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Fashion magazines with brand gifts growing in popularity in Japan

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Taking up herewith Japanese Society Trend News by Media.
Recent Sosiety News Trend will ne read via these News.
Interested in "Fashion magazines with brand gifts growing in popularity in Japan", "Japan's mistress of illusion", "Manga, anime aiding towns, cities /Local governments exploiting, cashing in on popularity of titles" and etc.

Dec 31 Japan's swaying teahouse (greenmuze.com)
 Perhaps the most famous teahouse in Japan, the Takasugi-an (translation: a tea house too high), created by architect Terunobu Fujimori, sits atop two chestnut trees, gently swaying in the breeze. The Takasugi-an teahouse in Chino, located in the Nagano Prefecture, is accessible via freestanding ladders, and offers a small space to enjoy tea with a stunning view. The teahouse was designed to feel snug "...like a piece of clothing".
Dec 30 Fashion magazines with brand gifts growing in popularity in Japan (AP)
 For 19-year-old Yurika Tauchi, "buying" designer bags at a nearby bookstore has become commonplace as an increasing number of fashion magazines in Japan are tying up with apparel brands to offer their readers fashion items with the purchase of magazines, usually priced under 1,000 yen. Such magazines, which come with gifts such as designer brand items that could cost a lot more when sold on their own, are enjoying brisk sales, offering one of the few bright spots to Japan's long-declining publishing market.
Dec 30 Japan's record-breaking streak is at an end (Times Online)
 Forget the Shinto priests and warlords who used to rule here. Forget the famous poets and artists. Only one name holds sway in the Japanese countryside: Norris McWhirter. On the Izu peninsula, the signature of the late Guinness Book of Records editor is everywhere. Rural Japan claims all manner of crazy records, and Norris was clearly delighted to confirm their legitimacy in person. His signature greets me at lunch above the world's most valuable teddy bear. It is there again below the largest bronze Daruma statue where I stop for an ice cream.'
Dec 30 Salons supplying sleaze shuttered across Japan (Tokyo Reporter)
 On a recent visit to Tokyo's infamous Kabukicho entertainment district, Spa! (Dec. 22) discovered that the typically luminescent Ichiban-gai arch, which hangs above one entrance near Shinjuku Station, was unlit. The tabloid wonders: Is this how far Kabukicho has sunk? Once Tokyo's adult playground, the area has hit upon hard times - a trend buffeted by the ongoing recession and law enforcement activities that is sweeping through Japan's legendary entertainment quarters.
Dec 30 More city dwellers experiencing farming in urban center areas (AP)
 An increasing number of big city dwellers are getting an experience at farming in urban center areas, whether be it at a building rooftop or on a vacant plot near a railway station. Amid growing concern for food safety, many novice farmers are trying their hand at cultivating healthy food at convenient and well-equipped farming facilities in places such as Tokyo and Osaka on their way to or back from their workplaces.
Dec 30 Mothers held for allegedly selling child porn (Japan Times)
 Eight mothers in their 20s and 30s have been arrested for allegedly distributing and selling pornographic images of their daughters, Miyagi police said. The mothers are among 12 people the Miyagi Prefectural Police have arrested or notified prosecutors about for possible indictment. They were rounded up in eight prefectures between June and mid-December. The daughters are between 1 and 12 years old.
Dec 30 Long trial for Akihabara rampage (Japan Times)
 At least 20 sessions will be held in the trial of a man charged over the 2008 stabbing rampage in Tokyo's Akihabara district that left seven people dead and 10 others injured, sources said. The trial of Tomohiro Kato, a 27-year-old former temporary worker, will get under way Jan. 28 at the Tokyo District Court.
Dec 29 Japan's mistress of illusion (Phnom Penh Post)
 Like a princess in a Japanese cartoon, Princess Tenko's beauty attracts her audience, who do not want to take their eyes off her. Tenko's beautiful face appears in a shroud of white smoke and soft red light - but is this effect just one of the tricks of her illusion show? Who knows - because with Princess Tenko, the boundaries between reality and illusion vanish. If we see her from afar, she appears as a mercurial 20-year-old girl - but look a little closer and it is difficult to guess her age because her beauty has not faded.
