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Michelin gives top ratings to 7 restaurants in Kyoto, Osaka

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Taking up herewith Japanese Business Trend News by Media in last week.
Business Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Interested in "Recession can't slow Uniqlo", "Twitter expanding - launches mobile Twitter in Japan" and "Michelin gives top ratings to 7 restaurants in Kyoto, Osaka" and etc.
Regarding Michelin, I hope it will have a good influence for Kansai Economics.
Oct 17 Recession can't slow Uniqlo (Japan Times)
 While celebrities watched models strut down catwalks during fashion week in Paris, dozens of people lined up in the rain to buy 40 euro cashmere sweaters at the newly opened Uniqlo store in the city's Opera district. Two days earlier, it was "impossible to get inside" the store, which is across the road from the Galeries Lafayette department store.
Oct 17 Osaka plans vintage wine auction (Japan Times)
 The Osaka Municipal Government plans to auction off 157 rare vintage wines next month. The list of wines released for the Nov. 14 auction in the Osaka World Trade Center Building includes Romanee-Conti 1921, Chateau Leoville Las Cases 1868, Chateau Margaux 1900 and Chateau Petrus 1949. Wine dealers say some could draw bids in excess of ¥1 million.
Oct 16 Twitter expanding - launches mobile Twitter in Japan (ibtimes.com)
 Micro-blogging site Twitter has been launched as a mobile version in Japan in a move to expand its popular online presence, making it the first offering from the website in a foreign language. Twitter teamed up with Tokyo-based Internet firm Digital Garage Inc. in early 2008. The 140-character blogging sent then went on to launch a Japanese-language platform for cell phones and other mobile devices in the spring of 2008, and hired a Japan country manager earlier this year.
Oct 16 Emu farming takes off in frigid Hokkaido town (Japan Times)
 A venture firm set up by a professor and his students is raising about 400 emus, Australia's national bird, in Abashiri, trying to bring some money to a town known for its severe winters. Abashiri is also known as the setting for a series of movies about inmates who try to break out of the prison during the harsh winters.
Oct 16 Nissan's Fairlady Z Roadster hits dealerships (Mainichi)
 Nissan Motor Co.'s Fairlady Z Roadster hit the market on Thursday, company officials said. The two-seat coupe boasts better performance due to reduced body weight, and a improved design to prevent turbulence inside the vehicle when the powered roof is down.
Oct 15 Starbucks Japan lifts outlook on cost cuts, local approach (The Insider)
 Starbucks Coffee Japan raised its full-year profit forecast by 50 per cent as cost cutting and higher sales of locally developed drinks helped it boost margins even in the face of slumping sales. The company, which is 40 per cent owned by the Seattle-based coffee chain giant Starbucks Corp, has been revamping its cost structure since last year, when the world's second-largest economy slipped into recession.
Oct 15 Monaco proposes ban of int'l trade of bluefin tuna (AP)
  Monaco on Wednesday formally proposed a ban in international trade in Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna which face a rapid population decline. Japan opposes Monaco's proposal, arguing that bluefin tuna catches should be controlled by national fisheries resource management authorities. Bluefin tuna is caught in the Western Pacific, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean and more than 80 percent of the combined catch is consumed in Japan.
Oct 15 Death lures Aeon, Tear to Japan's expanding funeral industry (Bloomberg)
 Death is a growth industry in Japan and everyone from railway companies to retailers wants a slice. Japan's $18 billion funeral industry is expanding as the nation's population ages faster than any other nation. The number of people who die each year in the country will rise to 1.66 million in 2040, from about 1.14 million last year, according to Japan's National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.
Oct 15 Japan's rare metal projects seek pay dirt (Yomiuri)
 Efforts to secure rare metals from around the world--key to the future development of some of Japan's growth industries--have started bearing fruit, with exploration and development projects being launched overseas. On the international front, China--one of the world's key rare metal producers--has begun corralling rare metal resources by tightening its export controls.
Oct 15 Scandal-hit NHK presidents to get some retirement pay (Yomiuri)
 NHK's management committee agreed Tuesday to pay retirement allowances by the year end to former Presidents Katsuji Ebisawa and Genichi Hashimoto, both of whom had had their benefits withheld following a number of scandals involving NHK staff. According to the public broadcaster, the originally agreed payment to be made to Ebisawa was 94.85 million yen, including a sum for his seven-year, seven-month term as president. However, only 31.46 million yen of that amount, relating to his term as managing director and vice president, will now be paid.
