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Yoko Ono: Back to where she once belonged

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Yoko Ono: Back to where she once belonged
Mar 7, 2010 by Times Online

Yoko Ono is forever associated with the Beatles, yet her aristocratic family life in imperial Japan, long before she met John Lennon, was equally intriguing. For the first time, she opens up the Ono family album. Yoko explains that she came from exalted, upper-class stock to whom the Beatles were irrelevant. Both her socialite, feminist mother and banker father were scions of families with high-level imperial, political, industrial and financial connections. The family's money had been made several generations earlier by her great-grandfather Zenjiro Yasuda: this would intrigue Lennon when they returned to Japan in the 1970s. (Times Online)
$10 visa charge by U.S. irks Japan
Mar 7, 2010 by Japan Times

Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki expressed concern Friday over Washington's new policy of charging travelers to the U.S. $10 if they don't have a visa, saying it runs counter to bilateral exchanges. Asked about the travel promotion act that President Barack Obama signed into law Thursday, Fujisaki told a news conference: "Such a measure is not desirable. Regardless of the amount of the fee, it will not contribute to exchanges" between Japan and the United States. (Japan Times)
Australian police search anti-whaling ships for Japan
Mar 6, 2010 by AFP

Australian police searched two anti-whaling ships at the request of Japanese authorities on Saturday, seizing log books and videos, after activists called a halt to their turbulent harassment campaign. Police boarded the Sea Shepherd group's Steve Irwin and Bob Barker ships as they were greeted by well-wishers in Tasmania, but refused to reveal the reasons for the search warrant. "As a result of a formal referral from Japanese authorities, the Australian Federal Police can confirm it conducted a search warrant in boarding the Steve Irwin this morning," a police spokesman told AFP. (AFP)

Toyota fiasco a wake-up call for Japan's companies
Mar 5, 2010 by AP

Toyota's poor handling of its massive global recalls has highlighted a glaring weakness in Japan's otherwise sophisticated corporate culture: crisis management know-how. Major companies have detailed plans for dealing with killer earthquakes or terrorist attacks but are largely unprepared to deal with disasters of their own making like product flaws that could lead to injuries or even death. Toyota, a brand-name once synonymous with quality, has come under fire for being slow and indecisive in responding to the safety problems that ultimately led to recalls of 8.5 million vehicles worldwide. The puzzle is why Japanese companies that confidently stride the global corporate stage could set themselves up to fail on this crucial score. (AP)
Princess Aiko unable to go to school after boys treated her harshly
Mar 5, 2010 by AP

Princess Aiko, the only child of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, has been reluctant to attend school since Monday after being "treated harshly" by boys in her grade, an official of the Imperial Household Agency said Friday. The 8-year-old princess has been complaining of strong anxiety and stomachache, said Issei Nomura, the top aide to the crown prince and princess. Nomura, grand master of the crown prince's household, told a regular news conference that the princess attended school Tuesday but left school early. She has since been absent from school. (AP)
4 found dead after house fire in Gunma Pref., two shot in chests
Mar 5, 2010 by AP

Four people were found dead following a house fire in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, Friday morning, two of whom sustained gun shot wounds to their chests, police said. One of the four was identified as Saori Fujiu, 24, while the other three are believed to be her parents, both 53, and her 26-year-old brother, according to the police. Saori Fujiu and a man, who was found dead on the second floor, had gunshot wounds, the police said. (AP)

By J.S. on Mar 9, 2010



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