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Manga version of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' a hit in Japan

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Taking up herewith Japanese Social Trend News by Media in last week.
Recent Social Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Oct 04 Cheers to women drinking on their own terms (Japan Times)
 On July 31, an organization called Shufu Rengo, along with a conference of groups that address alcohol-related issues, sent a letter to liquor-industry associations containing a 'request' to enforce 'self-regulation' of television commercials targeting women.
Oct 04 Japan's gender equality may be 'insufficent,' but it's surely coming (Japan Times)
 As the vast majority of societies worldwide are male dominated, one of the most contentious issues they face as they evolve centers on the status of women.
Oct 03 Playwrite Noda awarded OBE by Britain (AP)
 Japanese playwright and theater director Hideki Noda has been made an Honorary Officer of the British Empire for his contribution to bilateral relations between Japan and Britain through art. The 53-year-old Noda received the award on Friday from British Ambassador to Japan David Warren at the British Embassy in Tokyo.
Oct 03 Int'l school principal, husband nabbed on marijuana smuggling (AP)
 The principal of the kindergarten-junior school of the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo and her husband have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling marijuana into Japan from the United States, Tokyo police said Friday. Shirley Lane, 59, who lives in Tokyo, allegedly had her 62-year-old husband Thomas send a parcel containing 5.9 grams of marijuana to her in late September from Florida. The marijuana was found by customs officers at Narita airport near Tokyo.
Oct 02 Friend: Japanese woman who took kids felt trapped (AP)
 A friend says Noriko Savoie felt trapped - she was a Japanese citizen new to the U.S. whose American husband had just served her divorce papers. Her disintegrating marriage likely would have ended with little notice had she not fled to Japan, where her ex-husband was arrested this week trying to get the children she took with her into the diplomatic protection of a U.S. consulate.
Oct 02 'I'm sorry' robber arrested in Japan (AFP)
 A would-be Japanese robber armed with a wooden stick was arrested after being confronted by an angry shopkeeper, apologising and calling the police to confess his crime, an official said Wednesday. Takashi Owada, a 54-year-old unemployed man, demanded money from the 59-year-old female cashier at a convenience store in the northern city of Fukushima on Tuesday, according to a local police spokesman.
Oct 02 Japan rules against road over ancient port behind 'Ponyo' (AFP)
 In a rare win for heritage activists, a Japanese court Thursday halted plans for a road bridge over the scenic and ancient port that helped inspire the animation hit movie "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea". The court ruled that the impact would have been too grave on picturesque Tomonoura port -- which is lined with traditional Japanese houses and faces the Seto Inland Sea -- located in western Hiroshima Prefecture.
Oct 02 Popularity may force curb on climbing Yaku Island (Japan Times)
 Since Yaku Island was placed on the World Heritage list 16 years ago, tourism has been booming. Some 390,000 tourists flocked to the 500-sq.-km island south of Kagoshima Prefecture in fiscal 2008, up from an estimated 210,000 back in 1993. What attracts people to the island are the Japanese Jomon cedar trees that are presumed to be 2,000 years old.
Oct 01 Illegal moneylenders dig in at ex-mining town (Asahi)
 KAWASAKI, Fukuoka Prefecture--A rare sense of excitement permeates the air of this former coal mining town on the third day of each month. On this day, seikatsu-hogo public livelihood assistance arrives for more than 3,000 recipients, or one in six residents in Kawasaki, a town of fewer than 20,000 people. As people line up for the cash, another group arrives. They are moneylenders--saviors to many Kawasaki residents but a scourge to sticklers of financial laws.
Oct 01 Court ruling favors people seeking to preserve landmark scenery (AP)
 A group of residents in western Japan Thursday won a lawsuit seeking to block a public works project that they fear would spoil the scenery in and around a fishermen's district known for well-preserved historical buildings and facilities. The Hiroshima District Court issued an injunction suspending a license filed for the launch of a reclamation and bridge-building project affecting the Tomonoura district, which is located in Fukuyama city. The area forms a core part of a national park that inspired an ancient poet and a world famous movie director.
Oct 01 Manga version of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' a hit in Japan (telegraph.co.uk)
 The manga book describes both Hitler's autobiography and his infamous Nazi manifesto in the unlikely form of easy-to-read comic pictures and captions. Since it was published in Japan last November, its popularity has soared, with sales of more than 45,000. The book, which forms part of a series on world classics turned into manga, covers a range of aspects of Hitler's life, from his childhood to the formation of his political party.
