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Court tells right wing protesters to stay away from theater

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Jun 26Court tells right wing protesters to stay away from theater (Japan Probe)
The Yokohama District Court has dealt a major blow to right-wingers who were using loudspeakers and sound trucks to protest a theater that was going to screen "The Cove". The court decision on the injunction Thursday prohibits making loud speeches within a 100-meter radius of the movie theater and entering the movie theater without permission, the distributor Unplugged Inc. said. As the movie theater is planning to screen the film from July 3, scores of people from the Tokyo group staged street protests around the theater on June 12. The theater applied to the court for an injunction to ban such protests.
Jun 2611 Japanese, Egyptian guide injured as bus overturns in Egypt(AP)
A tourist bus arranged by Japanese travel agency JTB Corp.'s group company overturned Friday in southern Egypt, injuring 11 Japanese passengers, including a tour guide, and critically wounding an Egyptian guide, JTB said Saturday. Of those injured in the accident that occurred around 4:20 p.m. (10:20 p.m. Japan time), a 59-year-old man from Tochigi Prefecture and a 31- year-old man from Tokyo suffered broken arms, and the Egyptian guide was left unconscious. The other Japanese passengers and the bus driver were slightly injured, it said.
Jun 26School bus, car collide, 1 killed in Chiba Pref. (AP)
A school bus and a passenger car were involved in a head-on collision Saturday morning in Mobara, Chiba Prefecture, leaving one man from the car confirmed dead and an unknown number of senior high school students taken to hospital, police said. The bus, belonging to Ichihara Chuo High School in the same prefecture, had 26 students on board when the 7:45 a.m. collision occurred as the bus was taking them to the school in the city of Ichihara, according to the police and a school official.
Jun 25Models and stewardesses become tour bus babes(Tokyo Reporter)
Staffing and training corporation Wellcom has started a tour service employing roughly 300 ladies called Bibus, which supplies sightseeing buses with female guides who used to be flight attendants and models. The company tells Shukan Asahi Geino (July 1) that the impetus for the program was the advanced ages of many existing guides. A member of the company's public relations department explains: "We originally had the service Bishoku (jobs employing beautiful women) in which former flight attendants and models went through training to become receptionists and secretaries. Then we heard about the aging issue with bus tour guides."
Jun 25Man snatches pistol, shoots police officer while being questioned (AP)
A 33-year-old man was arrested Thursday after he snatched a pistol from a police officer who was questioning him and shot the officer in the thigh, Chiba prefectural police said. The incident occurred shortly after 7 p.m. inside Matsudo police station, they said, adding that the unemployed man was arrested for attempted murder. The police officer was taken to a hospital and was not in a life- threatening condition.
Jun 25Mazda suspect had car hang-up(Japan Times)
The former Mazda Motor Corp. temporary worker arrested Tuesday for allegedly killing one Mazda employee and injuring 10 others by slamming into them with a car at the firm's Hiroshima plant complex was deep in debt from buying new cars before going bankrupt in 2008, investigative sources said Thursday. Police, meanwhile, said a 22-year-old Mazda employee was newly found to be slightly injured in the vehicular attack. Suspect Toshiaki Hikiji, a 42-year-old Hiroshima resident, had at least four new cars, including a sports car, over seven years, according to his neighbors.
Jun 25It is safe to bank on this hard-boiled man (Japan Times)
Eiji Okuda doesn't fit into any of the usual boxes for actors in Japan - or anywhere else for that matter. He's had his share of leading roles over a three-decade career, often as a world-weary cop or gangster, but he's not what the local industry considers a star. Despite his many TV drama credits, he studiously avoids the broad emoting standard for TV-trained actors. Instead, he usually plays down, even depressed, while stoking his character's inner fires. When the fires roar to the surface, as anger or passion, his slight, slump-shouldered frame flows with expressive power, be it in the form of a sudden punch or an explosion of tears. In the next scene, though, he is back to his baseline persona: A man lonely and strange, but at the same time canny and fearless.
Jun 25Saitama gov't official acquitted of groping high school girl on train (Mainichi)
A 35-year-old Saitama Prefectural Government official who had been accused of groping a high school girl on a train was acquitted of the charges at the Saitama District Court on June 24. "The victim's testimony complaining of being molested is trustworthy, but the possibility that she actually grabbed another person's hand, not that of the culprit, cannot be ruled out," said Saitama District Court judge Osamu Iguchi. The trial focused on the credibility of the high school girl's claim saying someone put a hand up her skirt and touched her bottom.
Jun 24Japanese take least vacation days, French the most (Economic Times)
The Japanese are the most holiday-deprived nation in the developed world, taking an average nine days off a year, while the French enjoy the most, averaging 34.5 days off annually, a survey found. A poll of 9,000 adults in 13 countries by Harris Interactive for online travel company Expedia found Japanese workers not only got the least vacation of about 16.5 days a year but they tended to use only about half of them. The French, however, get the highest number of vacation days a year, an average of 37.5, and were happy to take almost full advantage of this R&R.
