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Japan embraces pedophiles and incests in manga world

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JAPANESE TREND / Japanese Society (68) / Japanese Society (70)

Taking up herewith Japanese Social Trend News by Media.
Social Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
One topic is "Japan emperor says history vital as past haunts Asia". Already 20 years has passed since the Emperor's enthronement.
Regarding the News "Japan suspect in Briton's murder stays silent: police", I hope and expect the recurrence to be prevented from now on.
And interested in "Japan embraces pedophiles and incests in manga world".

Nov 15 Mouth-watering plastic food at Tokyo restaurants (AFP)
 In Japan, a good restaurant will display replicas of what's on the menu. Craftsmen perfectly reproduce the food - it takes as much skill as the real thing.
Nov 14 2 infants die in apartment fire in Ibaraki Prefecture (AP)
 Two infants were killed in a fire that engulfed part of a five-story apartment complex in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Friday night, police and firefighters said Saturday. Kyoya, the 2-year-old son of Toshiyuki Yamaguchi, and Sora, his 1- year-old daughter, were found near the entrance of their residence and confirmed dead later at a hospital, the police and firefighters said.
Nov 14 Activist's Narita sit-in enters day 10 (Asahi)
 A Chinese human rights activist who has been refused re-entry into his own country entered the 10th day of his sit-in at Narita Airport on Friday. Feng Zhenghu, 55, has been living in the restricted area outside the immigration gate since Nov. 4, according to airport officials and his supporters. He has been subsiding on biscuits he was carrying and drinking tap water in a bathroom.
Nov 14 Japanese men are no 'peril' (guardian.co.uk)
 Tatsuya Ichihashi, the prime suspect in the murder of Lindsay Hawker, has been caught. Perhaps the process of achieving justice for the family of the British teacher can begin at last. However, the Hawkers are not the only victims of this sad episode; others will suffer, albeit indirectly and to a much lesser extent, from the ensuing cultural fallout. This is because the mainstream media has seized on the crime as an excuse to indulge in practically the only form of overt racism still tolerated today - the demonisation and denigration, en masse, of Japanese men.
Nov 14 Japanese smokers given plenty of new options (independent.co.uk)
 With the smoking rate declining among both men and women in Japan, tobacco companies are releasing new brands in the country to keep the smoking public happy. A study released November 9 by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare showed that the smoking rate among men has fallen to 36.8 percent - the lowest level since such surveys were started in 1986 - while the figure for women came to 9.1 percent, below the 10 percent threshold for the first time since 2001.
Nov 14 Nature is indeed a creepy thing (Japan Times)
 Something was fishy. Whenever I heard a knock at the door, no one was there. When my cell phone rang, no one was on the other end. In addition, there was no record of anyone having called. I told the island policeman about it, thinking he might need something to do. He took note, but told me not to worry. After all, on a Japanese island of just 666 people in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea with zero crime last year, the likelihood of trespassers was small. A visit from the devil, however, was a possibility.
Nov 13 4 Japanese arrested for drug trafficking in New Zealand (AP)
 Four Japanese nationals have been arrested in New Zealand for allegedly smuggling 6 kilograms of methamphetamine with a street value of up to NZ$6 million (US$4.4 million), police said Friday. Police and customs officials said that with the interception, which marks the largest methamphetamine haul in New Zealand this year, they have likely disrupted a major methamphetamine importing operation with links to Malaysia.
Nov 13 Death sought for suspect in Ibaraki stabbing spree (AP)
 Prosecutors sought Friday the death sentence for a man indicted for deadly stabbings in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture, that left two people dead and seven others injured. At the Mito District Court, the prosecutors said Masahiro Kanazawa, 26, "wanted to end his boring days" with the death sentence he thought he would get by going on the stabbing spree at Arakawaoki Station in March 2008.
Nov 13 Painting by Japanese artist Nara fetches $434,500 at N.Y. auction (AP)
 A painting by Yoshitomo Nara, a contemporary Japanese pop artist known for sculptures and paintings of doe-eyed figures, fetched $434,500 at auction in New York Wednesday, Christie's said Thursday. The bid for "Runaway Baby," painted in 1995, was well above the estimated $200,000 to $300,000, the auction house said, adding the painting was sold to a private collector in the United States.
Nov 13 Passengers, crew rescued from listing ferry in Pacific (AP)
 All 28 passengers and crew members were rescued Friday from a ferry after the vessel listed while in operation in the Pacific off Kumano, Mie Prefecture, the Japan Coast Guard said. The 7,910-ton Ariake went aground and fell on its side after the seven passengers and 21 crew members were rescued. One passenger and one crew member sustained injuries in the incident.
