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Conductor Ozawa to undergo cancer treatment

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Taking up herewith Japanese Social Trend News by Media.
Recent Social Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Interested in "The King is dead: young Japanese fans shun comic image of Elvis Presley", "Damaged antiwhaling stealth vessel sinks off Antarctica", "Conductor Ozawa to undergo cancer treatment" and etc. 

Jan 11 Japanese women find love in Bali (Jakarta Post)
 Single Japanese women are spoiled for choice when it comes to spending leisure time in Bali. Some enjoy the beaches, while others prefer the nightclubs around Kuta. While on vacation here, many Japanese women date local men, mostly tour guides. For some it's just a holiday fling, but others expect to build a serious relationship. While the women mostly enter the relationship because of attraction, he says, most of the men are in it for the money.
Jan 11 Japan tech needs M&A but patent war more likely (Reuters)
 Japanese schoolchildren often hold hanseikai, or 'reflection talks', to discuss what they did wrong during a play or a sports meet. There's a lot of that kind of introspection going on among Japanese tech executives at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, where the dominance of Sony Corp and Panasonic Corp seems to be a thing of the past, usurped by South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and LG Electronics Inc
Jan 11 Book gives cyclists tours of Tokyo (Yomiuri)
 Hoping to help a booming number of cycling fans find added enjoyment in their rides in central Tokyo, two editors have recently published a book to give cyclists an architectural history of the sites encountered on their pedalings through town. The architecture in the guidebook focuses on structures built from the Meiji era (1868-1912) to the present in Chiyoda, Setagaya, Taito and other wards.
Jan 11 Emperor, empress watch 1st day of New Year sumo tournament (AP)
 Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko on Sunday watched the opening day bouts of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo for the first time in three years, the Imperial Household Agency said. The emperor and empress had watched the opening day bouts of the New Year tournament at the invitation of the Japan Sumo Association, but the association did not extend invitations to the imperial couple in the previous two years, according to the agency.
Jan 11 Court rules against Japan collaborators' descendents (Korea Herald)
 An appellate court has ruled against the descendents of pro-Japanese collaborators in lawsuits they filed to reclaim property confiscated by the government, court officials said yesterday. The Seoul High Court upheld a lower-court's dismissal of claims by the offspring of Min Byeong-seok and Lee Geon-choon, both of whom served as senior advisors to the Japanese during colonial rule (1910-45).
Jan 10 The King is dead: young Japanese fans shun comic image of Elvis Presley (Times Online)
 Few would dare question the passion of Japanese fans: what other nation would craft a 10ft solid chocolate statue of David Beckham to welcome him to Tokyo? But when it comes to Japan and Elvis Presley, the King really is dead. If history were any guide, the days surrounding the 75th anniversary of the singer's birth should have been a non-stop celebration for Japanese Elvis fans. They used to rank among his most ardent in the world. Their numbers include no less a figure than the former Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, who veered off from summit talks with George W. Bush to visit Graceland.
Jan 10 Man visits world of funny names (Yomiuri)
 What's in a name? For one man, there's plenty to smile about--and write a book on--in his visits to more than 100 places in Japan and around the world that have unusual names. The book by Yoshimoto Ankyo, 36, of Iruma, Saitama Prefecture, highlights an array of names that to a Japanese ear might induce giggles--including Eromanga (erotic comic book), Mar de Ajo ("marude aho," just like a fool), Okashinai (not funny), Hanage (nose hair) and Nanjai (what's this all about?).
Jan 09 Homeless ex-con steals 100-yen cup of noodles in bid to get sent back to prison (Mainichi)
 A man recently released from prison stole a single cup of instant noodles and turned himself in here Friday in an apparent attempt to return to jail, police said. The 41-year-old suspect apparently stole the cup of noodles -- worth 100 yen -- and ate them at a tatami maker's workshop in Kashihara on Tuesday, and took a taxi to a police station on Friday, asking to be arrested.
