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American ups JAL ante to keep Delta at bay

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JAPANESE TREND / Business Trend (39)

Taking up herewith Japanese Business Trend News by Media in last week.
Business Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Interested in "Early-bird Uniqlo sale celebrates founding", "American ups JAL ante to keep Delta at bay" and etc.
Nov 22 Early-bird Uniqlo sale celebrates founding (Japan Times)
 The Uniqlo chain held an early-morning sale at about 400 stores Saturday to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of its operator, with more than 2,000 people lining up before dawn outside its flagship store in Tokyo's Ginza district. More than half of Uniqlo's domestic stores, which are operated by Fast Retailing Co., took part in the early-morning sale that started at 6 a.m.
Nov 21 Yamato plans Singapore 'takkyubin' (Japan Times)
 Yamato Holdings Co. said Friday it will commence a service similar to its domestic "takkyubin" parcel delivery operation in Singapore in January in light of the city state's good business prospects. Japan's top parcel transport firm unveiled in August a similar service for Shanghai due to start in January, as it aims to expand its business in other parts of Asia, given the poor growth outlook in the domestic market.
Nov 21 Sony head sees big things for 3-D (Japan Times)
 Sony Corp. Chairman Howard Stringer forecast 3-D movies, pictures and games will be the electronics maker's next $10 billion business, challenging investors and analysts who say the technology isn't ready to become mainstream. The maker of Bravia televisions and PlayStation 3 game consoles said Thursday 3-D-related products, excluding content, will generate more than 1 trillion yen in the 12 months ending in March 2013.
Nov 21 6 nonlife insurers' profits grow (Yomiuri)
 The country's six biggest nonlife insurers announced Thursday large year-on-year increases in their after-tax profits for the April-September period partly due to the smaller-than-usual incidence of natural disasters.
Nov 20 American ups JAL ante to keep Delta at bay (Japan Times)
 American Airlines Inc. on Thursday upped the ante in a fierce scramble over struggling Japan Airlines Corp., warning of "enormous risks" if JAL switches to the rival SkyTeam alliance. A day after Delta Air Lines Inc. unveiled a lucrative financial package for JAL, American Airlines, a unit of AMR Corp., struck back as it is readying what sources say could be an even sweeter proposal totaling around ¥130 billion with TPG Inc., a major U.S. investment firm.
Nov 20 Fewer disasters boost first-half profits at major nonlife insurers (Japan Times)
 Six major nonlife insurers said Thursday their group net profits in the April-September period rose from a year earlier as insurance payments slipped below projections on a smaller-than-expected number of natural disasters. They also reported pretax profits for the first half of fiscal 2009 after incurring losses from the global financial crisis for the whole of fiscal 2008, indicating the stabilizing of their financial performances on a stock market recovery. But a fast decline in transportation of goods amid the global recession
Nov 20 Asahi Brewery head seeks soft drink tie-ups (Yomiuri)
 Asahi Brewery Co. President Hitoshi Ogita has expressed his intention to seek a business tie-up between soft drink affiliate Asahi Soft Drinks Co. and other makers in the industry. Ogita revealed this during a recent interview with The Yomiuri Shimbun when he was asked about Asahi Brewery's merger and acquisition strategy.
Nov 20 Eco point, eco car scheme extensions eyed (Yomiuri)
 The Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry is likely to extend its eco point program by nine months and also widen the range of items covered under the scheme, which promotes sales of energy-saving home appliances, according to sources. The ministry also has formulated a policy to extend eco-friendly car tax breaks by another six months until next autumn.
Nov 19 Cell phone sites to be checked for illegal music files (Yomiuri)
 The telecom and music industries likely will introduce a new system by next year, to automatically check cell phone Web sites for illegal music files that have been entered on them, to prevent such files from being uploaded and downloaded in violation of copyright, it has been learned. The number of illegal music files downloaded annually is estimated at 400 million, about 70 million more than are downloaded from authorized Web sites.
Nov 19 3 Japan firms to contract for Iraq oil field (Yomiuri)
 Leading oil distributor Nippon Oil Corp. and two other Japanese firms likely will conclude a basic contract with the Iraqi government as early as this month to obtain the right to develop the massive Nasiriyah oil field in southern Iraq, it has been learned. The area scheduled to be developed by Japan is expected to produce a maximum of 600,000 barrels a day in the future. This would cover more than 10 percent of Japan's consumption of crude oil.
Nov 18 Delta offers $1 billion to Japan Airlines (New York Times)
 Delta Air Lines and its alliance partners said Wednesday they are making a billion-dollar offer intended to lure loss-making Japan Airlines from its current affiliation with American Airlines. Delta is "by far the strongest partner for Japan Airlines," company president Edward Bastian told reporters in Tokyo.
Nov 18 Toyota October car sales up 5 percent, 1st rise in 15 months (Reuters)
 Toyota Motor Corp's global vehicle sales rose 5 percent in October to about 640,000 units, marking the first year-on-year increase in 15 months, the world's biggest automaker said on Wednesday. Last month, Toyota's sales in its biggest market, the United States, fell 3.5 percent, but grew 15 percent in Japan and 45 percent in China.
Nov 18 Enough tuna on ice to keep costs low (Japan Times)
