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A-bomb survivors' post-war experiences must be passed on to truly grasp tragedy's scale

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Aug 07Sum 41 singer hospitalized in Japan after attack(etaiwannews.com)
The frontman for Canadian rock band Sum 41 was reportedly attacked last night in Japan and hospitalized with injuries. The band said Friday on their website Deryck Whibley was attacked late Friday night. They posted on their Twitter account that Whibley was attacked in a bar by three unknown people and Japanese police are investigating. The band had two remaining tour dates scheduled in Osaka, Japan, before closing out the summer with shows in the U.S. and Europe.
Aug 06Japanese man accused of faking own death for millions(Canadian Press)
A Japanese man accused of forging his own death certificate to collect millions of dollars in insurance payments is being held in Thailand on an immigration violation pending other possible charges, Thai police said Friday. Arrested in his Thai girlfriend's apartment Thursday, Ichiro Ogushi, 35, had been on the run since immigration authorities discovered that a death certificate presented to the Japanese Embassy was counterfeited. Before his arrival in Thailand in November, he had taken out three insurance policies in addition to a life insurance policy he had since his youth.
Aug 06Tokyo's 'pink' Ueno Okura Theater goes out in style (Tokyo Reporter)
The Ueno Okura Theater held closing ceremonies last Saturday to commemorate its nearly five-decade run as Japan's most highly regarded venue for soft-core "pink" pornographic cinema. Management cited safety concerns and aesthetic problems resulting from its aged interiors as the reason for the closing. A new theater opened across the alley this week. On its last day, a gathering of industry talent discussed the role the two-screen theater, located in Tokyo's Taito Ward, played in shaping the legacy of pinku eiga, or pink films. "I debuted at the age of 24," said 54-year-old-actress Moe Sakura. "That is not really young in this business but it shows that I have been working for a long time. So I know the history of pink eiga. My life is the pink eiga life, and today's closing of this theater is a substantial point in history."
Aug 06Japanese police arrest U.S. marine suspected of sexual assault in Okinawa (Bloomberg)
Japanese police arrested a U.S. Marine for the alleged sexual assault of a woman on the island of Okinawa, where similar incidents in the past have led to protests against the American military presence. Marine Sergeant Phillip Edward Sawyerr, 28, was taken into custody in the capital of Naha early this morning on suspicion of breaking into the house of a woman in her 20s and sexually assaulting her, police spokesman Motoki Haneji said by phone. The U.S. serviceman has denied the charges, Haneji said.
Aug 06Setouchi: the art of island hopping(Japan Times)
Japan's Seto Inland Sea, known for its breathtaking vistas and art-filled island of Naoshima, is the site for the inaugural Setouchi International Art Festival until October 31. Also titled as a "100-Day Art and Sea Adventure," about 78 Japanese and internationally recognized artists and art groups are showing a cornucopia of contemporary artworks on seven islands - Naoshima, Teshima, Megijima, Ogijima, Shodoshima, Oshima, Inujima - and the port areas of Takamatsu (on Shikoku Island) and Uno (on Honshu, near Okayama). For Asia, it's a unique, ambitious undertaking, spearheaded by Soichiro Fukutake, an avid art patron and head of Okayama-based Benesse Inc. The Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation is also involved, with additional backing from local and prefectural governments.
Aug 06Escape the heat island to the great outdoors (Japan Times)
Al fresco tables are at a premium at this time of year, especially if the view you want is one of leafy nature rather than city traffic or nearby buildings. Add quality food into that equation and the choices narrow even further. However, one place that fits the bill perfectly is Park Side Cafe, down in the Yokohama suburb of Nakamachidai. We first discovered it some seven years ago, when it was still very new, but it has changed little since then. The elegant building - designed by architect Ken Yokogawa, whose offices are on the second floor - nestles among trees and bamboo.