Nov 13 Japanese man shot dead by hired assassin in Philippines: police (AP)
 A Japanese man was shot dead by a hired assassin earlier this week along a highway in a west-central part of Luzon Island, north of Manila, police said Thursday. Police identified the victim as Koji Suzuki, a man in his 60s hailing from Yokohama, and said he died from a single gunshot wound to the head. They said investigation shows that a Filipino man who owed Suzuki money had hired the gunman who killed him.
Nov 13 Man extradited from China, arrested by Kanagawa police (AP)
 Police said Thursday they arrested a 34-year-old man who had been hiding in China after being placed on the wanted list for a 1999 robbery case in Yokohama. Chinese authorities handed over Masao Fujie in the first extradition from China to Japan through diplomatic channels, according to the Kanagawa prefectural police.
Nov 13 Japan police widen body part search in 'psycho' murder (mysinchew.com)
 Japanese police planned to deploy up to 500 officers Friday to scour a mountainous area for more remains of a woman whose head and other dispersed body parts have been found since last week. A mushroom collector last Friday discovered the severed head of 19-year-old college student Miyako Hiraoka, who went missing last month after leaving work at an ice cream parlour in Shimane prefecture.
Nov 12 Japan emperor says history vital as past haunts Asia (Reuters)
 Japanese Emperor Akihito, whose efforts to soothe Asia's bitter wartime memories have been central to his 20 years on the throne, said his biggest worry is that future generations in his country will forget the past. Akihito also told a news conference marking Thursday's anniversary of his ascension that he thought his father, the late Emperor Hirohito, was reluctant about the war that was fought in his name and memories of which still bedevil ties with China and other Asian countries invaded, occupied or colonized by Japan.
Nov 12 'Tokyo Vice' author was offered $500,000 to cut liver transplant scoop (Tokyo Reporter)
 The shocking revelation that Japanese yakuza gangsters received liver transplants in the U.S. over a four-year period might not have ever come to light had crime reporter Jake Adelstein accepted a six-figure compensation payment to kill the story, the writer said Wednesday at a press luncheon. The upper echelon of the gangster organization involved was worried that the transplant scandal, which involved a top yakuza executive making a back-door deal with the FBI, would create chaos within the group once the story went public.
Nov 12 Japan embraces pedophiles and incests in manga world (examiner.com)
 Manga is popular Japanese comics that allows many Japanese people to escape from a stressful reality. Anything from pedophilia to incest is not only allowed but also endorsed or embraced in manga world. Needless to say, the international community was outrageous when Japanese government conveniently left its manga industry out of the category of child pornography when criminalizing child pornography, Even when banning them, Japanese government had to bite the bullet and made a reluctant decision under the pressure of the international human rights organization. In an effort of protecting its sizable comics industry, Japanese government therefore made a clear distinction between manga/anime and child pornography.
Nov 12 Blackman warns Hawker's parents of 'long process' ahead (AP)
 The father of slain Tokyo hostess Lucie Blackman warned the family of murdered English teacher Lindsay Hawker on Wednesday of the "long" legal process ahead of them. Writing in The Independent newspaper, Tim Blackman said he was "happy" to see the suspect in Hawker's murder arrested but added that many challenges lay ahead for her parents, Bill and Julia.
Nov 12 Face of slain student likely subjected to great force (Yomiuri)
 The face of a 19-year-old university student whose head and torso were found on Mt. Garyu in Hiroshima Prefecture may have been pressed with great force, it has been learned. As Miyako Hiraoka, a University of Shimane freshman of Hamada, Shimane Prefecture, sustained burns to her body, the joint investigation squad of the Shimane and Hiroshima prefectural police suspect she had been tortured.
Nov 12 20 years on the Imperial throne (Japan Times)
 The government-sponsored ceremony on Thursday (Nov. 12) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Emperor's enthronement serves as an occasion to express people's respect and affection not only for the Emperor but also for the Imperial couple and the rest of the Imperial family. By ascending to the Chrysanthemum Throne on Jan. 7, 1989, just after the death of his father, the Emperor Showa, the Emperor became the first to do so under the postwar Constitution. Article 1 of that document says, "The Emperor shall be the symbol of the State and of the unity of the people, deriving his position from the will of the people with whom resides sovereign power."
Nov 11 Japan suspect in Briton's murder stays silent: police (AFP)
 Japan's only suspect in the killing of a British woman who was arrested after more than two years on the run has stayed silent during initial questioning, police said Wednesday. Tatsuya Ichihashi, 30, who underwent plastic surgery during his life as a fugitive, was arrested Tuesday in connection with the death of 22-year-old British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker in early 2007.
Nov 11 Quentin Tarantino stars in Japanese SoftBank cell phone commercial (examiner.com)
 Quentin Tarantino has become "Uncle Tara-chan" in popular "White family" Japanese SoftBank commercial series. It was revealed at a SoftBank press conference on November 10th that Tarantino has acted in an undisclosed number of commercials to be aired within the next few months for the mobile giant. The cute, but rather bizarre, commercial series revolves around a Japanese family of four named The White's.
