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Kyoto: Temple gardens unique, enchanting

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Apr 04 Warming to Ryukyu culture (Japan Times)
  The air is stifling in the cement interior of the Ishikawa Dome, despite the sides being open to the weather. I shift my limbs, in danger of losing circulation on the unforgiving benches, while my right arm furiously works my paper program as a fan in a desperate effort to gain respite from the Okinawan humidity.
Apr 03 Kyoto: Temple gardens unique, enchanting (Asahi)
  Of course Kyoto has its share of Buddhist statues and religious architecture, but what really sets the city apart are its magnificent temple gardens. For centuries these enchanting creations have lured millions of visitors and influenced the work of landscape gardeners.
Apr 02 Roppongi breakfast, high tea in the Ginza (Japan Times)
  Breakfast and afternoon tea: Two meals that rarely get discussed in this column. It's not a question of bias. It's just there are very few places in town that get them right. n the case of breakfast, Tokyo really doesn't seem to bother. If you're not inside one of the larger hotels, you can forget about getting anything more substantial than coffee and a danish. Unless you're close to Roppongi Hills, that is, and the welcoming early morning glow emanating from Lauderdale.
Apr 02 Stay for weeks or months in Niseko ()
  Hilton Niseko Village is offering a Hilton Long Stay Package accommodation plan from April 1 through Nov. 30. The package starts from 100,000 yen per week and from 400,000 yen per month, per person, at double occupancy, and includes a number of benefits to make the stay comfortable.
Apr 02 Pancakes, scrambled eggs and more, bills brings a taste of Sydney to Yokohama ()
  One of the Food File's all-time favorite settings for breakfast in Japan � lunch and dinner, too � has to be bills , Aussie chef Bill Granger's stylish beachfront cafe/restaurant on the Kamakura coast. The good news is that there's now a second branch, and it's a lot more convenient if you're living or working in Yokohama, or just visiting for the day. Once again, he has a prime waterfront location, this time in the atmospheric, century-old Red Brick Warehouses.
Apr 02 Quake unites people to rebuild church, save sake brewers (Japan Times)
  An earthquake can unite people both spiritually and with spirits. Pastor Megumi Uchijo says a prayer for victims of earthquakes around the world in her church that was built with donations from Japanese and people abroad after it was destroyed by a powerful quake three years ago.
Apr 02 Patrons relax all through the night at Edo-themed spa (Asahi)
  The Ryogoku district in Tokyo's Sumida Ward, home to Kokugikan sumo stadium and sumo stables, is not only about Japan's traditional sport. At 3 a.m., an eatery at Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu, a large scale spa, is quiet. Only the noise of customers slurping soba noodles can be heard. Behind the lattice screen, a couple are relaxing, drinking sake after taking a bath.
Apr 02 Red rice just the thing for festive meals (Asahi)
  SEKIHAN, literally red rice, is glutinous rice that takes on a reddish hue from adzuki beans. It is a fixture on festive occasions, such as the beginning of school or the first day of a new job, events which usually occur in spring. Cooking expert Nobuko Doi says her family customarily made it on the first and the 15th of every month as a way to pray for good health and happiness.
Apr 02 Fresh charges sought for Sea Shepherd activist (Asahi)
 The Japan Coast Guard recommended Thursday that prosecutors file additional criminal charges against a New Zealand activist suspected of disrupting Japanese whaling activities in the Antarctic Ocean in February. Peter Bethune, 44, will likely be indicted on new charges of causing injury, forcible obstruction of business and violating the swords and firearms control law, officials said.
Apr 02 Tokyo anime fair about more than just anime (Yomiuri)
 Put on your glasses, and you'll see better. Turn on your glasses, and you won't believe your eyes. At the Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) 2010, held March 25-28 at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center in Koto Ward, 3-D effects were popping up all over the place. Some effects were simply good, and others were mind-blowing.
Apr 01 Rice paddies lure snipes, lapwings, but watch out for Dorotabo (Yomiuri)
 Today is the 17th day of the 2nd month in the Asian lunar reckoning, and for many Tokyoites tonight will be a chance to get an early start on the weekend's hanami flower viewing parties. If you can still see straight at that time, look for Selene in her big waning gibbous garb climbing up through the eastern tree branches after nine tonight. Out in the rice paddy countryside, April is a good season to do some exploring by bicycle. The farmers are just starting to prepare the paddies for planting. Japanese farmers do not sow rice seeds directly into the paddies. They instead use special mats to grow the seedlings, which when ready are then transplanted into the paddies.
Mar 31 Hot soaks and spooky stories await visitors to rugged, enchanting Tokushima (Mainichi)
  Japan is a dangerous country -- in terms of nature, that is. Not only is it battered in late summer by a succession of typhoons, the words "seismically active" are too bland a descriptor for the volcanoes that pepper the archipelago and the tremors that regularly shake the earth underfoot, not to mention the tsunami that can accompany them. However, come to a place like Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku, and you can also see some of the benefits of spending time on this lively outpost on the Ring of Fire -- soothing hot springs welling up from the volcanic depths, and mountainscapes that both delight the eye and serve as the incubator and protector of rural Tokushima culture.
Mar 31 Net chatting hurts online citizen-journalism (Asahi)
  They emerged in the last decade as a means to fill a gap between coverage by the mainstream media and the needs of Internet-age readers. And with provocative headlines like "The dark side of research whaling the mainstream media will never report on," they appeared to have an unrivaled grip on readers' attention and the interest of advertisers.
Mar 31 Japanese man faces execution in China (Japan Times)
 Beijing has notified Tokyo of the imminent execution of a Japanese man sentenced to death for smuggling drugs, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qing Gang said Tuesday. It will be China's first execution of a Japanese national since the two nations normalized diplomatic relations in 1972.
Mar 31 Full body scanner to be tested at Narita Airport (Yomiuri)
 The transport ministry likely will test full body scanning on passengers at Narita Airport, probably in July, to prevent explosives that can pass metal detectors undetected from being brought onto planes. The experimental use of the scanners, which can "see" through the clothing of passengers, will last about one month, Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister Seiji Maehara said at a press conference on Tuesday.
By J.S. on Apr 8, 2010

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