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Japanese made easy / Japanese Food & Cooking

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Japanese made easy
Manila Bulletin - ‎Jul 6, 2010

What with the ever reliable Filipino ingenuity and our knack for creating good food, Pinoy chefs have learned, if not mastered the art of cooking Japanese ...

'If you believe in your idea, the money will come' 
Inquirer.net - ‎Jul 10, 2010‎

Taking his best experiences from food exploits in Japan, he boldly fused unique Japanese staple dining ingredients with the Italian cooking. ...

Sushi in a Bowl, or, How to Undo Junky Eating
The Faster Times - ‎Jul 7, 2010

After a prolonged period of junky eating, I often crave the crisp, clean, and somewhat astringent flavors of Asian food, particularly Japanese food. ...

What plant genes tell us about crop domestication 
Washington University in St. Louis News - ‎Jul 7, 2010

(The famous botanist George Beadle created a facsimile of an ear of an early domesticated
corn (right) by crossing the wild grass teosinte (left) with Argentine popcorn.)

To learn more about the science and history of food, Olsen recommends On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee. ...

Comfort food: Homage to egg foo yong
Dallas Morning News - ‎Jul 7, 2010

Sometimes, when the Sig-O and I aren't dining out somewhere for work and we don't feel like cooking, we make a trip to our favorite Chinese restaurant, ...

Smart chefs don't just innovate through recipes
San Francisco Chronicle - Jul 10, 2010

Chef Masaki Sasaki of Sebo cooks broth while sharing space with drying Japanese fluke fish. It's no secret that Bay Area restaurant-goers can be a tough ...

Batter up: Vegetable tempura comes to the plate
Los Angeles Times - ‎Jul 7, 2010‎
A shishito pepper turned into vegetable tempura gets a flavor <br /><br /><br />boost, courtesy of a sauce.
(A shishito pepper turned into vegetable tempura gets a flavor boost, courtesy of a sauce.)

Listen to the food cooking. It's the moisture in the food that is steaming and pushing the vapor bubbles outward. That's the sizzling you hear. ...

Morimoto to conquer West Coast dining 
StarkSilverCreek - ‎Jul 8, 2010‎

(Pebble Beach Food & Wine 2010.)

... 'Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking'. I was fortunate to have met Chef Morimoto at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine event this year. ...

Iron Chef lightens up Vietnamese salad 
OCRegister - ‎Jul 9, 2010

Cat Cora made TV history in 2005 by becoming the first female Iron Chef on the Food Network, the show based on the Japanese cult sensation. ...

Make the most of summer's vegetables in a crustless quiche
San Francisco Chronicle - ‎Jul 10, 2010

Eric Gower is a Marin County cookbook author, private chef and cooking teacher. E-mail him at food@sfchronicle.com, and learn more about his approach to ...

By J.S. on Jul 16, 2010

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