Nov 11 Drug conviction for Japanese singer reflects growing trend (telegraph.co.uk)
 A Japanese singer and actress famous for her girl-next door image has been convicted of drug offences in a case that highlights how celebrities in Asia are copying the bad behaviour of Western stars. Noriko Sakai, 38, was found guilty of possessing and using amphetamines in August and was sentenced to 18 months in prison yesterday, suspended for three years. She is the latest of many "talento" to be caught out for emulating the poor role model image more commonly blamed on foreign stars.
Nov 11 Lindsay Hawker's family express 'relief' at Ichihashi's arrest (AP)
 The father of Tokyo language teacher Lindsay Hawker who was found dead in 2007 said Tuesday that his family "got justice" after Tatsuya Ichihashi, the prime suspect in the case, was arrested by police. Bill Hawker, 56, said the battle was "now over" to find the man who was wanted in connection with his daughter's death in Chiba Prefecture in March 2007.
Nov 11 Fat in Japan? You're breaking the law (telegraph.co.uk)
 In Japan, being thin isn't just the price you pay for fashion or social acceptance. It's the law. Concerned about rising rates of both in a graying nation, Japanese lawmakers last year set a maximum waistline size for anyone age 40 and older: 85 centimeters (33.5 inches) for men and 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) for women. Those who fail to meet the waistline requirement must undergo counseling.
Nov 11 Tokyo-based photographer's office, home raided over nude photo shoot (Japan Times)
 Police investigators searched the office and home of Tokyo-based photographer Kishin Shinoyama on Tuesday on suspicion of public indecency over the shooting of nude photos for his book of photos "20XX TOKYO." Shinoyama, 68, allegedly took outdoor nude shots of the models in Tokyo from mid- to late August 2008 in situations where anyone could see them, the police said.
Nov 11 Police arrest Ichihashi, suspect in murder of British woman (AP)
  A Japanese murder suspect who spent two years and seven months on the run and who altered his appearance through cosmetic surgery was arrested Tuesday in connection with the 2007 slaying of a British woman after his identity was confirmed by fingerprints. Police said they formally arrested Tatsuya Ichihashi, 30, after seizing him in Suminoe Ward, Osaka, in the evening and taking him into custody. He had been wanted on a technical charge of abandoning the body of language school teacher Lindsay Hawker, who was 22 at the time of her death, at his apartment in Chiba Prefecture.
Nov 11 Mogi failed to declare ¥400 million (Japan Times)
 TV anchor and brain expert Kenichiro Mogi failed to declare some ¥400 million in taxable income for the three years through 2008, sources said Tuesday. The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau notified Mogi, 47, about his failure and he has reportedly submitted an amended tax return, the sources said.
Nov 10 Japan's 'Black Widow' serial killer accused of killing six men (telegraph.co.uk)
 Details of how six men met their untimely ends, allegedly at the hands of a woman the Japanese media has dubbed the Black Widow, are shocking the public here - not least because of their inventiveness. Police in the southern Prefecture of Tottori have revealed that the death of a manin August 2007 was initially declared an accident, but was now being treated as a suspicious death that was carefully arranged by former bar hostess Kanae Kijima, 35.
Nov 10 U.S. Army serviceman in Okinawa in custody over fatal hit-and-run (AP)
 A U.S. Army serviceman is in custody on a base in connection with the death of a local man in a suspected hit-and-run accident, the commander of the U.S. Army in Okinawa said Tuesday. The commander gave the information to the authorities of the village of Yomitan, where the body of 66-year-old Masakazu Hokama was found bleeding from the head on Saturday evening.
Nov 10 'Soba' slurper's 399 bowls too tough to beat (Japan Times)
 Japanese food fighter Takeru Kobayashi, famed for his success at the annual Coney Island hot dog-eating contest - step aside. The new bottomless pit just slammed down dozens of small red "wanko" bowls of "soba" buckwheat noodles. After wolfing down 399 bowls of the traditional noodles in 10 minutes Sunday, Hatsuyo Sugawara, 45, beat other contenders in the annual All-Japan Wanko Soba Eating Championship held in the city known for the noodles. Like Kobayashi, she calls herself a food fighter. Her nickname is "the Witch."
Nov 10 Tea ceremony making comeback among men (Japan Times)
 The tea ceremony, long a key component in premarriage training for women, is gradually drawing interest among men in search of healing after a hard day's work, bringing yet another weapon into the Japanese war on stress. One Monday evening in Tokyo in September, more than a dozen men of various ages gathered in a spacious Japanese-style room at a house in Shinjuku Ward for a tea ceremony. Compared with other weekdays, men outnumbered women conspicuously.