 Fisheries minister Hirotaka Akamatsu on Tuesday dispelled public concerns fueled by an international tuna conservation body's decision to cut the annual tuna catch, saying Japan has ample stocks of frozen tuna due to the recession. Japan has about 25,000 tons of bluefin and southern bluefin tuna in inventory - most in the past decade. Because there is ample inventory, the agency predicts tuna prices are unlikely to rise anytime soon.
Nov 18 Convenience stores hope for just desserts (Japan Times)
 In a race to see who gets to take the cake, major convenience store chains have been offering more sweet foods under their own brand names in an effort to beat traditional bakeries and dessert shops. The companies appear eager to release cheaper and more refined products as they regard desserts, which are selling well despite the prolonged recession, as a lucrative way of attracting more women to their stores, especially those in their 20s and 30s.
Nov 18 Tokyu looking to dump part of stake in JAL (Japan Times)
 Tokyu Corp., the top shareholder in struggling Japan Airlines Corp., is taking steps toward selling at least some of its holdings, sources said. Holding a stake in JAL "no longer offers synergies," a Tokyu executive said Monday. The conglomerate has been concentrating its management resources on its railway and real estate operations.
Nov 17 Michelin: Tokyo world's top gourmet city (Yomiuri)
 Eleven restaurants in Tokyo were awarded the top three-star rating in Michelin's 2010 Tokyo guide, giving the nation's capital the world's largest number of restaurants with three stars, the guide's publisher said Tuesday. Michelin awarded 10 restaurants in Paris three star ratings in its 2009 guide to the French capital. Tokyo and Paris have been close rivals when it comes to the number of restaurants with three-star ratings since the first Michelin guide to Tokyo was published in 2008. In 2009, nine Tokyo restaurants won three stars.
Nov 17 TV shows cutting costs, big-name staff to stay afloat (Yomiuri)
 In a desperate bid to cut production costs amid a sharp decline in advertising revenues, major private broadcasters have effectively given the boot to a number of well-known newscasters as part of their programming schedules for autumn. Christel Takigawa, 32, who had worked for "News Japan," a Fuji TV news program broadcast since October 2002, and Baku Owada, 59, who had served as a host for "Wide! Scramble," a TV Asahi information variety program for 11 years, parted company with the respective programs on Sept. 25. Two days later, actress Rei Kikukawa, 31, left NTV news program "Shinso Hodo Bankisha!" after seven years.
Nov 17 Choice, chic, cheap - no one feels fleeced (Japan Times)
 Times are difficult for many retailers. Conspicuously not among them, however, is Fast Retailing Co., which posted both record sales of ¥685 billion and operating profit of ¥108.6 billion for the business year that ended in August. Out of all its subsidiaries, Fast's main breadwinner is the Uniqlo chain of reasonably priced casual clothing. Having become a dominant clothier in Japan, Fast Retailing now has the world in its sights, hoping Uniqlo can become the global No. 1.
Nov 17 With stars' clothing, TV show blurs ad line (Japan Times)
 An actress starring in a weekly TV drama wrapped up her performance in the first episode Oct. 13 with an unusual plug that sent viewers racing to the television station's Web site. "I have wonderful news," she said. "You can get the clothes we wore in the drama." Those who checked out the home page of Kansai Telecasting Corp. in Osaka, which produced and broadcast the program "Real Clothes," did not find any giveaways. They instead were diverted to a mail order site.
Nov 17 Laox to open 110 stores in China (Japan Times)
 Home electronics retailer Laox Co. said Monday it will open 110 stores in China for musical instruments and a variety of merchandise popular in Japan. Laox said it will aim to generate ¥27.5 billion in the year to March 2013 by opening the stores under a three-year medium-term management program worked out after China's Suning Appliance Co. became its top shareholder in August.
Nov 16 Nissan Leaf included in Time Magazine's 50 best inventions of 2009 (allcarselectric.com)
 Nissan changed the game for automakers planning electric vehicles in August when it unveiled the Leaf. The all-electric C-segment vehicle travels at speeds up to 90 miles per hour and goes 100 miles on a full charge. Nissan says it will only take 30 minutes to charge the batteries to 80% of their capacity at a high-power charging station. The Leaf is expected to sell for between $35,000 and $45,000. The car won't hit production lines until the fall of 2010, but that didn't stop Time Magazine from calling it one of the best inventions of 2009.
Nov 16 Sony CEO sees no electronics rebound (Reuters)
 Japan's Sony Corp (6758.T) has seen no sign of a recovery in the consumer electronics market, Chief Executive Howard Stringer said in an interview published on Sunday. It was difficult to say if world economies have returned to solid growth, he told Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy's leading business daily. Sony posted its fourth consecutive quarterly loss last month but narrowed its full-year loss forecast.
Nov 16 American Air's oneworld partners crafting incentives to retain JAL (Japan Times)
 American Airlines' partners in oneworld, the industry alliance that includes British Airways, are devising incentives to help keep Japan Airlines Corp. in the group. Each carrier is crafting its own offer, which will then be sent to JAL and the Japanese government as one proposal, oneworld managing partner John McCulloch said in an interview. JAL has applied for a government bailout.
Nov 16 Hitachi to raise up to $4.5 billion: sources (Reuters)
 Hitachi Ltd, Japan's biggest electronics firm by revenues, plans to raise up to 400 billion yen ($4.5 billion) by issuing new shares and convertible bonds to shore up its battered capital base, two sources familiar with the matter said. The sources, who asked not to be identified ahead of an official announcement anticipated as early as Monday, said Hitachi plans to sell about 300 billion yen worth of shares and another 100 billion yen in convertible bonds.
By J.S. on Nov 23, 2009



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