Jan 09 Japanese cemetery in London restored to its former glory (Japan Times)
 Japanese expats in London have finished restoring a cemetery containing the remains of their compatriots, many of whom could not be returned to their mother country due to war or economic circumstances. Members of the Japanese Residents' Association have spent the last few years repairing the once dilapidated burial ground, which is contained within a larger cemetery in Hendon, north London. The Japanese plot is thought to contain at least 31 urns of ashes.
Jan 09 You know you've been in Japan way too long when ... (Japan Times)
 We've all heard the 'You know you've been in Japan too long when...' jokes followed by a list of tired expressions, such as "when you start bowing while you're on the phone." Ha-ha-ha. It was probably funny the first 100 times you heard it but can't someone come up with something new?! Yes. Here's an updated list. This is not a list of ways to know you've been in Japan too long, but ways to know when you've been here waaaaaay too long. Some foreigners will feel that even a year is way too long, but others, such as 'lifers', may feel way too long is a little longer. Or a lot longer. You decide.
Jan 09 Woman takes control of bus after driver falls unconscious on expressway (Mainichi)
 A bus passenger prevented a potential traffic disaster on an expressway here Friday when she took the wheel from the driver, who had suddenly lost consciousness. According to police, the 33-year-old passenger was sitting in the second row of the hotel microbus travelling on the Matsuyama Expressway when the driver, 64, suddenly slumped against the wheel, causing the vehicle to repeatedly bump against the left curb.
Jan 09 Police pursue leads in Little Tokyo hotel manager's slaying (Los Angeles Times)
 Japanese tourist Kazuki Okabe arrived in Los Angeles this week hoping to go sightseeing and backpacking in Southern California. Instead, he said he stumbled onto the bleeding body of a Little Tokyo hotel manager Tuesday morning in what was to become the first slaying in downtown Los Angeles in 2010. The 27-year-old tourist said the woman had been slashed from her chin to the side of her neck with a sharp instrument, but she was still conscious enough to whisper a request for him to call 911. She later died at a hospital.
Jan 08 Mosaic made of 120,000 smiling face photos set Guinness record (AP)
 A portrait of a poet from Yamaguchi Prefecture, made of 120,000 photos of smiling faces, was certified as the world's largest photo mosaic by the Guinness Book of World Records on Friday. The 31.78-meter-long, 42.82-meter-wide picture of Misuzu Kaneko, who was born in Nagato, Yamaguchi, in 1903, was created by the local chamber of commerce to promote the city.
Jan 08 Yamaguchi-gumi gangsters give gifts in the name of goodwill in Kobe (Tokyo Reporter)
 With the year winding down, the Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza group entertained 1,200 members of the Kobe community with food and gifts in an effort to convey a sense of civic goodwill, reports Shukan Shincho (Jan. 14). The Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's largest mob, boasting an estimated membership of 40,000, is generally feared by the public but its upper echelon and underlings spent the morning of December 28 preparing mochi (rice cakes) and distributing toys, candies and cash gifts to children.
Jan 08 Japanese police to arrest U.S. soldier over fatal hit-and-run (AP)
 Japanese police have decided to arrest a U.S. soldier on a hit-and-run charge as early as Friday afternoon following his indictment on the technical charge of vehicular manslaughter over a fatal accident last year in Yomitan, Okinawa Prefecture. Clyde Gunn, a 27-year-old staff sergeant at the Torii Communication Station, allegedly hit and killed Masakazu Hokama, 66, while driving a car on Nov. 7, 2009.
Jan 08 Damaged antiwhaling stealth vessel sinks off Antarctica (AP)
 Antiwhaling group the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society confirmed Friday that their stealth powerboat, the Ady Gil, sank in waters off Antarctica after it was severely damaged in a skirmish with Japanese whalers. Locky Maclean, first mate on board the group's flagship vessel, the Steve Irwin, told Kyodo News the Ady Gil was being towed by their other boat, the Bob Barker, when it sank around 4:20 a.m. Melbourne time.
Jan 08 Ageing fitness fans take over Japan's parks (guardian.co.uk)
 Not even a freezing afternoon can tempt Yusaku Hosoe to retreat to the warmth of his home. He and a dozen friends are lured to Kukizaki park by a new interest in keeping fit, their exertions punctuated by peals of laughter that echo across the deserted children's playground nearby. There are no dumbbells or treadmills at the park in Tsukuba, a university town north of Tokyo, just a few pieces of equipment specially designed to strengthen muscles and improve posture and balance.
