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Victim of Akihabara rampage reaches out to defendant

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Taking up herewith Japanese Social Trend News by Media.
Recent Social Trend will be read via these News.
Regarding "Japanese women set up online fan clubs idolising accused murderer", I cannot understand their feeling.
And interested in "Victim of Akihabara rampage reaches out to defendant", "Job-secure singles most active in looking for a potential spouse" and etc. 
Jan 28 Japanese women set up online fan clubs idolising accused murderer (Daily Mail)
 Japanese women have set up online fan clubs idolising the jobless student accused of murdering British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker Tatsuya Ichihashi, 30, was arrested in Osaka in November after spending more than two-and-a-half years as a fugitive. He now faces the death penalty for the rape and murder of Miss Hawker, whose body was found buried in a bath of sand on the balcony of his Tokyo apartment in March 2007. But despite the horrific nature of the allegations, Ichihashi has become a cult hero to hundreds of Japanese fans.
Jan 28 Mothers held over child porn (Yomiuri)
 Twelve people, including several mothers, have been arrested since June on suspicion they distributed photographs of their young daughters or let them meet men despite knowing the girls likely would be sexually abused. The incidents, which involved people in Tokyo and seven prefectures, including Osaka, Miyagi and Kanagawa, apparently came about due to mothers being dazzled by promises of money and pedophiles actively seeking out pornographic photographs of very young children.
Jan 28 Victim of Akihabara rampage reaches out to defendant (Japan Times)
 Until June 8, 2008, Hiroshi Yuasa led an ordinary life, one of thousands of taxi drivers who work Tokyo's streets. But just after noon on that rainy Sunday, as shoppers thronged the streets of Akihabara, he witnessed an event that changed everything. Sitting in his parked cab at the intersection of Kanda Myojin-dori and Chuo-dori, Yuasa watched in disbelief as a rental truck headed straight for a group of pedestrians. "Honestly, my first thought was: 'That's a really awful driver,' recalls the 56-year-old native of Miyazaki. "Then I realized that the truck was dodging cars and deliberately trying to hit people."
Jan 27 Flower art blooms among Japan's stressed out men (Reuters)
 Japan's traditional, female-dominated art of flower arranging is returning to its masculine roots, for an entirely modern reason: it's become a way for male employees to prune away their stress. Ikebana, or "the way of flowers," dates back more than 500 years and first blossomed among male artisans and aristocrats. Aimed at creating harmony between man and nature as well as heightening the appreciation of the rhythms of the universe, arrangements are conducted in silence using only organic elements put together in a minimalist style.
Jan 27 Fresh warrant issued for man over death of female student (AP)
 Police served a fresh arrest warrant Wednesday on a man under arrest over separate robbery cases on suspicion of stealing cash with a cash card of a female college student who was found dead last October at her burned apartment in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture. It is the first time Tatsumi Tateyama, a 48-year-old unemployed man, has been arrested in connection with the case of Yukari Ogino, 21, a Chiba University senior who was found dead with stab wounds to the neck and chest after her apartment was destroyed in what appears to have been an arson attack on Oct. 22.
Jan 27 Police concerned over exploitation of 'junior idols' (Mainichi)
 "Junior idol" collections, the euphemistic term for DVDs and photo collections featuring young children, have come under the scrutiny of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, who are looking at issuing cautions for guardians who allow their children to be exploited. The term "junior idol" is used to describe young stage or screen stars; however, it has also come to refer to underage girls who appear in male-oriented DVD or photo collections.
Jan 27 Job-secure singles most active in looking for a potential spouse (Yomiuri)
 People with a secure job are more active than those without in their efforts to search for a partner, according to a survey by a team at Tokyo University. The university's Institute of Social Science sought to shed light on changes in work and home life. Its survey found that the degree to which workers actively seek out a potential spouse--a process known as konkatsu--depends not only on their eagerness to marry, but also on whether they have a permanent work contract.
Jan 27 Akihabara gets bank of security cameras (Japan Times)
 A year and a half after a vicious attack left seven people dead in Tokyo's Akihabara district, a neighborhood association activated 16 outdoor surveillance cameras Tuesday in an effort to restore the neighborhood's reputation. "Akiba," as the district is known to its fans, is a mecca of electronic gadgets and "otaku" (geek) culture.
Jan 27 Use of doggy bags finds wide favor (Japan Times)
 Ninety percent of people in a recent survey are in favor of taking home leftover food from restaurants, the nonprofit group DoggyBag Committee said Tuesday. The Tokyo group conducted the survey of 332 people in the Tokyo, Kansai and Chubu regions between late November and early December. The people surveyed ranged from teenagers to those in their 70s.