Jun 24Man arrested in Japan for theft of little girls' bicycle seats (Japan Probe)
A 37-year-old man has been arrested in Tochigi prefecture for the theft of a 9-year-old girl's bicycle seat. A collection of about 80 bicycle seats, together with some other random things that probably belonged to little girls. The man apparently told police that he stole the seats for his own enjoyment.
Jun 24Ex-juvenile reformatory instructor sentenced to 22 months in prison(AP)
A Japanese high court on Thursday sentenced a former instructor at a juvenile reformatory to one year and 10 months in prison without suspension for repeatedly assaulting nearly 20 minors at the institution, reversing a lower court ruling which sentenced him to two years and six months in prison. Katsuya Nobata, 33, has faced the largest number of charges among the five people indicted over the incident which came to light in 2009. His defense council had called for a suspended sentence.
Jun 24Soapland boy-sans turn tables on their tormenters (Tokyo Reporter)
"Over the past 20 years, the biggest change the sex industry has undergone has been the male staff at soaplands," begins Nikkan Gendai (June 24) in the latest installment of its long-running series "The Dark Side of the Sex Business." These staff, known as "boy-sans," typically robust young lads with crewcuts who bow welcome and see off visitors to their erotic bathhouses, belonged to a clearly established pecking order. In the past, the boy-sans were expected to be particularly deferential to top earning hookers at the shop, who in a good month brought in as much as 7 million yen in revenues, the source of their regular paycheck.
Jun 24Mazda attacker Akihabara wannabe?(Japan Times)
A former Mazda Motor Corp. temporary worker arrested for killing one Mazda employee and injuring 10 others by hitting them with a car told investigators he tried to copy the 2008 murder spree in Tokyo's Akihabara district, investigative sources said Wednesday. Toshiaki Hikiji, 42, of the city of Hiroshima, was quoted as telling investigators he had planned to park his car inside the Mazda plant complex and attack people with a kitchen knife. He was arrested after running into the 11 as they headed to work Tuesday.
Jun 24From TV to politics, Japanese woman blazes a trail (AP)
The candidate is young, female and half-Taiwanese - perhaps not the best recipe for political success in Japan, where ancestry matters and women are accustomed to a back seat. Yet the former TV personality known to all as Renho has become the boost the ruling party needs for next month's parliamentary election. Her Democratic Party swept to power last year, ousting the long-ruling conservatives and promising to reverse a chronic economic and social malaise. But the Democrats quickly ran into ethical issues and a dispute over relocating a U.S. military base that forced a change of prime minister. A poor showing in the upper house election on July 11 would hamper their push for reforms.
Jun 23Japanese student gives TB to host family(AP)
A Nanaimo mother is frustrated with Vancouver Island University after her three-year-old son contracted tuberculosis after being exposed to an infected exchange student visiting from Japan. Maleah Davies's son had a positive skin test for TB and will begin at least a nine-month medical regime that could have some nasty side effects, such as skin rashes, nausea, lethargy and stomach aches. Chest X-rays will confirm whether or not he has active TB, but doctors are confident he does not, according to the boy's mother. News of the infection came from Tamagawa University in Machida, Tokyo in July 2009.
Jun 23Skeleton found in suitcase in Chiba forest(Mainichi)
A skeleton has been found in a suitcase in a forest here, police said. At around 4:45 p.m. on June 21, police received a call from a 57-year-old man saying he had discovered a suitcase containing what appeared to be human remains in a mountain forest he owns in the Chiba Prefecture city of Kimitsu. Police then found a skeleton -- believed to be that of a man -- in the suitcase, and are identifying the body and investigating the cause of death.
Jun 22Police launch nationwide raids of car scrap yards (AP)
Eleven prefectural police authorities on Tuesday launched coordinated on-site inspections of around 440 car scrap facilities across the country, suspecting that the facilities, run mostly by foreigners, could be breeding grounds for crimes such as vehicle theft, auto parts smuggling and harboring illegal immigrants. The inspections, which led to the arrest of two foreigners in Kanagawa Prefecture, were conducted based on the antique dealings law, the immigration law, the building standards law and other legislation, with the participation of immigration authorities and some local governments. Of the 440 facilities, 15 were raided based on warrants issued by courts.
Jun 22Japanese princess captivated by Aids orphans (timeslive.co.za)
On her first official visit to South Africa, Princess Hisako Takamado of Japan could not stop cuddling children at the StFrancis Care Centre, in Boksburg, on the East Rand, Monday. The centre, founded in 1992 by Fr Stan Brennan, was the home for 15 years of Japanese priest Fr Nicholas Nemeto, who died two years ago after tending to the poor and ill of the town. The centre is now home to 34 orphaned or abandoned children aged up to seven, and to 48 adults with Aids. Princess Takamado, the honorary president of the Japan Football Association, is to meet members of her country's football team on Thursday before their match against Denmark.