Dec 29 Music rocks 'sento' public bath, breathes life into tradition (AP)
 Sitting on a temporary stage against the backdrop of a wall-painting of Japan's well-known symbol Mt. Fuji, American musician Jim O'Rourke is playing his guitar and singing softly. It is early December, and his audience of men and women, mostly in their 20s and 30s, is soaking up the atmosphere. Soaking is the operative word because the musical experience they are enjoying is called "furo rock" and it's coming to the rescue of an institution in decline: the public bathhouse.
Dec 29 Ex-pop idol Akasaka arrested again for violating stimulants control law (AP)
 Akira Akasaka, a former member of now-defunct all-male pop idol group Hikaru Genji, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly using illegal stimulant drugs, police said. Akasaka, 36, is still in a probation period of three years for the sentence of 18 months in prison given in November 2007 for possessing stimulants in violation of the Stimulants Control Law. According to the Chiba prefectural police who made the latest arrest, Akasaka is suspected of using stimulants from mid-December to Monday in Tokyo and its vicinity.
Dec 29 Murder now suspected over 2 bodies found in gutted car (AP)
 Police arrested a 37-year-old man Tuesday on suspicion of killing two people whose charred bodies were found Monday night along with a charcoal stove inside a gutted minivan on a street in Osaka, they said. Although the police initially suspected the two used the stove to commit suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, they have since arrested Susumu Kogita, who describes himself as a restaurant manager, on a charge of murder.
Dec 29 Drunk U.S. Marine collared for trespassing, carrying a knife (Mainichi)
 Police arrested a 31-year-old U.S. Marine stationed here on Sunday for trespassing and illegally carrying a knife in public. Police say Captain Joseph R. Coenen stationed at U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, climbed up on the roof of a storehouse adjacent to a residence near the base in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, at around 3 a.m. on Sunday.
Dec 29 Student found dead in Aichi apartment with rubbish bag over head (Mainichi)
 A female university student was found dead in her apartment here on Sunday, police said. Police identified the woman as Kanako Ono, 20, a third-year student at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences. Ono was found lying on her back with her legs under a low table, and a plastic garbage bag over her head. There were no visible wounds on her body, and police are set to conduct an autopsy to determine her exact cause of death.
Dec 29 Tokyo homeless shelter opens (Japan Times)
 A holiday-season shelter set up by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government opened Monday in Shibuya Ward to take in hundreds of laid-off workers. Funded by the central government, the shelter is a substitute for the tent village set up last year by antipoverty groups in Hibiya Park. The shelter at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center will be open through Jan. 4. The complex is the renovated athletes' village for the 1964 Summer Games.
Dec 29 Woman catches cycling snatcher (Japan Times)
 After a 400-meter bicycle sprint, a 26-year-old woman caught up with a man also on a bicycle who had snatched her bag, Kyoto police said Monday. The alleged bag-snatcher, Yugo Komaki, 24, owned up to the 11:40 p.m. mugging Sunday in Kamigyo Ward, police said.
Dec 29 Stray observations on booming pet culture (Japan Times)
 Pets are big business these days. Cat and dog cafes, animal accessory shops, dog hotels and even aesthetic salons for animals are easy to find. On weekends, in the large park near my house, I see people walking what appear to be entrants in a pedigree dog competition: dachshunds in mini-sweaters promenade alongside beribboned King Charles spaniels. Many a pet's lifestyle would be the envy of most salarymen. However, the park - like many others in Japan - is also home to a legion of animals who live a life far removed from those of the coddled pets. After they have gone home with their owners, dozens of stray cats remain.
Dec 28 Ex-actor Oshio indicted for giving drugs to woman who died (AP)
 Former actor and singer Manabu Oshio was indicted Monday on a charge of giving the synthetic drug MDMA to a woman who was found dead after spending time with him at a Tokyo apartment in August. According to the indictment by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, Oshio, 31, violated the Narcotics Drug Control Law by giving the drug to Kaori Tanaka, a 30-year-old bar employee, at the apartment in Tokyo's upscale Roppongi Hills complex on Aug. 2.
