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Jacko memorabilia on show in Japan

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May 01Jacko memorabilia on show in Japan (news.com.au)
Michael Jackson fans flocked to the opening in Tokyo of an exhibition of memorabilia from the late King of Pop, including his famous crystal-studded gloves and favourite 1967 Rolls Royce. Some ardent fans were overcome with emotion and fainted while viewing the Lifetime Collection of some 300 items belonging to singer on display in a hall at the foot of Tokyo Tower. Exhibits included stage costumes and props such as the crystal-studded gloves worn by the superstar, who died last June aged 50.
May 01Japanese man is charged with groping boys in hotel(Star Bulletin)
A 64-year-old Japanese national who was supposed to return to his home country yesterday is in custody at Oahu Community Correctional Center, charged with fondling two 8-year-old boys in a Waikiki hotel restroom. An Oahu grand jury returned an indictment yesterday charging Iwao Suzuki with four counts of third-degree sexual assault. Circuit Judge Steven Alm doubled Suzuki's bail to $100,000 and issued an order for Suzuki to surrender his passport.
May 01Child porn 'ranking sites' targeted(Japan Times)
Tokyo police on Friday asked four Internet site operators to delete so-called ranking sites that could guide Web surfers to child pornography. The four operators, based in Tokyo and Kanagawa and Hyogo prefectures, manage 14 Web sites that rank child pornography sites according to hit counts. The ranking sites do not show images but can guide viewers to about 130 sites, thereby promoting the spread of child pornography, the police said.
May 01TV drama puts home city of horror cartoonist on the map (Japan Times)
The city where cartoon artist Shigeru Mizuki resides is grabbing the spotlight, thanks to a TV drama focusing on his life there with his wife that has been on the air since April. Mizuki, best known for his "manga" and "anime" horror series "Ge-ge-ge no Kitaro," has lived in and created his characters in Chofu, western Tokyo, for nearly 50 years.
Apr 30Body found wrapped in plastic bags; shows signs of strangulation (Mainichi)
Police are attempting to identify a woman's body that was found wrapped in plastic bags and shows signs of strangulation. The body was reported Thursday by passersby who told police there were some plastic bags that looked like they had a body in them. Found on the bank of the Yodo River in Takatsuki, the body is that of a woman who looks to be in her late teens to 40s, according to local police. The body was found crouched and hugging both legs.
Apr 30Closing ceremonies for Kabuki-za in Ginza(Tokyo Reporter)
Closing ceremonies for the five-decade-old Kabuki-za theater, located in Chuo Ward's Ginza district, will be held today. Entertainment company Shochiku announced in 2008 that the theater, Japan’s home for kabuki since it was founded in 1889, will be rebuilt inside a large office-theater complex by 2013. The existing structure was established following heavy damage inflicted during the Allied bombings of Tokyo in World War II. Farewell performances took place Wednesday.
Apr 30Kyoto's temples of gastronomy(Japan Times)
You need a strategy when you're visiting a city the size of Kyoto. Ours was simple: No tourist spots, no taxis and no traipsing around. We were there to eat. We had a day and a half, just time for three good meals (not counting breakfast). So, instead of zooming from one side of the city to the other - we've seen the main sights many times over, anyway - our plan was to relax, explore on foot and stick to a single neighborhood. Our focus was the quadrant to the southeast of the busy Shijo-Kawaramachi Crossing.
Apr 30Hikari Mitsushima: from pop idol to screen diva?(Japan Times)
Up until last year, 24-year-old Hikari Mitsushima was best known as a former member of the Okinawan idol group Folder 5. Then she returned in fine style, wowing critics and cinemagoers alike with her role in Sion Sono's critically acclaimed, four-hour exploration of religion and romance, "Ai no Mukidashi" ("Love Exposure"). Now she's a searing hot property as one of Japan's most in-demand young actresses.
