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Photos from the new Cyros Sushi and Sake Bar

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Taking up herewith Recent News by Media regarding Japanese Sake.
When we are enjoying Japanese Cuisine / Japanese Food, in a sense, Sake is indispensable for Japanese Food.
I, myself, ejjoy shochu (焼酎 / a clear distilled liquor) at dinner time.
Interested in "A Taste of Japan at Yuzu Sushi", "Plum Pink Rice Wine Is A Sweet Romantic Treat" and etc.
Japan says US ties firm, not leaning to China
Jan 13, 2010 by Reuters
Japan's Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada speaks during an interview with Reuters at the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo January 14, 2010. REUTERS/Issei Kato

... is that the United States has the responsibility to protect Japan while Japan hosts the (US) bases, including for the sake of the Asia-Pacific region, ...

A Taste of Japan at Yuzu Sushi
Jan 13, 2010 by Wall Street Journal

One of the most popular lunch items among the Japanese crowd is katsu curry, a Japanese-style curry with a fried cutlet of free-range chicken for $11.50. Also popular is kaisen hitsumabushi, rice mixed with six kinds of fish including tuna and salmon, in a hot stone bowl, for $21.
Mr. Arima says he "doesn't particularly cater to the Japanese," but he does fly in some fish from Japan and offers a broad selection of 15 to 20 kinds of sake. Sometimes, he offers a deluxe sushi combination for $21 with choice slices of fish.  ...

Plum Pink Rice Wine Is A Sweet Romantic Treat
Jan 18, 2010 by Inventorspot

"Plum Pink" sake, a pleasingly pink sake (rice wine) from Japanese distiller Nakano Shuzo is now shipping, just in time for Valentine's Day. ...

The right way to Raku
Jan 18, 2010 by Las Vegas Weekly
Chef Endo's mysterious corn potato

Once inside, order some sake or treat yourself to a sake flight. If you are a noob, don't commit to a large-format bottle. This is your chance to taste ...

Japan: For $5.50, your own geisha tea ceremony
Jan 12, 2010 by Christian Science Monitor
Maiko (apprentice geisha) perform at the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts.

Maiko (apprentice geisha) and geisha in elaborate kimono perform traditional dance, sing a song, and serve sake at a place called ochaya, or a tea house, ...

AV Rajwade: US-China flashpoints
Jan 17, 2010 by Business Standard

The Chinese leadership believes that 8 per cent growth is necessary for the sake of social stability; they value a harmonious society above anything else. ...

Photos from the new Cyros Sushi and Sake Bar
Jan 13, 2010 by Creative Loafing
img_4095 img_4097 img_4099
img_4100 img_4102 img_4104
img_4105 img_4106 img_4108
img_4109 img_4111

Cyros Sushi & Sake Bar
6601 Morrison Blvd, Suite D
South Park, Charlotte, NC 28211

Cyros Sushi and Sake Bar, named after owners Cy Santos and Rogelio (Ro) Lawsin, brings great sushi and Japanese fare to the South Park area. ...

Reminder: Spike TV debuts "Best of PRIDE" series tonight at 10 pm ET/PT
Jan 15, 2010 by MMAjunkie.com

For the sake of those who follow the rules, offenders will be banned from the site with little or no warning. Yuki Kondo's head into the canvass in this ...

Passing the torch: The gadget world's balance of power has shifted from Japan ...
Jan 13, 2010 by San Francisco Chronicle

It's not just tech for the sake of tech -- it's thoughtful, it's beautifully designed, and it's rooted in real understanding of what the consumer wants. ...

Hyperinflation or Deflation: Which Will Win?
Jan 12, 2010 by Seeking Alpha

There are many other reasons and stats they show as to why inflation is only getting started here, but for sake of space, I will assume the you have a basic ...
By J.S. on Jan 20, 2010



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