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Hiroshima marks 65th anniversary of atomic bombing

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Explosives traces found on supertanker
Japan Times - Aug 7, 2010

Traces of homemade explosives have been found on the hull of a Japanese supertanker damaged last week in the Strait of Hormuz, indicating the ship was attacked by a boat loaded with explosives, a state-run news agency in the United Arab Emirates reported Friday. Emirates News Agency, better known as WAM, quoted a UAE Coast Guard source as saying local explosives experts "found a dent on the starboard side above the waterline and remains of homemade explosives on the hull." (Japan Times)
Hiroshima marks 65th anniversary of atomic bombing
Mainichi - Aug 6, 2010

Hiroshima marked the 65th anniversary of the atomic bombing on the city during World War II in an annual ceremony on Aug. 6 that was attended for the first time by the U.N. secretary-general and officials from the United States and other nuclear powers. Speaking at the ceremony, Ban Ki-moon, the first U.N. chief to attend, called for efforts to realize a world without nuclear weapons. Some 55,000 people attended the ceremony. At the event Akiba and two representatives of the bereaved families of atomic-bomb victims enshrined two books containing the names of 5,501 people newly confirmed to have died after being exposed to radiation from the bombing underneath a cenotaph for victims. The total number of recorded deaths in 97 enshrined books now stands at 269,446. (Mainichi)

Japan's hot-dog eating champ sentenced to 6 months' probation
AP - Aug 5, 2010

Takeru Kobayashi, the Japanese former champion of an annual U.S. Independence Day hot-dog eating contest, was sentenced to 6 months' probation by a criminal court in New York on Thursday. Kobayashi, 32, was in court to face charges of obstruction of governmental administration, resisting arrest, trespassing and disorderly conduct, following a scuffle with a police officer after this year's July 4 contest in New York, in which he did not participate due to a contract dispute with the event organizer. (AP)

Cities scrambling to find centenarians
Japan Times - Aug 6, 2010
News photo
(Knocking on doors: Welfare workers leave the Adachi Ward office in Tokyo early Thursday
to check up on the status of registered residents who would be centenarians.)

It all began last week when a mummified corpse was found at a house in Adachi Ward, Tokyo. If the man, Sogen Kato, were still alive he would have been 111 years old. His family reportedly said he locked himself in a room about 30 years ago and never came out. An investigation was launched to determine if his relatives were receiving his pension illegally. Then came the case of Fusa Furuya in Suginami Ward, who at 113 was registered as the oldest woman in the Tokyo metropolitan area but turned out to be missing. (Japan Times)

Gov't terminates allowances to multiple-time asylum seekers
AP - Aug 5, 2010

The Foreign Ministry has terminated since this month the provision of allowances to foreigners applying for refugee status in Japan for the second time or more due to a lack of funds, its officials said Thursday. People helping the asylum seekers have reacted sharply to the termination, arguing that in some cases applicants can only be recognized as refugees after repeated attempts. To aid the livelihoods of foreigners seeking protection in Japan, many of them arriving indigent, the ministry had provided them with about 85,000 yen a month in allowances. (AP)

Millions of Japanese trapped in 'hidden poverty'
AFP - Aug 5, 2010

Consumer gluttony, astronomic real-estate prices and jobs for life were once normal in Japan -- but today the country also has millions of poor people desperately struggling to make ends meet. Two decades after Japan's wealth bubble popped, its citizens have got used to higher unemployment and homeless people sleeping in the streets. Statistics released for the first time last year held yet another surprise. Nearly one in six Japanese lives below the poverty line -- meaning they earn less than half the median household income, or less than 1,830 dollars for a four-person family -- in a country that prides itself on its egalitarianism. (AFP)

By J.S. on Aug 11, 2010

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