Nov 10 As status symbol, it tops the rest (Japan Times)
 The commercial-residential complex of Roppongi Hills opened six years ago, boasting offices, a museum, cinema, condominiums, restaurants and shops, becoming a popular tourist destination and a high-status residence in a part of central Tokyo otherwise known for its nightlife dens. The complex became a symbol of developer Mori Building Co.'s concept of an urban center of work, culture and residence coexisting.
Nov 09 Men's smoking rate in Japan at record-low 36.8% (AP)
 The smoking rate among men in Japan has fallen to a record- low 36.8 percent since the survey of its kind was launched in 1986, while the rate among women stood at 9.1 percent, dropping below 10 percent for the first time since 2001, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said Monday. The rate among the men and women in total was 21.8 percent in the survey conducted a year ago, down 5.9 percentage points in five years.
Nov 09 Japan pop star Sakai gets suspended jail term for drug use (AFP)
 Japanese pop star Noriko Sakai was on Monday handed a suspended jail term of 18 months for illegal drug use in a case that sparked a media frenzy and had thousands gathering outside the court house. Sakai, 38, is a former teenage pop idol turned actress with fans in Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan, who parlayed her girl-next-door and later perfect-mom image into top acting roles and lucrative advertising deals.
Nov 09 3 found dead, 1 unconscious at farm house in Kumamoto (AP)
 Three people were found dead Sunday afternoon at a farmhouse in Ueki, Kumamoto Prefecture, police said. In addition to the three, who are believed to be a man in his 20s and a couple in their 60s, a woman was found unconscious with serious injuries, according to the police. The man in his 20s, believed to be a Chinese national who worked on the farm, was found hanged in the garden, while the couple, who had external injuries, were found collapsed nearby, the police said.
Nov 09 Insider reveals the secrets of winning a fuzoku femme's favor (Tokyo Reporter)
 In its latest weekly installment of the ongoing memoirs of a veteran writer covering the pink trade, Nikkan Gendai (Nov. 5) suggests that when it comes to scribes who scribble about sex, seniority is certainly significant. Why? While not citing his source, the writer claims that about 40 percent of female sex industry workers come from broken homes, and of these, a vast majority, perhaps over 80 percent, grew up without a father in the household.
Nov 09 Torso found near severed head of missing Shimane woman (Japan Times)
 A human torso was found Sunday at a mountain in Hiroshima Prefecture near the site where the head of a missing 19-year-old woman from neighboring Shimane Prefecture has been found, the police said. A joint investigation squad of the Shimane and Hiroshima prefectural police said they believe the undressed torso belonged to Miyako Hiraoka, a first-year student at the University of Shimane, who went missing after finishing her shift at a part-time job on the evening of Oct. 26.
Nov 09 Okinawa police investigate possible hit-and-run involving U.S. military vehicle (Japan Times)
 Okinawa prefectural police said Sunday they have begun examining a vehicle used by U.S. military personnel in connection with the death of a man in the village of Yomitan in a possible hit-and-run accident. The vehicle was brought to a garage close to the site where the man's body was found. The police said hair was found on the broken windshield of the vehicle.
Nov 09 Student dies from archery arrow wound (Japan Times)
 A 16-year-old boy who fell unconscious earlier this month after being struck between the eyebrows with an arrow, shot by a 17-year-old boy from the same high school archery club, died Sunday at a hospital where he had been treated, police said. The 17-year-old boy, who called for an ambulance after shooting the 70-centimeter carbon arrow, has been quoted as saying by the police that he accidentally shot the arrow when he aimed it at the 16-year-old boy.
Nov 09 Black widow strikes? Marriage fraud suspect Kanae Kijima linked to six deaths (Tokyo Reporter)
 Wearing white gloves, seven or eight plain-clothes cops stormed into an apartment building in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district one recent morning. Their destination was the 14th-floor residence of Kanae Kijima, a 34-year-old native of Hokkaido who has been arrested for marriage fraud and is under investigation for the deaths of six men, reports Shukan Post (Nov. 13). "The officers stayed for a week, working 24 hours a day, and they took her wine-red Mercedes," a resident of the building tells the tabloid.
Nov 08 Yoko Ono in a minute (timeslive.co.za)
 When I think of Japan I think of food. I miss the Japanese spirit, the culture and civilisation that we had and lost.
Nov 08 Akihabara killer sends apology letter (Japan Times)
 The man indicted for the fatal stabbing rampage in Tokyo's Akihabara district last year has sent a letter of apology to one of the victims, saying, "My crime deserves death," informed sources said. In a six-page letter to former taxi driver Hiroshi Yuasa, who was seriously injured in the attack, Tomohito Kato, 27, said, "I believe I will be executed, but I want to explain everything without becoming defiant."
By J.S. on Nov 16, 2009



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