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News on Japan / 18 hurt as plane hit by turbulence: Japan police

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Pick up herewith News Topics on Japan be Media.
It's a regretable matter regarding "18 hurt as plane hit by turbulence: Japan police".
And it's a good news titled "Japanese actress Terajima wins best actress award at Berlin film festival" for us Japanese.
18 hurt as plane hit by turbulence: Japan police
Feb 21, 2010 by AFP

Eighteen people were injured, with one breaking a leg, when a passenger plane hit turbulence en route from Washington to Tokyo, Japanese police said Saturday. The United Airlines Boeing 747-400 was carrying 245 passengers and crew when it hit turbulence over Alaska, seven hours from Tokyo's Narita airport, a police officer at the airport said. Police initially said more than 20 people were hurt, but later revised that figure down to 18, including at least one person who suffered a broken leg. (AFP)

Japanese actress Terajima wins best actress award at Berlin film festival
Feb 20, 2010 by mlive.com

Japanese actress Shinobu Terajima won the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival on Saturday. She played the role of a woman named Shigeko in director Koji Wakamatsu's "Caterpillar," a film based on the 1929 short story with the same title by mystery literary icon Rampo Edogawa. Terajima became the third Japanese actress to win the best actress award at the Berlin film festival. (mlive.com)

Japan plans to ignore any ban on bluefin tuna
Feb 19, 2010 by New Yor Times

Japan will not join in any agreement to ban the international trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna under the United Nations treaty on endangered species, the country's top fisheries negotiator said. The negotiator, Masanori Miyahara, said in a telephone interview this week that Japan "would have no choice but to take a reservation" - in effect, to ignore the ban and leave its market open to continued imports - if the species was granted most-endangered species status. (New York Times)

Japan, U.S. hold working-level talks over nuclear umbrella
Feb 19, 2010 by AP

Japan and the United States held working-level talks on the so-called U.S. nuclear umbrella over Japan in Washington on Thursday to discuss extended deterrence measures, a Defense Ministry spokesman said Friday. Satoshi Maeda, press secretary for the ministry, said senior Japanese foreign and defense ministry officials were given explanations on progress in the ongoing U.S. nuclear posture review that will establish the country's nuclear deterrence policy, strategy and force posture for the next five to 10 years. (AP)

Australia threatens Japan over whaling program
Feb 18, 2010 by AP

Australia's prime minister on Friday set a November deadline for Japan to stop its research whaling program that kills hundreds of whales a year in Antarctic waters, or else face international legal action. Australia, a staunch anti-whaling nation, has long threatened international legal action. Two years ago, it sent a ship to Antarctic waters to follow the Japanese whaling fleet and collect videos and photographs it said might be used as evidence in an international forum. (AP)

Govt to urge total smoking ban in restaurants, hotels
Feb 19, 2010 by Yomiuri

The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry is set to urge all local governments to introduce a total ban on smoking in public places in principle to help prevent health hazards caused by secondhand smoke, sources said. Having judged that the mere separation of smoking areas is not adequate to protect people from secondhand smoke, the ministry is believed to be seeking a total ban in schools, hospitals, restaurants and other public places. The ban would also extend to theaters, department stores, private and public offices, stations, hotels and amusement facilities. Taxis and buses would also be included in the ban. (Yomiuri)

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