free and open to the public.
Aug 26Japanese 'planet' walker rests up in Philly(philly.com)
A journey of 3,000 miles begins with a stop in Philly. Masahito Yoshida, a 29-year-old mechanical engineer from Japan, plans to walk across the continent to Vancouver, British Columbia. The whole way, he'll be lugging a wheeled cart holding his tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and other belongings. Just as he says he did from Shanghai to Lisbon. That's right. China to Portugal. About 7,000 miles. The biggest leg of his legging it around the world. More or less. He did fly from Europe to Philadelphia, and, months from now, he'll fly from Vancouver back to Shanghai, to complete what he says is a more than two-year journey.
Aug 26Lady Gaga poses as male alter ego for Men's Vogue in Japan (Herald Sun)
Lady Gaga will appear as her male alter ego who is described as "too cool to care" on the cover of Men's Vogue in Japan, MTV reports. Dressed as an Italian mechanic named Jo Calderone, the entertainer's hair is dyed black and chopped short. Photos of the Calderone shoot were first leaked in late June and rumours began to swirl that it was Lady Gaga in drag. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton tweeted a link to one of the photos with the caption "My hubby!"
Aug 26Residence registries retained for people over 150 years old (AP)
The Osaka municipal government said Wednesday it has found that residence registries have been retained for 5,125 people who would be 120 years or older if they were alive, including a man who was born in 1857. The revelation followed the city government's checks on the registries that went online over the last two years, after the problem of missing centenarians came into light nearly a month ago with sloppy bureaucratic paperwork having been partially blamed. An official in charge of the city's residence registries said it was impossible to delete all the data linked to the problem because the municipal government had to work on registries for about 2.9 million people for its online database system.
Aug 26Woman ordered to pay damages to neighbor over noise from hitting futons (Mainichi)
The Osaka District Court on Aug. 24 ordered a 63-year-old woman to pay 1 million yen in damages to her 72-year-old male next-door neighbor after years of bothering him with noise by hitting futons. The woman exceeded a court-ordered limit that had been agreed to in an earlier settlement, and the neighbor brought the woman to court, seeking 1.86 million yen in damages for infringing on his right to live peacefully.
Aug 25Japanese pilot forgets to lower landing gear(ABC News)
A major Japanese airport has been forced to close for hours after the pilot of a small plane forgot to lower his landing gear while touching down. Pilot Yoshihiko Yamamoto was landing his single-engine Beechcraft aircraft at Kobe airport in western Japan when he realised he had not lowered his landing gear. Luckily for the 57-year old his plane skidded to a stop without bursting into flames.
Aug 25Teacher busted over panty thefts (Japan Times)
A male teacher in Saga Prefecture was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of stealing a woman's underwear from a self-service laundry in Fukuoka last month while dressed as a "hot blonde in a miniskirt," police said. Tsuyoshi Hirano, 43, a teacher at a prefectural public school for the blind, has admitted to the theft charge, according to the police. He allegedly took two pieces of female underwear from a laundromat in the city of Fukuoka at around 3 a.m. July 18. The underwear belonged to a 22-year-old woman. The police said video from a security camera in the facility showed a man wearing a blonde wig, a camisole and a miniskirt taking underwear away.
Aug 25Man torches home over trashed toys (Japan Times)
A man charged with torching his home in Kasai, Hyogo Prefecture, admitted Tuesday he did it out of anger because his mother threw away some of his plastic figures from the "Gundam" animation franchise. "Plastic figures of Gundam are like my life partners. I thought I would rather burn to death with them than have them thrown away," said Yoshifumi Takabe, 30, who pleaded guilty as his trial began at the Kobe District Court. Nobody was injured in the blaze.
Aug 25Man suspected of ramming car into 2 women, attempted rape (Mainichi)
A man has been arrested on suspicion of ramming his car into a woman and attempting to rape her, and is also suspected of carrying out the same crimes on another woman. At around 5:10 a.m. on Aug. 23, police received an emergency call that a woman appeared to have been hit by a car in Chuo Ward, Sapporo, and was then carried off by the assailant. About one hour later, a 45-year-old Sapporo woman employed in the adult entertainment industry was discovered about 8 kilometers away in Nishi Ward, lying in a grassy patch on the grounds of a factory.
Aug 25Georgia man convicted for raping girl in Japan (UPI)
A Georgia man convicted of raping a girl over a four-year period in Japan faces a sentence of up to life in federal prison, court records show. Dwain D. Williams, 36, of Pelham was found guilty Thursday by a federal jury in Valdosta of aggravated sexual abuse, abusive sexual contact with a child, engaging in illicit sexual conduct while traveling in a foreign country, and committing a criminal offense while accompanying a member of the armed forces outside of the United States, the Jacksonville, Fla. Times-Union reported. The girl, now 15, said Williams began raping her in July 2004, when she was 9, and continued until she was 13, while she lived in Okinawa.