Apr 30Tokyo to set tuna auction visitor cap at 140 a day(Yomiuri)
The Tokyo metropolitan government plans to limit the number of visitors to the tuna auction at Tsukiji fish market to 140 a day, according to sources. The new rule will take effect on May 10 after the Golden Week holiday season, the sources said. In recent years, the number of foreign tourists visiting the early morning tuna auction has soared. Accordingly, the number of incidents in which visitors have touched fish and caused a nuisance to market traders has also increased.
Apr 29Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be medics, they’ll wind up selling love(Tokyo Reporter)
Ayano, a 20-year-old pre-med student, has a lucrative part-time job. She dispenses oral and manual sex at a "fashion health" massage parlor in Shinjuku's Kabukicho red light district. Since high school she had dreamed of becoming a physician, and after achieving a high score on the entrance examination was admitted to a medical school. Unfortunately, reports Weekly Playboy (May 3), her tuition is damn high. "Most of the students are from affluent families, but recently even some of them are in arrears of their tuition," she says.
Apr 29Holiday exodus reaches peak at Narita, Kansai airports(AP)
The holiday exodus reached a peak at the Narita International Airport near Tokyo Thursday, with 46,200 people expected to leave Japan during the day to spend their Golden Week holidays overseas. Resort areas, including Guam and Hawaii, as well as European countries attract many travelers from Japan during the holiday season through early May, according to the airport and travel agency officials.
Apr 29Gov't grants decorations to 4,083 people including 62 foreigners(AP)
The government released a list Thursday of recipients of this year's spring decorations, comprising 4,021 Japanese and 62 foreign nationals, for their contributions to the nation and the public in politics, business, culture and the arts. Niro Shimada, 71, former chief justice of the Supreme Court, and former House of Representatives Speaker Tamisuke Watanuki, 83, will receive the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers, the highest honor in this spring's commemoration. Renowned playwright So Kuramoto, 75, whose real name is Kaoru Yamaya, and comic writer Takao Saito, 73, who created the popular Golgo 13 series, were among the recipients of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette.
Apr 29Police on alert near Sky Tree in Golden Week (Yomiuri)
With many people expected to flock to Tokyo Sky Tree in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, during the Golden Week holiday period, ward officials and police officers will be on alert around the structure. The Sky Tree became the highest structure in the country in late March, and since then the number of visitors to the area has sharply increased. According to the Tokyo Sky Tree Info Plaza, an information center near the tower, there had been more than 17,000 visitors in April as of Saturday.
Apr 29Japan pavilion to key on pop, tradition at Shanghai expo(Japan Times)
The Japanese pavilion at the world expo in Shanghai will regale visitors with an extravagant display of culture both old and new, organizers say. The Japan Industry Pavilion created by private-sector companies and local authorities was unveiled Monday to the Japanese press before the opening of the world's fair this Saturday. A screen measuring 18 meters by 10 meters in the complex shows a performance by the all-girl pop group AKB48 as well as Japanese landscape scenes throughout the four seasons.
Apr 29Singer, kabuki star among honorees (Japan Times)
Veteran singer Harumi Miyako, kabuki actor Nakamura Tokizo and 675 other individuals as well as 20 groups will be honored in the government's spring decorations for their contributions in various fields. The individuals include 153 women, according to the government's list of award recipients released Wednesday. Miyako, 62, whose real name is Harumi Kitamura, and Tokizo, 55, whose real name is Mitsuharu Ogawa, are among 24 winners of the Medal with Purple Ribbon, which is given in recognition of contributions in the arts, academics and sports.
Apr 28Man arrested in connection with mutilated Fukuoka woman (AP)
A man in his 30s was arrested Wednesday after he pawned a wristwatch of a woman whose mutilated body parts were found in Hakata Bay after disappearing in March, police said. The police are investigating how the man, whose name is withheld because the charge in his arrest warrant is theft unrelated to the murder case, obtained the Greek-brand watch and whether he knows how the woman -- Reiko Moroga, 32, from Fukuoka City -- went missing.
