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Tiger coming back to Augusta

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Taking up herewith Tiger Wood's News by Media.
And I, myself, welcome his coming back.
I remember the day of his pro-debut.
At that time, he said "Hello World", very impressive wording for me.

Tiger Woods' choice to come back at Masters in Augusta is latest shot at women
Mar 17, 2010 by New York Daily News

Tiger Woods
' choice of clubs includes his trustiest irony. Woods has decided to launch his comeback at Augusta National - home of storied, institutionalized ...
Stricker: Tiger return may hurt tourney
Mar 13, 2010 by ESPN

I don't know if Augusta would like that to happen, you know? To turn it into Tiger's comeback instead of the Masters Tournament itself. ...

Stricker warns Woods over Masters
Mar 14, 2010 by Independent

"I don't know if Augusta would like that to happen, you know? To turn it into 'Tiger's Comeback Tournament' instead of the Masters tournament, itself. ...

Els turns back the clock
Mar 14, 2010 by Yahoo! Sports

Finchem stressed the notion that Tiger's comeback will be such a ridiculous media circus, his people should and will have the “courtesy” of letting the PGA ...

Tiger Woods: Return To Golf, Fixing Marriage, Spot On South Park
Mar 17, 2010 by Thaindian.com

The CBS Television chief Sean McManus predicts that Tiger's comeback to golf would attract as many or more viewers than OBama's inauguration, ...

John Rash: Tiger's comeback
Mar 16, 2010 by Minneapolis Star Tribune

But nothing will burn brighter than the TV lights and media heat when Tiger Woods returns to the PGA Tour and plays in the Masters in April. ...

The Chat House with Michael Wilbon: Tiger Woods at the Masters return, NCAA ...
Mar 16, 2010 by Washington Post

good at sitting in for Tony and for me, but I have about as much influence in that department as ESPN had in Tiger choosing Augusta for his comeback. ...

Monday Backspin: Putting changes help Els; mailbag
Mar 15, 2010 by PGA Tour

But I agree with Steve Stricker in that Woods needs to come back before the Masters. Yes, Augusta National is a tightly controlled event, but a) you'd think ...

On Tiger, Chris Mason, Mizzou Hoops, Paul Stastny
Mar 17, 2010 by St. Louis Post-Dispatch

And since the gentlemen of Augusta exert such tight control of the event, the circus aspect of a Woods comeback will be held to a minimum. ...

British writers tee off on Tiger
Mar 17, 2010 by Denver Post

Tiger Woods
is ready for his comeback, but some are wondering if it's too soon after his public apology. (AP | Eric Gay) While fellow ...

By J.S. on Mar 18, 2010

tag : Tiger coming back



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