Jun 22Worker runs over people at Japanese plant, 1 dead (boston.com)
A disgruntled worker slammed his car into employees at a Mazda factory Tuesday, killing one and injuring 10, stunning Japan just two years after an autoworker went on a deadly rampage in central Tokyo. Toshiaki Hikiji, 42, was arrested about an hour later on attempted murder charges after fleeing in his car from Mazda's Ujina plant in Hiroshima prefecture, southwestern Japan, police said. Japanese media reports said Hikiji was a contract worker who had been let go in April. He bore a grudge against the automaker and went there with a knife with the intention to kill, they said.
Jun 22Born in China, making an impact in Japan (Asahi)
Leena, 20, may be the new face of Chinese nationals living in Japan. A model, Leena took part in the Asia Beauty Expo last month in Yokohama that attracted about 40,000 people. Backstage after her appearance, Leena spoke fluent Japanese and her gestures and conversational pauses were typical of a young Japanese woman. "As long as I don't say my real name, no one would know I'm Chinese," she said. Leena arrived in Japan when she was 10 from Shandong province, accompanying her father who is a mechanical design engineer.
Jun 22Sandbox play changes amid hygiene fears (Yomiuri)
The time: mid-May. The characters: mothers and their children. The setting? A sandbox at the Fantasy Kids Resort Ebina indoor amusement park in Kanagawa Prefecture. Scooping up the sand with his hands, whooping with joy, a child exclaims to his mother, "Mom, this sand is so white!" Joining him, she replied, "It's so powdery, isn't it?" The sandbox was filled with white sand from Australia that had been polished four times and heated at 400 C. A manager from the amusement park said: "The sand is not only clean in appearance. It's been thoroughly washed and sterilized." With parents increasingly concerned about the dirt factor of open sandboxes, sandbox play is changing. Parents want to see their children enjoying themselves. What they don't want, however, is sand that may be dirty.
Jun 22Japan distributor to show 'The Cove' despite protests (AFP)
The Japanese distributor of "The Cove" said Monday it would begin screening the Oscar-winning documentary about dolphin slaughter next month after a series of cancellations due to protests. Unplugged Inc. said the film would be shown at six movie theatres from July 3 in major Japanese cities including Tokyo, with 16 other cinemas following suit. It will be the first commercial screenings of the film at Japanese movie theatres, though the distributor has already carried out a one-time show at promotion events and an online screening.
Jun 22Japan's music fans get ready to rock (independent.co.uk)
Music lovers are preparing themselves for the biggest date on the Japanese music calendar, the long weekend of the hugely popular Fuji Rock festival. Scheduled for the three-day weekend of July 30 to August 1, the organizers of this year's event have outdone themselves by pulling in some of the biggest names in the industry. Headlining on the 40,000 capacity Green Stage on July 30 will be Muse, followed by Them Crooked Vultures, Ken Yokoyama, Ash and Superfly, while British stalwarts Roxy Music take over the following day, ably supported by John Fogerty, Kula Shaker and the John Butler Trio. Massive Attack top the bill on the final day of the festival, along with Atoms for Peace, Boom Boom Satellites and Asian Kung-Fu Generation.
Jun 21Police arrest second man in Jakarta murder of Japanese couple (AP)
Indonesian Police said Monday they have arrested a second man suspected of involvement in the murder Thursday of a Japanese couple at their home near Jakarta. South Jakarta Police Chief Gatot Edi said Iwan, 25, was arrested in Cipanas, West Java Province, before midnight Saturday. Edi said Iwan is a friend of Asep, 18, who was arrested just hours after the murder of Yasuo Hara, 69, and his wife Mizue, 64 at their residence in Tangerang, near Jakarta.
Jun 21Japan whaling town dreams of glory days(The West)
In a sushi shop in a traditional Japanese whaling town, Katsuji Furuuchi carves thin slices from a lump of minke meat and adds pieces of blubber to the tiny servings. "Whale meat is a real delicacy, so this is the only way we can offer whale sushi to our customers," he said, placing the costly slivers onto rice balls in his shop where figurines of the sea mammals decorate the walls. Ayukawahama was once a major whaling port, where fishermen would drag the ocean giants into harbour, colouring the water red and, elder residents recall, sending the stench of whale carcasses wafting through town.
Jun 20New pet funeral operator system aims to prevent dumping of dead animals(Mainichi)
The Ministry of the Environment is set to introduce a registration system for pet funeral operators to prevent the illegal dumping of dead animals. Amid the recent pet boom, there are many owners who hope to hold funerals for their beloved pets. However, there have so far been no regulations on pet funeral businesses, and the ministry is hoping to update the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals to control the illegal handling of deceased animals during the fiscal 2012 regular Diet session.
Jun 20Resort to sheer pleasure on Ishigaki Island (Japan Times)
Want to get away from it all? Then why not fly 2,000 km toward the Equator from Tokyo to Ishigaki, the main island of the southerly Yaeyama group in Okinawa Prefecture. And once there, then treat yourself to a stay at Club Med Kabira Beach, where you can do almost anything you want - or nothing at all. From the airport, a hotel car makes a leisurely 40-minute drive along roads lined with palm trees and flowers to the resort in Kabira, which is known for its bay that's classed as one of the 100 most beautiful scenic spots in Japan.
By J.S. on Jul 2, 2010

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