Oct 01 Women in 30s, 40s fall for beautiful, chiseled males (Yomiuri)
 An increasing number of women in their 30s and 40s are being drawn toward a strong, silent type of man--enlightened fellows who still have "dishy faces" and "sexy hips" despite their advanced years. Yet these men are made of wood rather than flesh and bone--they are Buddharupa, or statues of Buddha. And while they have historical value and religious significance, their new breed of female fan casts aside their difficult conceptual side, preferring instead to revel in the lighthearted fun of their aesthetic charms.
Oct 01 Cop used police cars as country club shuttle (Yomiuri)
 A 51-year-old senior police officer of Joyo Police Station in Joyo, Kyoto Prefecture, was found to have used police cars to shuttle acquaintances to and from a golf event in the city on Friday. Golf star Ryo Ishikawa played in the four-day Panasonic Open men's golf event at the Joyo Country Club, which attracted about 37,000 people. Haruo Okazaki, deputy chief of the station, apologized on behalf of his staff.
Sep 30 Sixty-foot Gigantor bot towers over Japan (CNET)
 Workers in Japan have built a 60-foot statue of famous cartoon robot Gigantor in the city of Kobe. The statue is an actual-size replica of the hulking robot depicted in numerous manga and anime. It's known as Tetsujin 28 in Japan. Towering over Kobe's Wakamatsu Park, the statue weighs 50 tons and cost some 135 million yen ($1.5 million) to build. It took about six weeks to erect. Designed as a permanent tourist attraction, the Gigantor monument was organized under the NPO Kobe Tetsujin Project to honor the work of the late cartoonist Mitsuteru Yokoyama, a Kobe native and the genius behind such manga classics as Sally the Witch and Giant Robo.
Sep 30 Turning Japanese: Notes from the Underground (guardian.co.uk)
 In Japan, "punk" is not an attitude or a spirit, it is just a fashion. So Japanese people will think that the Sex Pistols and Avril Lavigne are the same thing, because they are associated with a trend. The British movie This Is England has just been released here, but young Japanense people in are more interested in the skinheads' wardrobes than in the historical background. They definitely enjoy it as a fashionable film, but won't consider its political content. They don't know what a skinhead really is.
Sep 30 2channel, other sites seen behind rise in shoplifting (Yomiuri)
 A nationwide rise in the number of shoplifting cases has been linked to an increase in the number of postings on Internet forums that teach people how to steal from shops and businesses without being caught. According to a senior Metropolitan Police Department official, during the past few years, an increasing number of postings detailing how to shoplift without being detected have been posted on various sites, including the 2channel online bulletin board. Many entries have been found on the 2channel site that seem to encourage theft, including postings such as "Shoplifting is a sport," and "It's easy to shoplift 100 comics."
Sep 30 Stars reprise 'Winter Sonata' roles for 'anime' (Japan Times)
 South Korean actors Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo, who rose to fame in Japan for their leading roles in the drama "Winter Sonata," expressed hope Tuesday that their Japanese fans will enjoy the animated version of the series to be released on pay TV in mid-October. Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo, Bae and Choi also spoke of the difficulties they have had doing the voice-overs for their characters, highlighting the differences between acting in front of the camera and behind a microphone.
Sep 29 Indonesian filmmakers defy clerics over Japanese porn star's visit (AFP)
 Filmmakers in Muslim-majority Indonesia on Monday defied condemnation by clerics, saying they would stick to their plans to fly out a top Japanese porn star to act in a local comedy. Muslim leaders have blasted plans to bring out 23-year-old erotic film megastar Maria Ozawa, popularly known as Miyabi, to play herself in the upcoming film "Menculik Miyabi" (Kidnapping Miyabi).
Sep 29 High court commutes death for gangster who shot Nagasaki mayor (AP)
 The Fukuoka High Court on Tuesday commuted a 62-year-old gangster's death sentence to life imprisonment for the 2007 fatal shooting of Nagasaki Mayor Itcho Ito during his election campaign. Both the defendant Tetsuya Shiroo and his lawyer had appealed the death sentence given by the Nagasaki District Court in May last year, which was unusual in that the defendant had no criminal record while the case did not involve robbery and had only one victim.
Sep 29 Japanese woman found dead in Bali, murder suspected (AP)
 A 33-year-old female Japanese tourist was found dead Monday in the Indonesian resort island of Bali, with injuries to her body raising suspicions of murder, according to local reports Tuesday. Wilmar Marpaung, detective unit chief at the Bali Police Headquarters, said the body of Rika Sano was found at 4 p.m. Monday in a thicket of bushes on Mertahadi Street in the Kuta beach resort area.