Apr 28SMAP to play first show outside of Japan(shoutcastblog.com)
Insanely popular JPOP boy band SMAP will be performing at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo on June 13, at the Expo Culture Center. Despite the band debuting back in 1991, this will be SMAP's first performance away from their home country of Japan. They've since amassed many fans worldwide as not only musicians, but television personalities and actors. You can bet that Chinese fans will be fighting for the 18,000 seats for the event.
Apr 28Dating by blood type in Japan (BBC)
People in most parts of the world do not think about their blood group much, unless they have an operation or an accident and need a transfusion. But in Japan, whether someone is A, B, O or AB is a topic of everyday conversation. There is a widespread belief that blood type determines personality, with implications for life, work and love.
Apr 28How a Japanese porn star breached the Chinese Twitter firewall(theatlanticwire.com)
It's an old story. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy constructs elaborate computer network to circumvent vast Chinese firewall preventing boy from reading girl's Twitter feed. Except this time it's not one boy, it's thousands, and none of them have actually met this girl, they're just big fans. The girl is Aoi Sola, a Japanese porn star suddenly so popular in China that she's prompted a massive, grassroots effort to get around the state-imposed firewall that blocks Twitter and thus keeps fans from reading Aoi's popular Twitter feed.
Apr 28Actress Sawajiri wants divorce from filmmaker Takashiro (AP)
Erika Sawajiri, an actress who made her comeback last month after being away from entertainment circles due to problematic behavior in 2007, said Tuesday she has decided to seek a separation from filmmaker Tsuyoshi Takashiro. The 24-year-old Sawajiri said on her website that she has already entered into talks with Takashiro, 45, on a divorce through her family. The two tied the knot in January 2009.
Apr 28Statute of limitations in murder cases axed (Japan Times)
In a rare move, Justice Minister Keiko Chiba enforced a new law Tuesday abolishing the statute of limitations for murder on the same day the bill passed the Diet so an unsolved 1995 murder case wouldn't expire at midnight. The bill for amending the code of criminal procedure was enacted in a Lower House plenary session in the afternoon. On April 28, 1995, farmer Haruhiko Sunami, 70, and his wife, Midori, 66, were found decapitated inside their burned-down home in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture. A kitchen knife was found in the farmer's stomach. Chiba did not initially plan to enforce the bill immediately but began to work toward it as soon as she learned about the Sunami case, according to government sources.
Apr 27Franklin man whose ex-wife fled to Japan with children sues judge in custody case (tennessean.com)
A man whose ex-wife fled to Japan with their two children, then was arrested in Japan after attempting to take the children back, is suing a local judge and an attorney who handled his divorce. Dr. Christopher Savoie of Franklin has filed federal and state lawsuits claiming that actions by Williamson County Circuit Court Judge James G. Martin resulted in his son, 9, and daughter, 7, being abducted by their mother. Martin lifted a restraining order barring the ex-wife from taking the children to Japan and returned the children's passports to her. He was named as a defendant in a federal lawsuit filed this month. Savoie seeks injunctive relief and an unspecified amount of money.
Apr 27Japan eyes creating long-term medical visa system for foreigners (AP)
The government is considering creating a "medical visa" system for foreigners keen on receiving high-quality long-term medical treatment in Japan, senior government officials said Monday. The government wants to attract wealthy sufferers of a range of ailments in China and other Asian countries to Japan, so that the nation's medical industry can cash in on such patients, the officials said. The government intends to integrate the visa idea into a package of economic growth policies it plans to draw up possibly by the end of June, they said.
Apr 2718-year-old boy arrested for running prostitution ring (Mainichi)
Police arrested an 18-year-old boy on suspicion of running a prostitution ring, the youth development division at the Metropolitan Police Department announced on Monday. The boy, who is originally from Yamaguchi Prefecture and is enrolled in a correspondence high school course there, took a leave of absence from school in 2009 and traveled to Tokyo. He began a prostitution brokering business based on information he gained from sex industry magazines, and is believed to have made some 10 million yen in sales in about a year, police say.
