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Family register in Yamaguchi lists 186-year-old man as living

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Family register in Yamaguchi lists 186-year-old man as living
Mainichi - Aug 27, 2010

A 186-year-old man is still listed as living on the family register of the prefectural city of Hofu, the municipal government revealed on Aug. 26. Records showing people of extremely advanced age as alive continue to be discovered across the country. The 186-year-old man in Hofu was born in 1824, which would make him the same age as Iesada Tokugawa, the 13th shogun of the Tokugawa era and husband of Princess Atsu. (Mainichi)
Execution chamber at Tokyo Detention House opened to media
AP - Aug 27, 2010

The Justice Ministry opened the execution chamber at the Tokyo Detention House to the media Friday, allowing reporters to take still and moving images for the first time, under the instruction of Justice Minister Keiko Chiba. During the 30-minute visit, reporters stepped into the five rooms of the chamber, such as the execution room equipped with a trap footplate and a pulley to hang death row inmates and the so-called "button room" equipped with three buttons to operate the trap footplate. (AP)

Wild monkeys go on rampage in Shizuoka Prefecture leaving 43 injured
Mainichi - Aug 27, 2010

Wild monkeys inflicted biting and scratching injuries on 43 people from Aug. 22 to Aug. 25 in the neighboring Shizuoka Prefecture cities of Mishima and Susono, it has been learned. Reports of monkey sightings in areas of Mishima including residential communities in the hills near the Hakone mountain range began coming to authorities in June. From Aug. 22 to Aug. 24, 26 people were reported to have sustained injuries from monkey attacks. On Aug. 24, the city set up a task force and began trying to capture the monkeys. (Mainichi)

Ozawa to run against Kan in DPJ leadership race
AP - Aug 26, 2010

Democratic Party of Japan heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa said Thursday he will run against Prime Minister Naoto Kan next month in the ruling party's leadership election, a move that could fuel tension within the party and see Japan led by its third prime minister in a year. "As I heard former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama say he will give me thorough support if I run in the election, I decided to do so today in front of Mr. Hatoyama," Ozawa told reporters after meeting with Hatoyama. Hatoyama, who until Tuesday had publicly supported Kan's reelection, told reporters separately that he will now back Ozawa in the race. Hatoyama held talks over the Sept. 14 election with Ozawa, a former secretary general of the party who has been critical of the way Kan has been running the government since he took office nearly three months ago. (AP)

Mummified body confirmed as that of '111-year-old man'
AP - Aug 26, 2010

Police have determined that the mummified body found last month at a residential house in Tokyo's Adachi Ward is that of Sogen Kato, who lived there and was registered as still being alive at 111 years old, investigative sources said Thursday. They have also decided to build a criminal case against his family members for fraudulently receiving the pension payments he would have been entitled to as a widower, according to the sources. Kato's relatives are suspected of illegally receiving some 9 million yen in pension money payable to his late wife, a former teacher, after her death in September 2004, despite knowing that he was dead, according to the sources. (AP)

Japanese relief equipment arrives in Pakistan
AP - Aug 25, 2010

A Japanese Air Self-Defense transport plane arrived in the central Pakistani city of Multan on Wednesday with equipment to help a Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force relief mission set up flood-relief operations. Japan is airlifting six helicopters to Pakistan to help airlift relief supplies from Multan to flood victims in Punjab Province. The ASDF cargo plane carried power generating equipment and other supplies for the helicopter fleet. The first two Japanese choppers are due arrive in Multan on Thursday. (AP)

By J.S. on Sep 1, 2010

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