Sep 29 Father follows abducted children to Japan, gets arrested (newschannel5.com)
 A Williamson County father is under arrest in Japan after picking up his two children who were abducted from Tennessee by his ex-wife, then racing Japanese police to the nearest U.S. Consulate. A local court in his hometown of Franklin, Tenn., recently gave Christopher Savoie full custody of the boy and girl. But family and friends say that's not doing him much good in the custody battle that's now playing out 7,000 miles away in the city of Fukuoka, Japan.
Sep 29 In Japan, little towns fall off the face of the map (Los Angeles Times)
 In the last decade, about 200 communities in Japan have vanished. On Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost large island, almost 10% of the towns are endangered, with half of those expected to disappear in the next 10 years. With few jobs or social opportunities, towns have little to offer the younger generation. Meanwhile, throughout Japan, women are marrying at a later age and fewer are choosing to have children.
Sep 29 Suicides in Japan reach 22,000 in 8 months through August (AP)
 The number of people who committed suicide in Japan from January through August came to 22,362, an increase of 971 or 4.5 percent from a year earlier, a National Police Agency report showed Monday. If the current pace continues the annual figure could match the record of 34,427 marked in 2003. Of the total during the eight-month period, 16,008 were men and 6,354 women, according to the preliminary survey.
Sep 29 Gaijin health coverage: an appeal for choice (Japan Times)
 Unless you've just made it to this corner of the world in the last couple of weeks, you're probably well aware of the new visa guideline that's scheduled to go into effect in April 2010. Because of this guideline, foreigners who wish to renew their visa and who are required to be enrolled in social health insurance will be asked to present their social health insurance cards to Immigration officials.
Sep 29 Otokogumi guitarist held in pot bust (Japan Times)
 The guitarist of a defunct rock band has been arrested for alleged cannabis possession, police said Monday. The arrest of Shoji Narita, a 41-year-old former member of the rock group Otokogumi, was made after the Metropolitan Police Department searched his home in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, on Sunday night and found a few grams of dried marijuana.
Sep 29 Guns N' Roses confirmed for Japan, Korea & Taiwan tour (rockstarweekly.com)
 Asian concert promoters have confirmed that Guns N' Roses will perform a mini-tour of Asia later this year. The gigs will be their first shows in support of last year's Chinese Democracy. Universal Music Japan confirmed two of the dates, while advertisements for two additional stops have reportedly appeared in the confirmed cities.
Sep 28 Noriko Sakai's brother handed 30-month prison sentence for drugs (Mainichi)
 The brother of actress Noriko Sakai was sentenced to 30 months in prison for drug use on Monday. Takeshi Sakai, 30, a former gang member from Fukuoka, was convicted of violating the Stimulants Control Law at the Fukuoka District Court.
Sep 28 Japanese tourists winched to safety (bigpondnews.com)
 Two Japanese tourists have been winched to safety after getting lost in bushland west of Sydney. The 28-year-old men were trekking in the Kanangra Boyd Forest, south of the Blue Mountains, when they became lost on Sunday afternoon. They set off an emergency beacon, prompting two special casualty access team (SCAT) paramedics to go to their rescue.
Sep 27 Local theaters down, not out in Japan (AsiaOne)
 For many regional cities, the local movie theater has become a thing of the past. But recently there have been moves by many local areas to bring old theaters back to life and hopefully help boost the communities. Multiplexes housing five or more movie screens have been popping up in cities and suburbs across the country in recent years, helping cause an uneven distribution of movie screens across the country.
Sep 27 Shinjuku shows the way (Japan Times)
 Property ads in Hatsudai and Hatagaya, immediately west of central Tokyo's Shinjuku Station, often trumpet the fact that it's possible to "commute by bike" to the neighboring hub. Last year that ride became a little bit easier, when the so-called Kyu-Tamagawa Suido Road, running ramrod straight from western Shinjuku, through Hatsudai, Hatagaya and out to Suginami Ward, was selected as one of 98 "model districts" around the country where dedicated bike lanes would be established.
Sep 27 'Cove' debut draws mixed reactions (Japan Times)
 "The Cove," a film about dolphin slaughters in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, drew a mixed response from an audience of 150 that included foreign journalists in Tokyo on Friday evening, the first time the award-winning movie has been screened in Japan. The 92-minute film, which was first screened in Los Angeles July 31 and is now being shown in other parts of the United States, Australia and some European countries, was screened at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
Sep 27 Japan: Plastic fantastic (New Zealand Herald)
 Spend time in Japan and you will see countless displays of plastic food samples in restaurant windows. It's a bizarre concept, but that's Japan for you. People like to see what they're going to eat. As a tourist, not only can you visit the factory and see an incredible array of scarily realistic-looking samples but you can also make some to take home. It's just about the most fun you can have with hot wax. Well, in polite company at least.
By J.S. on Oct 9, 2009



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