Dec 28 Paper plane enthusiast sets flight record (guardian.co.uk)
 With a bend of the knees and an arch of the back, a Japanese engineer today set a world flight record for a paper plane, keeping his hand-folded construction in the air for 26.1 seconds. Using a plane specially designed for "long haul" flights, Takuo Toda narrowly failed to match his lifetime best of 27.9 seconds, a Guinness world record set in Hiroshima earlier, but achieved with a plane that was held together with cellophane tape. Today's flight, inside a Japan Airlines hangar near Haneda airport in Tokyo, was the longest by an unadulterated model.
Dec 28 Manga, anime aiding towns, cities /Local governments exploiting, cashing in on popularity of titles (Yomiuri)
 Manga and anime are more than just forms of entertainment for several local governments that have recently revitalized their economies by drawing on the pulling power of works in these pop genres that have ties to their respective cities and towns. Various anime titles have been exploited, ranging from classic stories to the latest popular hits, helping attract a wide range of enthusiastic fans to different areas.
Dec 28 Single moms roll up sleeves / Keen to work as breadwinners--if workplaces let them (Yomiuri)
 At 6:30 a.m. one recent morning, Eiko Nishida handed her still-drowsy 6-year-old daughter to a staffer at a nursery. Nishida then headed off to work at Kagaya, an inn in the Wakura Onsen hot spring area in Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture. A working single mother is not unheard of, but this inn is remarkable in that 60 of its 180 staffers responsible for greeting guests and preparing meals are single mothers.
Dec 27 Bali Police question 8 in murder of Japanese woman (AP)
 Police on the Indonesian resort island of Bali said Sunday they have questioned eight people a day after they found a 41-year-old Japanese woman murdered in her rental home in the Kuta area. According to Kuta Police Chief Dodi Prawiranegara, Hiromi Shimada, 41, was first found dead by her neighbors around 6:30 p.m. Saturday. She was found naked with stab wounds in the abdomen and her legs were tied with a sarong, he said.
Dec 27 The true story behind that crazy Japanese 'jazz opera' video: it's a peach (Examiner.com)
  It’s Boxing Day, which as you probably know has nothing to do with pugilism (despite some jazz fans’ desire to celebrate Miles Davis’s best-known hobby). Rather, Boxing Day allows for another day if gift-giving; and in that spirit, I share with you a strange and wondrous item that several folks have sent me in the last two weeks.
Dec 27 Japan's 'grass eaters' turn their backs on macho ways (The Guardian)
 As the twee cafes and boutiques in this quiet corner of Tokyo's Marunouchi business district fill with groups of "office ladies", it is easy to see how out of place Yuki Sakurai would look in the company of the blue-suited salarymen grabbing a quick noodle lunch beneath the nearby railway tracks.
Dec 27 Teen son of U.S. serviceman charged (Japan Times)
 The 19-year-old son of a U.S. serviceman at Yokota Air Base in Tokyo was sent to the Tokyo Family Court on Friday on suspicion of stretching a rope across a road in August and injuring a woman on a minibike who became entangled in it. Three other children of U.S. military personnel, aged 15 to 17, who were also involved in the case were not indicted and were handed over to U.S. authorities.
Dec 27 Hatoyama and sex changes? Time for our media awards (Japan Times)
 Media person of the year: Noriko Sakai terms of the details of their respective scandals, Tiger Woods and Noriko Sakai seem to have little in common. The golfer got off with a small fine for crashing his car, while the idol singer spent weeks in jail and ended up with a criminal conviction and a suspended sentence. Tiger's confessed sin was sleeping around (and around and around) outside his marriage, while Nori-P's was smoking methamphetamine.