Aug 05Rice paddy art puts Japanese village on the map (Australia Network News)
A remote Japanese village has unveiled its annual rice-field artwork - an eye-catching art work made by more than 1,000 locals and volunteers from five different colours of rice. The image, depicting a 12th-century warrior monk battling a child swordsman, was constructed one rice stalk at a time in a rice paddy in the village of Inakadate.
Aug 05Horror of Hiroshima seared into survivors' minds (AFP)
Three days after an atomic bomb devastated Hiroshima, six-year-old Kazuko Uragashira and her parents were aboard an evacuation train out of their charred home city. Having narrowly survived the nuclear inferno, the family headed for the home of an uncle, not knowing that another date with destiny lay ahead of them. His home town was Nagasaki.
Aug 04Millions of Japanese trapped in 'hidden poverty'(AFP)
Consumer gluttony, astronomic real-estate prices and jobs for life were once normal in Japan -- but today the country also has millions of poor people desperately struggling to make ends meet. Two decades after Japan's wealth bubble popped, its citizens have got used to higher unemployment and homeless people sleeping in the streets. Statistics released for the first time last year held yet another surprise.
Aug 040 yen train tickets for intl transfers at Haneda Airport (Yomiuri)
Travel will be free on the Keihin Kyuko Line and the Tokyo Monorail between Haneda Airport's existing terminals and its soon to be opened international terminal, the railway companies have announced. Keihin Electric Express Railway Co. and Tokyo Monorail Co. said the free transit will make changing planes more convenient, as airport traffic is expected to rise when international service begins.
Aug 03Giant Gundam statue unveiled in Shizuoka (Mainichi)
An 18-meter-tall life-size Gundam statue has appeared in the center of Shizuoka -- the world capital of plastic model manufacturers. The 2010 Shizuoka Hobby Fair started on July 24 at Higashi-Shizuoka square in the city's Aoi Ward, featuring the gigantic monument of the combat robot from the popular animated series "Mobile Suit Gundam," as well as the history and technology of plastic figures.
Aug 03A-bomb survivors' post-war experiences must be passed on to truly grasp tragedy's scale (Mainichi)
The task of passing on the personal experiences of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing victims to the future looks like it's going to get a whole new dimension as testimonials and research resources go digital. It may even be possible to recreate these experiences with realistic digital simulations.
Aug 03NTV pair drowned in mountain mishap (Japan Times)
The two NTV reporters found dead in a mountain waterfall basin in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, while trying to reach the site of a recent helicopter crash both drowned, according to an autopsy report Monday. Yuji Kita, 30, had multiple head injuries and was not wearing shoes when he and cameraman Jun Kawakami, 43, were found Sunday morning in a pool of water at an elevation of about 900 meters. Kawakami did not have major visible external injuries and both of his shoes were on, according to the police. The bodies were found about 1 meter apart, both lying on their back in water up to their chest.
Aug 03Whereabouts of Tokyo's oldest person reported unknown (AP)
A 113-year-old woman designated as Tokyo's oldest person does not reside at the apartment in Suginami Ward where she is registered to live and her whereabouts is unknown, the ward office said Monday. The woman is Fusa Furuya, who was born in July 1897, according to the ward office and police. Ward officials visited her residence on Friday, following the discovery earlier in the week of mummified remains believed to be of a man regarded as Tokyo's oldest man at age 111 at his home in Adachi Ward. Furuya's 79-year-old daughter, who ward records show lives with her, said Furuya does not live there and has not been in touch with her, according to the ward office.
Aug 02Neighbor reported children's cries (Asahi)
Two young children died after being abandoned by their mother in a garbage-filled Osaka apartment, despite repeated calls to child welfare officers from a neighbor reporting the children's cries. The officials visited the apartment on five occasions between March and May but made no attempt to enter or contact the police. The partly decomposed and skeletonized remains of 3-year-old Sakurako Hagi and her brother Kaede, 1, were discovered in the apartment in Nishi Ward on Friday morning. Police said they may have starved to death and had been dead for a month or two. They were not wearing any clothes.
