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The future of online gaming in Japan

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Taking up herewith Japanese Science & Technology Trend and Japanese Electronics Trend News by Media.
Science & Technology and etc Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Science & Technology
Sep 12 Kyushu Electric to build solar plants in Japan on former coal sites (pennnet.com)
 Kyushu Electric Power is studying a plan to build two large solar power stations on former coal fired power station sites in Nagasaki Prefecture. One of the facilities in the city of Omura, could have an output of about 10 MW, making it one of the largest such plants in Kyushu, Japan's southernmost main island.
Sep 12 H-2B rocket launch 'more than perfect' (Yomiuri)
 "From development dogged by complaints and excuses to development full of challenges and success." These were the words underlying Friday's successful launch of the first H-2B rocket carrying an unmanned transportation vehicle. Tomihisa Nakamura, project manager of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, wrote these words in a notebook on the occasion of a painful failed launch six years ago. Nakamura, 57, got through the extra years of hard work that led to Friday's successful launch with these words etched in his heart.
Sep 11 Japan likely to secure new-flu vaccines for 60 million people (AP)
 Japan is likely to secure vaccines for the new H1N1 strain of influenza for more than 60 million people -- through imports for more than 42 million people and from domestic production for at least 18 million people, Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Yoichi Masuzoe said Friday. Japan envisions prioritizing the inoculation of some 19 million people, mainly healthcare workers, pregnant women and patients of certain underlying illnesses, with domestically-produced new-flu vaccines, while vaccinating another 35 million children and elderly people with imported vaccines.
Sep 11 Japanese help uncover ancient Peru remains (AFP)
 A joint Japanese-Peruvian archeological mission has uncovered the remains of a pre-Incan woman sacrificed more than 2,000 years ago in the Andean nation, experts told local media Wednesday. The remains were uncovered at an archeological complex in northern Peru's Cajamarca department, where several previous discoveries of ancient remains have been made.
Sep 10 Researchers to study how plants grow in Kibo lab module (Yomiuri)
 A group of Japanese researchers at Toyama University will take part in an experiment Thursday to raise plants in the Japanese space laboratory Kibo (Hope) on the International Space Station. Working through a computer uplink, the researchers will water the plants and shine light on them by remote control. This first experiment in Japan's space lab to focus on plants is designed to collect data that can be used in growing vegetables and trees in living environments in space, in preparation for a time in which people may reside off the Earth for long periods.
Sep 09 Dinosaurs storm Japan (thefutureofthings.com)
 Japanese company Canon Inc. is introducing a new exhibition on Augmented Reality technology that allows virtual simulation of ancient dinosaurs. Though extinct for millions of years, the dinosaurs come to life in at Makuhari Messe, an international convention complex in Japan.
Sep 09 Alien invaders taking hold around Japan's coastline (Asahi)
 At least 76 alien marine species have invaded coastal waters around Japan, with 37 establishing a foothold, a survey has found. One of those species, the Mediterranean mussel, is among "100 of the World's Worst Invasive Alien Species" designated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.
Sep 08 J-Power says carbon capture project on schedule (Reuters)
 Japan's biggest coal user, J-Power, is part of a Japanese coalition working with Australia to market the world's first fully-integrated carbon capture and storage (CCS) project, to help battle carbon dioxide emissions. The $200 million Callide A OxyFuel project in Queensland, Australia, is on schedule to start up a 30-megawatt coal-fired power plant in July-September 2011.
Sep 08 Plutonium possessed by Japan rises to 31.8 tons (AP)
 The amount of fissile plutonium Japan possessed in the country and abroad totaled about 31.8 tons at the end of last year, up 0.6 ton from a year earlier, a Cabinet Office report showed Tuesday. Nearly all of the newly extracted plutonium during 2008 came from a spent fuel reprocessing plant during a test run in the village of Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture.
Sep 08 That lovely painting may be a high-tech copy (Asahi)
 The protection of cultural properties is going digital, with Buddhist sculptures, old paintings and World Heritage structures being preserved as digital images. Using state-of-the-art printing technology, two printing giants are expanding their businesses by preserving cultural properties as digital prints and videos.
Sep 08 Japan to help build giant telescope (Asahi)
 The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan will take part in an international project to build a giant telescope with a diameter of 30 meters on the Mauna Kea mountain in Hawaii. The Thirty Meter Telescope, as shown in an artist's rendition, will enable astronomers to observe extremely dark celestial objects, such as planets outside the solar system.
Sep 08 Expectations rise for surgery to stem obesity (Japan Times)
 Expectations for obesity surgery are rising in Japan, where about 600,000 people are reported to be morbidly overweight. Severely overweight people account for 0.5 percent of the country's population in terms of the body mass index, a measure of body fat calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared.
Sep 08 Super typhoons in store as seas warm (Japan Times)
 A super typhoon stronger than the deadly Hurricane Katrina that devastated the southern United States in 2005 could hit Japan in the latter half of this century if global warming continues, according to a study by a Japanese research team made available Monday. Typhoons packing winds of at least 241.2 kph are often called super typhoons, but the one feared by the researchers could blow as strong as 288 kph on the ground.
Sep 07 1 in 12 hospital doctors suffer depression: survey (Mainichi)
 In its first large-scale survey focusing on doctors' health, the Japan Medical Association (JMA) has found that one in 12 hospital doctors have some form of depression that requires psychological care. The JMA concluded that in addition to lack of days off and inadequate hours of sleep, complaints from patients cause a great amount of stress for doctors, and have called on hospitals to take institutional measures in dealing with medical accidents and clashes between doctors and patients.
Sep 06 Japan's first space cargo ship ready to fly (space.com)
 Japan's first unmanned spacecraft to haul cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) is nearly ready for its maiden launch next week. The new cargo ship is poised to launch toward the station on Sept. 10 from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan on a shakedown cruise. If all goes well, the inaugural spacecraft, called the H-2 Transfer Vehicle 1 (HTV-1), should arrive at the station on Sept. 17.