Aug 24Americans, Japanese, Irishman among 14 killed in Nepal plane crash (AP)
A small passenger plane crashed amid bad weather in a remote area of Nepal on Tuesday morning, killing all 14 people on board, including four American women, a Japanese man and an Irish man, aviation officials said. Kathmandu airport's Rescue Coordination Center confirmed no survivors in the crash of the Agni Air turboprop, which occurred near the village of Shikharpur in Makwanpur district, about 33 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu airport or 100 km away by road.
Aug 24Man dies after being pushed off from platform and hit by train(AP)
A 77-year-old man was killed Monday night after he was inadvertently knocked from a platform at Keio Line's Shinjuku Station by a drunken man and hit by an incoming train, police said Tuesday. The drunken man had stumbled on the platform and bumped into a line of people waiting for a train, creating a domino effect and causing the man at the front of the line to fall on to the track, the police said. The police arrested Yukinori Fujii, a 42-year-old part-time worker from Hino City, who had been allegedly sitting on the platform waiting for a train before standing up and bumping into the commuters.
Aug 24Japan execution chamber opening could spark debate (Reuters)
Japanese Justice Minister Keiko Chiba's decision to allow the media a rare look at an execution chamber this month could spark public debate in a country where a hefty majority supports retaining the death penalty. Chiba, who used to be a member of a lawmakers' group opposing capital punishment, had not signed off any executions since she took power last September, but suddenly did so in July. She did not give specific reasons for her move. But she took the unusual step of attending the hangings, and then said she would open up the gallows in Tokyo to media and set up a group within the ministry to study the death penalty. Information on the execution process is scarce in Japan, which along with the United States is one of only two Group of Eight rich countries that retain capital punishment. Japan currently has 107 people on death row.
Aug 24Scolded teenage girl accused of attempted murder after setting home on fire (Mainichi)
A teenage girl who set her family home in Tokyo on fire after being told off when she came home early in the morning and didn't have breakfast has been arrested, police said. Police arrested the 16-year-old girl, a first-year high school student whose name has been withheld because she is a minor, on suspicion of attempted murder and arson of an inhabited structure after she admitted having started the fire.
Aug 24Girl idol group about mass exposure, fans (Japan Times)
AKB48 has taken the pop singing idol phenom and multiplied it into a mass-production, mass-marketing, mass presence affair. Founded in October 2005 by producer and renowned lyricist Yasushi Akimoto, Teams A, K and B each have 16 young female members who find themselves constantly promoted for media exposure, and for actual meet-the-fans hand-shaking encounters.
Aug 24A long time to hold it in - jet returns due to lavatory failure (Japan Times)
A Delta Air Lines aircraft returned to Kansai International Airport on Monday about 10 hours after its original departure when its lavatories stopped functioning twice on its way to Seattle. Five of the six toilets on Flight 182 stopped flushing shortly after leaving the airport at around 6 p.m. Sunday, prompting it to land at Narita International Airport to have the problem fixed. Delta said it decided to return to the airport to avoid making passengers feel uncomfortable during the approximately nine-hour flight to Seattle.
Aug 23Entertainment world to follow sumo in baseball betting clampdown (Tokyo Reporter)
As the world of sumo continues to grapple with revelations that wrestlers routinely gambled on baseball games, weekly tabloid Shukan Jitsuwa (Sep. 2) reports that police authorities are now targeting entertainers for the same illegal activity. A former member of a gangster organization is at the center of a police investigation. "The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department seems to know which entertainers are involved in baseball betting," says a person related to the investigation. "And in tracking them down, it all is going back to the same former gangster. So he is the key guy in the betting scheme." Among those suspected to be partaking are a famous idol and an enka singer. "The idol is a huge fan of the Yomiuri Giants," explains a production manager at a big firm. "He'll wager around 20 or 30,000 yen on Giants games. Even though the amounts are small, that is still betting. The enka singer owns his own team, and he loves betting. He'll put down one million yen a week. He's even been getting enka composers involved."
