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Ducks on imperial farm found infected with weak bird flu virus

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Taking up herewith Japanese Science & Technology Trend News by Media in last week.
Science & Technology Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Interested in News titled "Chimps' offerings deemed altruism" and etc.
Oct 17 Ducks on imperial farm found infected with weak bird flu virus (AP)
 The farm ministry said Friday that some ducks on the Imperial Household Agency's duck farm in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture, were confirmed infected with an attenuated avian influenza virus. Birds on the farm do not have to be culled, said the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry, which asked the agency to monitor the ducks. All birds on the farm would have been culled if they had been infected with a highly pathogenic bird flu virus.
Oct 15 Chimps' offerings deemed altruism (Japan Times)
 Japanese researchers have noted that chimpanzees offer straws and other drinking tools to fellow chimps in an adjoining chamber - an apparently altruistic act, according to PLoS ONE, a U.S. science magazine, published Wednesday. The research may pave the way to the evolutionary study of selfless behavior in humans, said a team of Kyoto University members, including associate professor Masayuki Tanaka.
Oct 14 Hopes high for small satellites / Govt sees them as moneyspinners that can revitalize space industry (Yomiuri)
 Moves are afoot to use small satellites to facilitate the growth of the nation's aerospace industry. With the Democratic Party of Japan poised to accelerate the use of small satellites, the indications are that technological innovations to produce smaller satellites will intensify. In 2007, the ministry launched a program to promote space-related industrial activities, concentrated on developing small satellites weighing about 100 to 500 kilograms.
Oct 14 Maglev trains could cut Tokyo-Osaka trip to 67 minutes (Japan Times)
 Maglev trains could shorten the travel time between Tokyo and Osaka to 67 minutes from the 138 minutes it takes today's fastest bullet trains, Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai) said Tuesday. The estimated time is for the shortest planned route of 438 km connecting Shinagawa Station in Tokyo and Shin-Osaka Station, which could cost ¥8.44 trillion to construct, the railway said.
Oct 13 Scientists prove cancer can be passed on in the womb (guardian.co.uk)
 Scientists have established beyond doubt that in rare cases cancer can be transmitted in the womb, following the birth of a baby to a woman with leukaemia. A team at the Institute of Cancer Research, a college of the University of London, working with colleagues in Japan, found that the cancer had defied accepted theories of biology. Leukaemia cells had crossed the placenta and spread from the 28-year-old mother to her unborn baby.
Oct 13 Moderate quakes jolt Nagano, Fukushima prefectures (AP)
 Moderate earthquakes jolted central and northeastern Japan on Monday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 3.6 shook Nagano Prefecture at 4:10 p.m., measuring 4 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7 in the town of Kiso.
Oct 12 Typhoon leaves bad smell at Biwako (Asahi)
 The city government here plans to mobilize 220 workers Wednesday to remove decomposing waterweeds causing a foul smell from the shore of Lake Biwako. The weeds were uprooted by Typhoon No. 18 on Thursday and deposited over a 2-kilometer stretch along the southern shore of the nation's largest freshwater lake.
Oct 12 Govt set to protect fruit bat on Ogasawara Islands (Yomiuri)
 The Environment Ministry has decided to conserve the habitat of the Ogasawara Ookomori (Bonin fruit bat), the only endemic mammal on the Ogasawara Islands and a species currently facing extinction. The islands, located off Tokyo, also are bidding to be listed as a World Heritage Site.
By J.S. on Oct 23, 2009



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