Dec 27 Usual conformist cliches about the Japanese (Japan Times)
 So Roger Cohen, a relatively new columnist with The New York Times, concluded after a brief stay in Tokyo earlier this month that Japan is a society laid low by "a tremendous conformity" and trivialized by "otaku". I don't remember when American transients in Japan started taking delight in characterizing Japanese society as conformist, but it certainly is not recent. I wrote a piece on this topic more than two decades ago. The surprise is that there remain people who resort to that mantra.
Dec 26 Comedian arrested over fight with bar manager (AP)
 Osaka-based comedian and TV personality Tamotsu Kuroda was arrested Saturday after allegedly assaulting and injuring a bar manager in a quarrel over a bill late Friday night, police said. Kuroda, 39, a member of comic duo "Messenger," and a 40-year-old friend allegedly punched and kicked the 23-year-old manager in an Osaka bar shortly before midnight. The manager suffered a broken cheek bone.
Dec 26 Holidaymakers' departure rush peaks at Narita airport (AP)
 The annual rush of travelers leaving Narita airport for overseas destinations during the winter holidays peaked on Saturday. About 40,000 travelers are expected to fly from the airport near Tokyo for overseas locations, according to Narita International Airport Corp. It expects the return rush to peak on Jan. 3.
Dec 26 Number of suicides in Japan surpasses 30,000 for 12th year (monstersandcritics.com)
 The number of people who committed suicide in Japan has exceeded 30,000 for 12 years in a row, the National Police Agency said Friday. From January to November this year, 30,181 Japanese killed themselves, the agency said. Of them, 21,566 were men and 8,615 were women. On average, 90 suicides took place per day, which suggests that nearly 1,000 people were on the brink of suicide on any given day of the year, experts said.
Dec 26 Snow no match for Japan's bullet trains (Manila Bulletin)
 When the mercury plummets in Japan, hot water is sprayed onto the bullet train's tracks -- one of several measures to ensure snow does not disrupt the high-speed services, famed for their punctuality. In contrast to the three-day shutdown of the Eurostar in the tunnel under the English Channel due to 'fluffier' than expected snow, Japan's shinkansen trains are rarely delayed significantly by a cold snap. Last December, a bullet train in northern Yamagata prefecture made the headlines due to a delay of just an hour and 25 minutes due to a snowstorm.
Dec 26 Spiritual life on the road at Kumano Kodo (Mainichi)
 Amid the booming popularity of visiting shrines and other ancient sanctuaries that the Japanese love to call "power spots," from Ise and Izumo shrines to Mount Fuji, perhaps a visit to the pilgrimage routes of Kumano Kodo seems a bit challenging. Nestled among the steep mountain ranges of the Kii Peninsula -- one of the world's only two pilgrimage routes designated as World Heritage sites, along with Spain's Santiago de Compostela -- Kumano Kodo is a 307.6-kilometer network of routes straddling Wakayama, Mie and Nara prefectures in western Japan.
Dec 26 Vandal smashes town mayor's windows, leaves dead raccoon dog on doorstep (Mainichi)
 The body of a raccoon dog has been dumped in front of the mayor's home here and two of the windows found broken, sources close to the law enforcement authorities said. Investigators are treating the case as destruction of property. The mayor said he has no idea why his home was targeted.
Dec 25 Temples, shrines offer New Year traditions (Japan Times)
 If you want to enjoy the traditional way of spending New Year's holidays in Japan, your best option would be to visit a temple or shrine. On New Year's Eve and the first three days of January, the nation's temples and shrines buzz with activity as locals pray for good luck in the coming year. At the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31, temple priests ring the joya-no-kane (the New Year's Eve bell) a total of 108 times.
Dec 25 Japan's favorite hangover cures (Japan Times)
 Tis the season to be jolly. And when you've finished being jolly, tis the season to wake up with veisalgia, more popularly known as a hangover. The punishment begins when alcohol reaches your brain and tells your pituitary glands to stop producing a hormone known as vasopressin. It's vasopressin that regulates your body's water retention, and without it your kidneys begin to drain your body. With all those trips to the bathroom, you'll also be flushing away essential salts and electrolytes, leading to fatigue and nausea.
By J.S. on Dec 31, 2009



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