Aug 23Japan's hunt for missing elderly exposes social woes (Reuters)
A Japanese media frenzy over missing centenarians has cast a spotlight on the isolation and loneliness potentially faced by millions of elderly as the government struggles to cope with a rapidly graying population. The panic - and guilt - was sparked by the discovery that a man believed Tokyo's oldest male at 111 had actually been dead for over 30 years with his remains found mummified at his home. His family is under investigation for fraud. Since then authorities have been unable to locate over 250 elderly people and reports have emerged of many old people dying alone, or of relatives running scams to get their pensions amid broken communities and overworked public volunteers.
Aug 23Man arrested over Irishman's death in hit-and-run on Gunma road (AP)
A 63-year-old man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of driving away after hitting and killing an Irishman with his truck on a road in Gunma Prefecture, police said. The suspect, Masami Wakabayashi from Mie Prefecture, admitted to the allegation, saying he fled because he was scared, the police said. The body of Alan Buckley, 32, an English teacher, was found early Sunday morning on National Road 254. He was not wearing any clothes and appeared to have been drinking, they said.
Aug 23Japanese mayor defends dolphin hunts (AP)
As children in inner tubes bob on the calm waters of this small ocean cove, a 250-kilogram dolphin zips through the crowd in pursuit of raw squid tossed out by a trainer. Niru, a Risso's dolphin caught locally, seems unbothered by all the people and the squeals of surprise and delight. The cove is packed - it's a bright summer Sunday and hundreds of families have come. But in two weeks, the waters of the cove will turn blood red, as it becomes a holding pen for annual hunts that capture and kill hundreds of dolphins each year. The ancient village of Taiji, portrayed in the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove," has a long and complex relationship with the dolphin. The dolphins caught in the region are not endangered. In 2008, the prefecture caught 1,857 dolphins, far less than other parts of Japan, which allows about 20,000 to be killed each year. Taiji fishermen use a method called "oikomi" to hunt dolphins, banging on metal poles in their boats to create a wall of sound and herd them to shore, where they are harpooned for meat or captured alive as show animals.
Aug 23Over 1,300 cyclists ticketed for serious offences in 2009 amid police crackdown (Mainichi)
Over 1,300 cyclists in Japan were handed red traffic tickets for serious offences in 2009, nearly five times more than in 2006, it has been learned. The finding comes in line with an increase in cyclists' accidents with pedestrians, which have more than tripled over the past decade. In addition to the 1,326 cyclists who were handed red traffic tickets, roughly 2.16 million people were issued warning notices in 2009. Red traffic tickets are handed out for serious traffic offences and a decision is subsequently made over whether the violator will face such action as a summary indictment based on criminal proceedings, receiving a fine, or whether the charges will be shelved.
Aug 23Mother cheered Japanese soccer team as children lay dead (Asahi)
On June 29, about a month before police found the badly decomposed bodies of her two children in her Osaka apartment, Sanae Shimomura posted a photograph of herself on a social networking Internet site. The 23-year-old was wearing a Japan national soccer team shirt and carrying a vuvuzela horn, cheering on the team in its World Cup match against Paraguay. Shimomura's children, 3-year-old Sakurako and her brother Kaede, 1, were likely already dead at the time the photograph was taken and posted. On July 30, they were found lying naked on the floor of her apartment, their bodies partly decomposed. They had been dead for at least a month and a half, police said.
Aug 23Tokyo man swims from Germany to Denmark (Yomiuri)
A 40-year-old Tokyo man recently succeeded in swimming across the 25-kilometer-wide Fehmarn Belt Strait between Germany and Denmark. "It was really cold. I'm glad I've come home alive. I felt several times that it was beyond the limits of my ability. I'd like to thank the people who supported me," said Yasutaka Kurokawa, who landed at Narita Airport on Friday. According to the local organizer of the swimming marathon, eight people have succeeded in swimming across the strait since 1939, with Kurokawa the first Japanese to do so.
Aug 22Pairity for charity: Tokyo porn channel raises funds for AIDS (Tokyo Reporter)
Very few company presidents could sit in a conference room and casually explain why he will later this month allow the general public to enter his corporate headquarters and fondle the breasts of a selection of the female staff for a modest donation to charity. Yet Tsuyoshi Shiba, chief of provocative porn channel Paradise TV, is indeed one of them. "By simply broadcasting our programs, that is one way to interact with society," says the soft-spoken 60-year-old from beneath a billowing mane of dark hair. "But we wanted a more direct interaction with our viewers so that we can better distinguish ourselves." The use of "direct" might be the understatement of the year. Over the last weekend of August, viewers are invited to the Shinjuku studio of Paradise TV, which will be broadcasting live on its satellite provider Sky PerfecTV!, to grasp the exposed chests of five of the female staffers who anchor the channel's naked news programs.

By J.S. on Sept 2, 2010

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