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No. of foreign tourists visiting Japan plunges 18.7% in 2009

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Taking up herewith National Trend News in Japan by Media.
Recent Japanese Trens will be read via these News.
Interested in "Japan's debt rating could be cut", "Asashoryu warned over conduct", "No. of foreign tourists visiting Japan plunges 18.7% in 2009" and etc.
Japan's debt rating could be cut
Jan 26, 2010 by CNN

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor's raised the prospect of a downgrade in Japan's sovereign debt rating Tuesday. The agency said it is concerned about large deficits and a sluggish growth outlook for what has been the world's No. 2 economy. S&P lowered its outlook on Japan's debt to negative from stable. The reduced outlook signals the risk of an actual downgrade in its debt in the future. S&P's rating on Japan's debt is AA, one step below its best possible rating. (CNN)

Japan registers 25% emissions cut goal under Copenhagen Accord
Jan 26, 2010 by AP

Japan on Tuesday registered with the United Nations its goal of slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent from 1990 levels by 2020 on the condition that all major emitters commit to ambitious targets. Tokyo notified the secretariat of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change of its target under the Copenhagen Accord, which was agreed upon during the U.N. climate summit last month in the Danish capital, ahead of the end-of-January deadline. (AP)

Suicides in Japan above 30,000 for 12th year in 2009
Jan 26, 2010 by AP

The number of suicides in Japan increased again in 2009, staying above 30,000 for the 12th straight year, the National Police Agency said Tuesday in a preliminary report. The tally totaled 32,753 in the reporting year, the fifth largest on record and up 504 from 2008 when it fell by 844 from the year before. It has remained over 30,000 since 1998. Men accounted for 23,406 of the total and women 9,347. (AP)

S. Koreans arrested for illegal entry using false fingerprints
Jan 25, 2010 by AP

Police arrested two South Korean women Monday on suspicion of illegally entering Japan by evading the biometric identification system by using tapes containing other peoples' fingerprints. The cases came to light after both women received deportation orders in January 2008 for overstaying their visas while working as nightclub hostesses in Kanagawa Prefecture, and had their fingerprints taken by the immigration bureau. (AP)

Asashoryu warned over conduct
Jan 26, 2010 by Japan Times

Yokozuna Asashoryu, who was reported to have punched an associate in a drunken tirade during a recent night out, was strictly reprimanded on Monday, one day after celebrating his 25th Emperor's Cup victory at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament. The 29-year-old Asashoryu admitted to drunken conduct, which allegedly took place in downtown Nishiazabu after midnight on the sixth day of the New Year meet, after he was summoned along with his stablemaster Takasago by Japan Sumo Association chairman Musashigawa. (Japan Times)

No. of foreign tourists visiting Japan plunges 18.7% in 2009
Jan 24, 2010 by AP

The number of foreign tourists who visited Japan in 2009 plunged 18.7 percent from the previous year to 6.79 million, the first fall in six years, due to the global recession and the spread of the H1N1 strain of influenza in Asia, the Japan National Tourism Organization said Monday. It was the first double-digit decline since 1986 when the yen spiked against the dollar after five major industrial nations agreed in 1985 to let the U.S. currency depreciate in the so-called Plaza Accord to reduce U.S. trade deficits. (AP)

By J.S. on Jan 27, 2010



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