Aug 02Ozawa makes comeback after esophagus cancer operation (AP)
Conductor Seiji Ozawa revealed Sunday he had an operation in late January that removed all of his gullet, and that he has resumed his work in public in Nagano Prefecture since July 26. In the mountain resort area of Shiga Kogen, the 74-year-old maestro conducted a chamber orchestra of young musicians practicing for their formal performance Tuesday as part of the annual Saito Kinen Matsumoto festival.
Aug 02Mobsters held over sumo gambling scandal (Japan Times)
Three gangsters affiliated with the Yamaguchi-gumi, the nation's largest crime syndicate, were arrested Sunday for allegedly extorting millions of yen in hush money from a former sumo wrestler from the Onomatsu stable who brokered the illegal bets rocking the traditional sport, according to Tokyo police. The Metropolitan Police Department's organized crime division also served a fresh arrest warrant to another former wrestler, Mitsutomo Furuichi, who has been charged with extortion in the betting case, which mostly focused on pro baseball.
Aug 01Teenage girl arrested on suspicion of abandoning baby's body (AP)
An 18-year-old senior high school student was arrested Sunday on suspicion of abandoning the body of a baby boy she had given birth to in a roadside ditch last month in Kobe, Hyogo prefectural police said. Local junior high school students found a paper bag containing the naked body of a boy aged about several days in a plastic bag in the ditch in Kobe's Kita Ward on the evening of July 26, according to the police.
Aug 01Kanagawa hubby arrested on heels of honeymoon for hiring hooker (Tokyo Reporter)
Sometimes, begins Shukan Jitsuwa (Aug. 12), there are places you'd just rather not be. On July 19, that was certainly the case for a 37-year-old employee at a life insurance firm from Kanagawa Prefecture. He was arrested in Setani by prefectural police for violating prostitution and pornography statutes by hiring an underage prostitute. But that's not all: The arrest occurred two days after he returned from his honeymoon and in the "loving embrace" of his new wife. "He's a director of sales and has 15 people under him at the Odawara branch of AXA Life Insurance," explains a newspaper reporter who covers the police beat in Kanagawa. "He's suspected of paying 25,000 yen on April 7 for a romp in an Ebina City love hotel with a 17-year-old girl he met on a matchmaking site."
Aug 01Historic 'pink' theater hopes to put ladies on seats, not just screens (Japan Times)
The Kabuki-za theater in Ginza is not the only notable Tokyo structure dating back to the 1950s that has shut its doors this year. With large illuminated lettering affixed to its pasty white facade proclaiming "Adult movies," the all-night Ueno Okura Theater, located in Taito Ward close to Shinobazu Pond and at the edge of Ueno Park, has been entertaining fans of erotic cinema for nearly five decades. The two-screen building, however, closed Saturday due to safety concerns and aesthetic problems resulting from its aged interiors.
Aug 01Depression takes hold as promises of Utopia fade away (Japan Times)
Why isn't this Utopia? Why, given material and technological advantages beyond the wildest dreams of our most visionary ancestors, are we floundering in a sea of despair? Well, let's call it "depression." The weekly magazine Shukan Toyo Keizai (July 24) devotes no fewer than 50 pages to its causes, its cures and, probably most significantly, the relentlessly soaring numbers of its victims. In 1996, according to figures it cites from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 430,000 Japanese were receiving treatment for depression. In 2008, 1.04 million were.
Aug 01Globalization of crime (Japan Times)
Japanese criminals, too, are becoming more internationally minded. According to a white paper released by the National Police Agency on July 23, domestic criminal organizations are forming partnerships with overseas crime syndicates to smuggle drugs and launder money, and foreign groups are increasingly operating within Japan. In recent years a European group has carried out jewelry heists, a mainly Nigerian group fenced electronic goods purchased with fake credit cards, and a multinational ring of criminals from Pakistan, Cameroon and Sri Lanka stole and disassembled cars and machinery to ship outside of Japan.
By J.S. on Aug 12, 2010

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