Sep 12 Sony dominates in Japan (IGN)
 We already knew that the PS3 saw a hardware surge in Japan last week thanks to the release of the slimline system. Today, we learned that it wasn't just the hardware. PS3 also grabbed the top software spot thanks to Namco Bandai's Gundam Senki, released opposite the system and also included with the system as part of a limited edition hardware bundle.
Sep 12 Panasonic touts new LED home lamps as most efficient (Japan Times)
 Panasonic Corp. said it will enter the market for light-emitting diode home lamps Oct. 21 by releasing eight models with the best energy efficiency in the industry. Panasonic aims to sell 400,000 units of the Everleds LED lamps by the end of next March.
Sep 10 The future of online gaming in Japan (1up.com)
 Even the rear end of a chocobo knows by this point that Japan is pretty far behind the US, Europe, and the rest of Asia in adopting online games -- this despite the fact that they've got one of the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable networks in the entire world. What the 'ey? Even Kaname Fujioka is a bit perplexed -- and he's the director on the Monster Hunter series, one of the few big success stories for online console games in Japan.
Sep 10 Japan points to wireless health's future? (mobihealthnews.com)
 The largest mobile operator by subscribers, NTT DoCoMo, might bring its brand to the U.S. and offer DoCoMo wireless service over T-Mobile USA's or AT&T's network, according to reports in Japan Today and Japan Times. The reports claim that the carrier is interested in launching its advanced mobile Internet services for the U.S. market.
Sep 10 Does your toilet really need to chirp like a bird? (huffingtonpost.com)
 From the fantastic public transportation system to the exploding Toyota Prius sales to the eco sex clubs and streets without a lick of trash, Japan is a formidable force on the green front. But after a 20-day trip, four social norms stuck out that made me go WTF? And wonder if pledges for extremely ambitious greenhouse gas emission cuts are realistic.
Sep 09 Sony projects 50% increase in Japan's year-end LCD TV (Bloomberg)
 Sony Corp. said the liquid-crystal display television market in Japan may grow as much as 50 percent in the year-end shopping season. A government incentive program for energy-efficient electronics will continue to boost shipments of LCD TVs in Japan. Sony said today it will promote sales of LCD TVs with back lights using light-emitting diodes to bolster its sales in Japan.
Sep 08 Nokia starts offering VERTU mobile phone services in Japan (mobilecrunch.com)
 Japan is a tough market to crack for many non-Japanese cell phone makers, and even the world's leading cell phone maker, Nokia, had to give up its Japan operations after having failed to gain a foothold in this country (in November last year). But they're trying again, this time with their luxury brand Vertu.
Sep 08 Final Fantasy 13 dated for Japan (itproportal.com)
 After waiting patiently for so long, it seems like Square Enix jumped the gun on their announcement earlier today. With a planned private event scheduled for tomorrow, the big surprise of the part has been leaked early.
Sep 08 Google's Front Page Doodle Linked To Japanese Video Game (itproportal.com)
 Last week, Google changed its search engine logo - one of the most recognisable designs - to depict a flying saucer pulling away the second "O" in Google with a tractor beam. As expected, this rather significant move by the world's largest search engine quickly became a phenomenon on its own with some theories suggesting that Google might have made contact with aliens (or have used alien technologies or are in fact aliens themselves).
By J.S. on Sep 18, 2009



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