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Japan Pavilion opens, offers views to sustainable society

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May 1, 2010 by AP

Japan's national policy minister, speaking at the opening of the Japan Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, said Saturday Japan will cooperate with other countries in building "rich, sustainable life and society" by employing its cutting-edge technology. Visitors to the Japan Pavilion said they were impressed by exhibits featuring Japan's latest environmental and robot technologies. A pavilion staffer said even at 10 a.m. visitors were already looking at a two-hour wait. The pavilion lets about 500 visitors in every 20 minutes. (AP)

1,500 health food, cosmetic items found in apartment of arrested shoplifter
May 1, 2010 by Mainichi

Police have confiscated around 1,500 health food and cosmetic articles from the apartment of a man arrested for shoplifting, it has been learned. When police searched the man's home, they found the horde of items. Jellies and other diet foods, women's cosmetics and other items were laid out on the floor in plastic shopping bags. The items required 20 cardboard boxes to be transported away. (Mainichi)

China envoy blames Japan for naval fly-by
Apr 29, 2010 by AFP

Beijing's new ambassador to Tokyo on Tuesday rejected a protest over Chinese military helicopters twice making fly-bys close to Japanese naval destroyers, blaming Japan for the row. The Chinese envoy, Cheng Yonghua, also warned that the US-Japanese security alliance under which the United States operates dozens of bases in Japan, should not target China, saying that "the Cold War structure is over". The helicopter fly-bys took place near Japan's Okinawa island this month when Japanese naval ships spotted and followed the largest Chinese flotilla of warships so far to sail between Japanese islands. (AFP)

Sea Shepherd chief targeted for arrest by Japan Coast Guard
Apr 29, 2010 by AP

The Japan Coast Guard has obtained an arrest warrant for the head of the antiwhaling Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for allegedly ordering members of the group to obstruct operations by Japan's whaling fleet, investigative sources said Friday. The Tokyo Coast Guard Office obtained the arrest warrant for Paul Watson, founder and president of the antiwhaling group, on suspicion of assault and obstruction of business. (AP)

Japan's jobless rate tops 5% in FY 2009, 1st time in 6 yrs
Apr 29, 2010 by Mainichi

Japan's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 5.2 percent in fiscal 2009, deteriorating for the second straight year and topping the 5 percent mark for the first time in six years as the global economic downturn put pressure on payrolls, government data showed Friday. Analysts say there is a source of concern in the gap between male and female unemployment rates, and that the gap is a sign of sectoral differences. The rate for women improved 0.1 point from February to 4.3 percent with the healthcare and social welfare industry employing 6.5 million people, up 510,000 compared with the same period a year before. (Mainichi)

Japan's housewives helping to drive deflation?
Apr 30, 2010 by CNN

Social network Web sites have changed the way we communicate and ingest media. Now Japan's policymakers are feeling the force of social networking on the country's consumer prices. Seventy thousand penny pinching housewives are members of Mainichi Tokubai, a user-driven site that delivers Tokyo's best grocery store prices to your fingertips. No more flipping through hundreds of regional ads for the sales -- that's "so last year," says Satomi Sato. Every morning, she wakes up at the crack of dawn and scours just a couple of supermarket flyers in her paper. (CNN)

By J.S. on May 5, 2010


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