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Sushi Comes to Washington / Japanese Food & Cooking

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Food Standards Agency Issues Seaweed Warning
Food Safety News - ‎Aug 6, 2010

Hijiki is a very dark, shredded type of seaweed traditionally eaten as an appetizer in Japanese cuisine. It is not used in sushi or Chinese restaurants. ...
Don't hesitate to visit Haru Sushi
Bowling Green Daily News - ‎Aug 5, 2010‎

At first glance, Korean and Japanese food might not seem to have much in common. Where rice is a staple of Japanese cuisine - especially the sticky rice ...

'Top Chef D.C.' Season 7, Episode 8: Foreign Affairs
Wall Street Journal - ‎Aug 5, 2010

Actually, all the cuisines (which included Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Indian) weren't as esoteric as say, Ethiopian. Tiffany chooses first and picks Mexico ...

Santa Monica Place Nears Opening
The Lookout News - ‎Aug 6, 2010

(Jeremy Umland, owner of the contemporary Japanese cuisine eatery Ozumo,
talks to guests about the new restaurant.)

... giving a little taste of their menus. Jeremy Umland, owner of the contemporary Japanese cuisine eatery Ozumo, talks to guests about the new restaurant.

More famine than feast for food vendors
BCLocalNews - ‎Aug 5, 2010

Kan Ogata (foreground) has been serving Japanese cuisine from three trucks, which are now parked in a lot on Charles Street near the Bridgeport Canada Line ...

Arnold Hiura's 'Kau Kau' covers Hawaiian chow
San Francisco Chronicle - ‎Aug 3, 2010

... "Kau Kau: Cuisine & Culture in the Hawaiian Islands" (Watermark Publishing, $32.95). He'll be in San Francisco on Sunday from 1 to 3 pm at the Japanese ...

Sushi Comes to Washington
Litchfield County Times - ‎Aug 4, 2010‎

(Co-owners Makoto and Jinyi Sekikawa at their new restaurant, Norimaki,
in Washington. Photo by Laurie Gaboardi.)

... they were both studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Mr. Sekikawa practiced the traditional art of Japanese cuisine in his hometown, Tokyo. ...

The dash for umami
Sydney Morning Herald - ‎Aug 2, 2010‎
Dashi stock
(Dashi is a stock based on dried kelp and dried bonito.)

"Incidentally, the smokiness element in Japanese cuisine is something I don't think is talked about." Without sufficiently smoky bacon, Chang went looking ...

Authentic cuisine draws Aussies to Japan
e-Travel Blackboard (press release) - ‎Aug 5, 2010

Japanese cuisine was the main motivation for Australians travelling to Japan in 2009, according to results of the Japan National Tourism Organization's ...

Basque Culinary Center: Top Chefs Focus on Food Issues
TIME - ‎Aug 4, 2010

Yukio Hattori, founder of a Tokyo culinary school and a regular presence on the Japanese version of TV show Iron Chef, said the school had to face the ...

By A.S. on Aug 12, 2010



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