Apr 27Battered Briton survives aikido ordeal (Japan Times)
At the end of February, a group of international students graduated from the Tokyo-based Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo, one of the most intensive martial arts training centers in the world. Yoshinkan (meaning "hall for cultivating the spirit") is a style of aikido founded by Gozo Shioda after World War II. Made famous by the controversial book "Angry White Pyjamas" by Robert Twigger, the Senshusei Aikido training course was initially started at the dojo in 1957 to train members of the Tokyo riot police. In 1991 the 11-month program opened its doors to applicants outside the police force, and since then the course has attracted recruits from all over world.
Apr 27Sakamoto, the man and the myth (Japan Times)
Even though he was assassinated more than 140 years ago, the name of Sakamoto Ryoma continues to pop up today, most recently as an inspiration behind the NHK drama "Ryoma-den" and as the historical figure favored by lawmakers of all ideological stripes. But the craze over the Edo Period figure surged last month when Japan Mint announced that Sakamoto's likeness would appear on commemorative \1,000 coins to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Local Autonomy Law. Each coin will be sold for \6,000 but are expected to trade for much more as fans try to get ahold of the limited edition collectibles.
Apr 27Security cameras to be put in all Tokyo Metro stations(Yomiuri)
Tokyo Metro Co. will place cutting-edge security cameras in all subway stations within the current fiscal year to be used to solve disputes between passengers, monitor violence against station staff and better direct people during rush hour. The new system will enable employees to see images from every station simultaneously from one location. The cameras are also intended to be used for counterterrorism.
Apr 26Princess Kiko's grandmother dies at 94 (AP)
Princess Kiko's grandmother Sakaeko Sugimoto died of kidney failure at a hospital early Sunday, the Imperial Household Agency said Monday. She was 94. With the death of her maternal grandmother, Princess Kiko entered a mourning period of 30 days on Sunday and will refrain from taking part in official duties for the time being, it said. Sugimoto's funeral will be held in private.
Apr 2673-year-old woman runs 250-km race (Yomiuri)
A 73-year-old woman of Niiza, Saitama Prefecture, became the oldest Japanese to ever finish the 250-kilometer Marathon des Sables in the Sahara earlier this month. In finishing the ultramarathon, Noriko Iida beat her performance in the same race last year. After running the grueling race for seven days beginning on April 4, Iida is already training for her new goal of breaking the world record as the oldest woman to complete the race, now held by a Frenchwoman who was 75 when she ran the race.
Apr 25Man arrested over murder after woman found with knife in chest(Mainichi)
Police have arrested a man on suspicion of fatally stabbing a woman who was found dead here Friday with a kitchen knife stuck in her chest. Shuji Koyama, 28, from Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of murdering Rika Kanazawa, 29, a hotel worker also from Hitachi. At around 11:15 p.m. on Friday, rescue workers received an emergency call from a woman reporting that someone had collapsed outside an apartment complex in Hitachi. Officers found the woman lying in a passageway on the premises with a kitchen knife stuck in her chest.
Apr 25Police to abandon murder case against ex-hostess following mysterious death (Mainichi)
Police will not form a criminal case against a former hostess over the death of a man under mysterious circumstances last year, sources close to the investigation said. Tottori Prefectural Police are set to disband a task force that has been investigating the death of Kazumi Taguchi, 58, an unemployed resident of Tottori, as Taguchi's exact cause of death cannot be determined.
Apr 25Captain whose ship sank by Japanese boat launches new vessel(focustaiwan.tw)
The captain of a recreational fishing boat that sank after a collision with a Japanese patrol boat two years ago launched a new vessel Saturday that was partly paid for by the compensation he received from Japan. On June 10, 2008, Ho's vessel, the Lienho, sank after it was rammed by a Japanese vessel near the disputed Tiaoyutai islands, which are claimed by Taiwan, China and Japan. The 13 recreational fishermen and three crew members on board were rescued as the ship begin to sink, and they were later released, but Ho was held in detention.
By J.S. on May 6, 2010

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