Jan 07 Man linked to theft from murdered student admits to other robberies (Mainichi)
 A man who admitted withdrawing money from the bank account of murdered Chiba University student Yukari Ogino was served a fresh arrest warrant on Wednesday in a separate robbery case resulting in bodily injury. Chiba Prefectural Police accuse the 48-year-old, already indicted for attempted rape and robbery in a separate case, of breaking into a residence in Chiba Prefecture and stealing money from two women early in last October.
Jan 07 Conductor Ozawa to undergo cancer treatment (AP)
 Prominent Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and will cancel all of his concert engagements from January through June for medical treatment, his office said Thursday. Ozawa, 74, who became the first Japanese national to serve as music director of the Vienna State Opera in 2002, underwent a regular medical checkup late last year and was found to be suffering from esophageal cancer, the office said.
Jan 07 The 5,000-yen mistress favoring recession-hit fellas (Tokyo Reporter)
 In this era of deflation, reduced fees at fuzoku establishments, such as the 4,800 yen for entering an ime kura (image club) or a soapland's 10,000 yen "early bird" special, are tough to top. Yet Shukan Post (Jan. 14) believes it can beat that: a mistress for a mere 5,000 yen. During the babble era, the tabloid says, it was not unusual for allowances given to mistresses to be roughly 200,000 yen per encounter or 1 million yen a month. A-san, a 42-year-old sales rep working at a major manufacturing company, has discovered a much more reasonable option. For a year, he has been seeing an executive secretary, 24, who he met at a club designed for singles.
Jan 07 Taiwan hopes Japanese comics can teach prosecutors (AFP)
 Taiwan has asked its prosecutors to read a Japanese comic book dealing with compassion and tolerance in an effort to improve their work performance, an official said Wednesday. The justice ministry has distributed 2,000 copies of the Japanese manga "Love" based on the true story of how a bereaved mother reconciled with a family whose sixth-grader son killed her boy. The touching story was made into a critically acclaimed television series in Japan that was aired on the island last year.
Jan 07 48 men charged with posting obscene images, video of girl on Internet (AP)
 A total of 48 men aged 18 to 55 have been charged with circulating obscene photographs and video of a junior high school girl on the Internet in violation of the law prohibiting child prostitution and child pornography, police said Wednesday. The 48 men from 18 prefectures include teachers and firefighters. The men are suspected of using Cabos file-swapping software to publicly circulate the pornographic images and video on the Internet last year, according to the police.
Jan 07 Rare incident involving whistle causes airplane to return to Narita (AP)
 A Continental Airlines plane bound for New York returned to Narita airport Tuesday night after a crew member found what turned out be a whistle caught in an exit door with its string flying outside the plane, Japanese transport ministry officials said Wednesday. The Boeing 777 carrying 300 passengers and crew members safely arrived back at Narita shortly before 10 p.m., nearly four hours after takeoff.
Jan 06 Space-age powerboat 'sliced in two' by Japan whalers (AFP)
 A space-age powerboat sent to harass Japanese whalers was rammed and sliced in two in its very first clash on Wednesday, activists said, dramatically escalating hostilities in icy Antarctic seas. The futuristic Ady Gil trimaran, which holds the round-the-world record and was enlisted by Sea Shepherd activists for this whaling season, received "catastrophic damage" and was sinking, they said. All six crew, who earlier hurled stink bombs at the whalers to disrupt their annual hunt, were rescued unharmed by Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker ship. Activists described the attack as unprovoked and said it was captured on film.
Jan 06 Online game provokes ire of Japanese nationalists (chosun.com)
 A conservative Japanese newspaper has blasted a popular Japanese online game for labeling the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan the "Sea of Korea." The Sankei Shimbun on Tuesday wrote the labeling "reflects the online game developer's lack of understanding of international relations." The Sankei is the island country's fifth largest daily.

By J.S. on Jan 13, 2010



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