Oct 14 Average duration of new car ownership rises to record 7.48 yrs (AP)
 The average duration of ownership of new passenger cars in Japan from the time of registration came to 7.48 years as of the end of March, up 0.25 from a year earlier and setting a record high for the 17th year in a row, an industry body said Wednesday. The average duration for commercial vehicles increased 1.78 years to a record high of 13.50 years, the association said.
Oct 14 Tokyo Motor no-show? Japan snubbed as market shrinks (Economic Times)
 The list of participants at the Tokyo Motor Show says it all: the Japanese car market is sinking into irrelevance. At least that's the mood ahead of the biennial event opening next week as one carmaker after another cancelled their attendance, leaving just two boutique brands from overseas -- Lotus and Alpina. It's a sea change from two years ago, when top guns from Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW all flew in to jazz up their booths despite their cars' limited presence in the world's third-largest auto market.
Oct 14 Free samples of snacks a common marketing tool in Japan (Channel NewsAsia)
 In Japan and many countries around the world, it is common to receive free samples of snacks or cosmetics. They are a marketing tool to entice people to buy the actual thing. The cost has not stopped a Japanese snack manufacturer from going all out to encourage potential customers. Harimayama - a rice cracker maker based in Hyogo Prefecture - has shops in Fukuoka and Kyoto and has opened its third shop in Tokyo. As part of a promotion, it has been offering its customers rice crackers free of charge, together with coffee and tea.
Oct 14 Japan Airlines to seek $2.8 billion debt waiver (USA Today)
 Japan Airlines plans to ask its creditors to forgive it 250 billion yen ($2.8 billion) in debt as part of a new turnaround plan, Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday. The struggling airline, Asia's largest by revenue, is also considering expanding its planned job cuts to more than 9,000 from 6,800 and will seek to boost its capital by 150 billion yen, Kyodo said, citing sources close to the matter.
Oct 14 Michelin starry-eyed in new Japan city guides (AFP)
 After publishing a Tokyo dining guide, Michelin unveiled on Tuesday a book focusing on Japan's western cities of Kyoto and Osaka, awarding stars to its entire selection of 150 restaurants. The guide, due to hit Japanese bookstore shelves on Friday in both Japanese and English, lavished the ancient capital of Kyoto with six three-star ratings among the city's 85 chosen restaurants.
Oct 13 Michelin gives top ratings to 7 restaurants in Kyoto, Osaka (AP)
 Michelin has awarded its top three-star rating to six restaurants in Kyoto and one in Osaka, the publisher of the world famous tourist guide said Tuesday. Among the seven are 400-year-old Japanese restaurant Hyotei and the chief eatery in Arashiyama of Kyoto Kitcho, also a Japanese restaurant, both in Kyoto, as well as French restaurant hajime in Osaka.
Oct 13 Maehara eyes turning Haneda into 24-hour hub airport for international flights (Japan Times)
 Transport minister Seiji Maehara indicated Monday his wish to turn Tokyo's Haneda airport into a hub for international flights, an idea that, if realized, would represent a major shift in the government's longstanding policy of routing most Tokyo-bound international flights to Narita airport.
Oct 13 Australia's Toll to buy out Japan logistics firm (Reuters)
 Toll Holdings (TOL.AX), Australia's largest logistics group, is buying out Japanese express freight company Footwork Express for A$95 million ($86 million), the Australian firm said on Tuesday.
Oct 13 Osaka governor threatens to hold back funding for Kansai Airport (Mainichi)
 The Osaka Prefectural Government will stop funding Kansai International Airport unless it is turned into a hub airport, Osaka Gov. Toru Hashimoto has announced.
Oct 12 Japanese dress down (Korea Times)
 For decades, the Japanese consumer has reigned as the world's biggest spender on luxury products. As word spread that ordinary Japanese women would happily part with a month's rent or even salary for a designer handbag, silk scarf, or pair of shoes, Europe's megabrands all flocked to Tokyo to partake in the miraculous bounty. Japanese women today are no longer slaves to the status badges accorded by fashion labels, and have much more confidence in expressing their individuality through their own taste.
By J.S. on Oct 20, 2009



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