Jan 26 Mother avoids prison for taking indecent photos of daughter (AP)
 The Sendai District Court sentenced Tuesday a 28-year-old woman to one year in prison, suspended for three years, convicting her of taking indecent pictures of her young daughter in violation of the Child Pornography Law. Judge Kenji Yoshinouchi said the woman from Iwate Prefecture "repeatedly committed an act that should be described as sexual abuse" on her then 5- or 6-year-old daughter between October 2008 and January 2009 by taking revealing photos of her at home and thus "seriously damaged her mind and body."
Jan 26 Japanese woman faces execution in Malaysia over drug charge (New Straits Times)
 A Japanese woman appeared in a Malaysian court Tuesday on charges of trafficking 3.5 kilograms of methamphetamines which will see her executed if convicted. Mariko Takeuchi, 35, was dressed in an orange prison outfit and appeared tired and nervous during the appearance at a sessions court outside the capital Kuala Lumpur. Takeuchi was detained at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on October 30. The drugs were allegedly found in a special compartment in her luggage after she arrived from Dubai.
Jan 26 Nepal arrests Japanese in possession of 10 kg of hashish (AP)
 Nepalese police have arrested a Japanese national while he was trying to travel from Kathmandu to Doha with 10 kilograms of high- quality hashish, a police official said Tuesday. Kenji Watanabe, 24, was arrested at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu on Monday after police found the illegal substance under a false bottom in his suitcase, said Senior Police Superintendent Devendra Subedi, head of the Drug Control and Law Enforcement Unit of Nepal Police.
Jan 26 Life sentence upheld for man who killed 5 kin (AP)
 The Nagoya High Court on Tuesday upheld a lower court ruling that sentenced a man to life in prison for killing five members of his family and injuring one other in Gifu Prefecture in 2005. While considering the five deaths "grave," Presiding Judge Toshio Katayama turned down prosecutors' demand that Taira Hara, 62, be sentenced to death. "It was a crime committed within the family, caused by his mother who had repeated abnormal bullying of his wife. It could have been a factor driving the defendant into a corner," the judge ruled.
Jan 26 S. Koreans arrested for illegal entry using false fingerprints (AP)
 Police arrested two South Korean women Monday on suspicion of illegally entering Japan by evading the biometric identification system by using tapes containing other peoples' fingerprints. The cases came to light after both women received deportation orders in January 2008 for overstaying their visas while working as nightclub hostesses in Kanagawa Prefecture, and had their fingerprints taken by the immigration bureau.
Jan 26 Seeking retrial for executed inmate part of anti-death penalty struggle (AP)
 An ongoing effort to seek a retrial for an executed death row inmate is also part of a struggle to abolish the death penalty in Japan, a lawyer involved in the retrial petition said Monday. "It is likely that innocent people will be mistakenly killed by the state as long as capital punishment is maintained," the lawyer, Yasuyuki Tokuda, told a citizens meeting in Tokyo. "I want to appeal for the termination of the death penalty while working on the petition for a retrial."
Jan 26 Judges fill the gaps in Japan's family law (Japan Times)
 Last year was an important one for child custody issues in Japan, with growing international pressure on Japan to sign the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, and the dramatic arrest of Christopher Savoie in September for supposedly "kidnapping" his own kids in Fukuoka. The Japanese Civil is silent on post-divorce child support, visitation and alimony (as distinct from division of marital property). Such relief as is awarded in these areas has effectively been manufactured by the courts according to their own unofficial rules and standards.
Jan 25 Mother of ex-Morning Musume member plunges to death from apartment building (Mainichi)
 The mother of former Morning Musume member Maki Goto has died, apparently after plunging from a window of her apartment in Tokyo's Edogawa Ward, police said. Police said Goto's elder sister found Tokiko Goto collapsed on a road in front of her home at about 10:55 p.m. on Saturday, and phoned for an ambulance. The 55-year-old was taken to a hospital but she had suffered severe head injuries and she was soon confirmed dead.
Jan 25 Driver arrested on suspicion of dragging victim 23 km in hit-and-run (Mainichi)
 A driver suspected of hitting an 80-year-old man and dragging him for about 23 kilometers, resulting in his death, has been arrested, law enforcers said. Hideki Matsumoto, 47, of Tsukigata, Hokkaido, was arrested on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Law and of negligent driving resulting in death. Killed in the accident was 80-year-old Kiyoshi Asakura, a resident of Bibai, Hokkaido. Matsumoto is accused of running over Asakura in Bibai at about 6:15 p.m. on Jan. 2, when Asakura lay collapsed on the road, and dragging him to the town of Naie about 23 kilometers away, resulting in his death.
Jan 25 Ex-actor Oshio indicted for negligence resulting in woman's death (AP)
 Prosecutors indicted former actor and singer Manabu Oshio on Monday on charges of failing to act appropriately to save the life of a woman who died after he gave her the synthetic drug MDMA. The upcoming trial of Oshio, 31, over the death of Kaori Tanaka, a 30- year-old bar employee, will be handled by citizen judges along with professional ones.
By J.S. on Jan 28, 2010



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