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Dubai bans cooking with alcohol

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Dubai bans cooking with alcohol
Mar 21, 2010 by National

“At a certain level of cooking it is impossible to get the same taste with such restrictions. “In Japanese food, a lot of sushi is with alcohol, ...
Food & Wine Events: East Bay and Beyond
Mar 24, 2010 by San Jose Mercury News

ITK Culinary — Classes include: Vegetarian Indian with Mona Shah, Wellness Cooking, Singles Night, Resolving Sugar Cravings and Japanese Flavors. ...

Zen and the art of vegetarian cooking
Mar 26, 2010 by Financial Times

He believed that everyday routine – including food and cooking – was an important part of Zen training. Tenzo Kyoukun (Kitchen Instructions) was the first ...

Food shoppers are hooked by a fish tale with a Japanese accent
Mar 24, 2010 by Baltimore Sun 

The cooking question was on the mind of Arianna Miceli as she listened to Emerson explain yosenabe, a Japanese method of cooking seafood and vegetables in ...

Korean Food Campaign Launched in Three Australian Cities
Mar 25, 2010 by Korea Times

There are currently 24000 Japanese restaurants worldwide. Korea has around 10000. Some major food festival events are set to take place, like the Korea Food ...

McDonalds Plans to Use Nintendo Handhelds to Train Employees
Mar 23, 2010 by Go Fanboy

Millions of Nintendo DS owners are familiar with popular food-preparation games like Majesco's Cooking Mama, but now a new deal between corporate Japanese ...

Japanese joinings
Mar 28, 2010 by Malaysia Star

(Crisp white wines go well with tempura.)

Almost 500 years on and the world still can't get enough of this lightly-battered, deep-fried food. Ever so delicate, tempura is the result of cooking by ...

Touched by a Chef: A Thai Slow Food Movement
Mar 25, 2010 by Atlantic Online
"Cooking is changing, farming is changing, food is processed." In between attending culinary school, working internships at hotels, and starting an ice ...

Looking for real Chinese food in Chicago?
Mar 25, 2010 by Chicago Tribune

No chicken feet this time, but there are heads-on prawns, Japanese enoki mushrooms, thick black ribbons of seaweed noodles and much more. ...

Japanese Government Tries to Combat Fish Fatigue
Mar 22, 2010 by AOL News
A fish dealer cuts tuna at his stall at a Tokyo fish market on March 19, 2010.
(A fish dealer cuts tuna at a Tokyo market Friday. Household spending on fish has

plunged 23 percent in the past 10 years, according to a Japanese government report.)
For many Japanese parents, cooking just isn't a priority, as 70 percent of Japanese housewives in their 30s do not cook fish, the report said. ...

By J.S. on Mar 29, 2010



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