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What's Up With Umami?

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JAPANESE TREND / Japanese Cooking (65) / Japanese Cooking (67)

Taking up herewith News by Media regarding Japanese Cooking.
Recent Japanese Cooking Trend will be read via these News.
Interested in "What's Up With Umami?", "Tofu is all about the texture" and etc. 
Filipina White House cook wins 'Iron Chef'
Jan 4, 2010 by ABS CBN News

Iron Chef America is a spin-off from the hit Japanese cooking show called Iron Chef that got a small but dedicated following even in Manila. ...

Free Range on Food: Staffers solve your cooking conundrums
Jan 6, 2010 by Washington Post

especially if you are cooking for 2 or four, not an army. I still have it, but I find myself reaching most often for a plastic Japanese made mandoline. ...

What's Up With Umami?
Jan 5, 2010 by FOXNews

According to David Kasabian, co-author of “The Fifth Taste: Cooking with Umami,” the best words to describe umami are “savory, mouth-filling, brothy, meaty, satisfying and rich.” Abundantly “umami” foods include soy sauce, Parmesan, vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh corn, aged beef, mushrooms, anchovies and Worcestershire sauce. Some are great on their own, while some, like anchovies, are better enjoyed when melted into a sauce or mashed in a classic Caesar dressing. ...

Curry can be on table in no time: Recipe for ginger, tomato and shrimp curry
Jan 8, 2010 by The Canadian Press

then dredged them through a bowl of panko (Japanese-style) breadcrumbs. I then dumped them on a baking sheet, spritzed them with olive oil cooking spray ...

Tofu is all about the texture
Jan 5, 2010 by Boston Globe

One dish that uses firm tofu is a Japanese specialty in which the block is crumbled and mixed with carrot matchsticks, mushrooms, and beaten eggs. Rice Valley’s silken tofu can be made at home if you rig up a steamer. Pour hot chicken stock and soy sauce around the cubes, then top with scallions and a spoonful of hot oil. The tofu absorbs these and turns very flavorful.
When my family lived in Japan some years ago, every neighborhood had a small tofu shop, mostly multigenerational mom-and-pop operations. The smell of cooking soy beans wafted into the street. Fresh and fried tofu cakes were sold at a window, along with tofu mash or lees, a nutritious byproduct of the beans. ...

NDS Review - 'Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop'
Jan 8, 2010 by WorthPlaying.com

Another year, and another Cooking Mama game has arrived on the DS, bringing back some quirky Japanese style charm to a particular offshoot of mini-game ...

Diverse and quirky food, just like in Taiwan
Jan 8, 2010 by Crosscut

Taiwanese cooking, he said, tends to be less oily. Fewer dishes are stir-fried. Instead, they rely on deep sauces, pungent herbs and spices, ...

When protest becomes hoonery
Jan 7, 2010 by Sydney Morning Herald

In April, the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling in Canberra showed full-time working mothers spent 15 hours a week cooking and cleaning ...

With Microsoft's Project Natal and some big games on the way, 2010 holds promise
Jan 8, 2010 by Ventura County Star

There are also other activities, such as cooking in Tiana's kitchen. "Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned," for the Microsoft Xbox 360, ...

Bill Harrington to speak about summer trip at annual maritime meeting
Jan 8, 2010 by Kodiak Daily Mirror

Harrington said there are Japanese boots and cooking gear littering parts of the islands. The remains of a B-24 is on a beach in Attu. ...

A good girl's guide to feasting on culture
Jan 7, 2010 by The Phoenix

which is why continuing-education centers are branching out from their French, Italian, and Japanese cooking classes to offer tastes of Southeast Asia, ...

Filipina White House cook wins 'Iron Chef'
Jan 4, 2010 by ABS CBN News

Iron Chef America is a spin-off from the hit Japanese cooking show called Iron Chef that got a small but dedicated following even in Manila.
The show's concept basically involves pitting the country's top chefs against each other in a time-pressure cook-off challenge using a secret ingredient. 
After a frenetic hour of creating dishes that one judge described as "not of this world", the Comerford-Flay team emerged victorious. ...

Recipe: Potato gratin with caramelized onions and prosciutto
Jan 6, 2010 by Los Angeles Times
Potato gratin with caramelized onions and prosciutto

Slice the potatoes crosswise as thinly as possible (a Japanese slicer makes this very easy). 2. Put the potatoes in a 3-quart saucepan and add the milk, ...
By A.S. on Jan 9, 2010



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