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15 years in prison given in 1st lay judge trial involving rape cases

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Taking up herewith Japanese Society News by Media in last week.
Social Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Sep 05 Couple arrested for forcing 11-year-old son to shoplift food (Mainichi)
 A couple who forced their 11-year-old son to shoplift food for them have been arrested, say police. Seiji Nakamura, 33, and his ex-wife Yuuki Sakazawa, 31, residents of Kakogawa in Hyogo Prefecture, were arrested for theft. Their son told police he had been stealing for the pair for the past two years or so.
Sep 05 15 years in prison given in 1st lay judge trial involving rape cases (AP)
 A panel of three professional and six citizen judges gave a sentence of 15 years in prison Friday as sought by prosecutors to a 22-year-old man in Japan's first lay judge trial involving rape cases. Presiding Judge Kenji Ogawa handed down the decision, considered relatively tough, on defendant Yasuhiro Tajima, who was charged with rape, robbery, trespassing, theft and attempted theft in four criminal cases.
Sep 05 Japan must embrace feminine side (Sydney Morning Herald)
 There could be a strange gender war building up in Japan, where notions of national authenticity, war and peace are bound up in concepts of masculinity and feminism in ways less thinly disguised than in many other countries. Japan's temple of masculinity is undoubtedly the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. It's an impressive place, approached up a wide avenue lined with sombre trees to a huge bronzed gateway. The main building, of fine weathered timber under a low roof, hung with white banners of mourning, has an eerie, understated elegance.
Sep 05 Couple held over forcing of son, 11, to shoplift (Yomiuri)
 A dispatch worker and his former wife of Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture, were arrested Friday on suspicion of coercing their 11-year-old son into stealing food, police said. The police quoted the son, a fifth-grade primary school student, as saying he did not want to do it but was afraid of being hit by his father.
Sep 05 How to become a gaijin that can say no (Japan Times)
 Meanwhile, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of "The Japan That Can Say No," a bestselling collection of essays penned by Sony co-founder Akio Morita and author Shintaro Ishihara, then a Diet member, now governor of Tokyo and always an in-your-face-ist regarding almost every ism on the don't-touch list. Like racism, nationalism, sexism and so on.
Sep 04 Want to be healthy and live longer? Take cues from Japan (osceolaiowa.com)
 Japan has the lowest obesity rate in the developed world - 3 percent versus 32 percent in the United States, according to the International Obesity Taskforce. Many believe the good overall health and long life expectancy rate of the Japanese is due to their diet.
Sep 04 My father-in-law's funeral (csmonitor.com)
 I was shocked to see my father-in-law's body stretched out in a portable bathtub, his bare feet sticking out from under a peachcolored bath towel. Days earlier, he had died from a tear in his aorta, the main artery of the body. So it was in late June that seven of us in the immediate family gathered around his body at the Central Hall funeral parlor near his home in Yokohama to take part in a Japanese encoffination ceremony, a solemn ritual of preparing a body for a wake and funeral.
Sep 04 Soccer skills - and a little media savvy - get one man off Japan's streets (csmonitor.com)
 You wouldn't think that being good at soccer was much use if you were a homeless man looking for work and shelter. But Yutaro Gomikawa can tell you different. Mr. Gomikawa fell through the holes in Japan's social safety net with an act of foolishness. Last March, getting off work as a forklift driver in a frozen foods factory one evening, he stole a bike to save him the walk to a local videogame arcade.
Sep 04 3 held over registering Peruvian boy as Japanese (Yomiuri)
 A 30-year-old Japanese man of Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, and a Peruvian couple were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of falsely registering the couple's boy as the Japanese man's child, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. A revision to the Nationality Law in January means that marriage is no longer a prerequisite in bestowing Japanese nationality on a child provided one of the parents is Japanese and that the Japanese parent acknowledges the child as his or her own after birth.
Sep 03 Suspect in 72 mil. yen cash theft placed on wanted list (AP)
 The Fukuoka prefectural police on Thursday put a driver, who is suspected of stealing some 72 million yen in cash from a cash transport car, on a nationwide wanted list, the police said. The police are now studying footage from surveillance cameras installed at train stations as they have discovered that Takayoshi Ueno, a 65-year-old driver of cash transport vehicles belonging to Fukuoka-based Chikuho Bank, went to JR Hakata Station by taxi after allegedly stealing the money Wednesday.
Sep 03 Japanese stabbed self in hotel (Straits Times)
 A retired Japanese doctor who was found with a stab wound in his chest in a luxury hotel lost a substantial sum of money in the financial crisis, a coroner's court heard on Thursday. Dr Takamasa Kato, 64, a divorcee and owner of several hospitals in Japan, was found with a knife embedded in his chest in his room at Ritz Carlton Millenia at Raffles Avenue on March 9.
Sep 03 New Japanese watermelon comes from the heart (ethiopianreview.com)
 It may be filled with soft and pink fleshy bits but this Japanese invention is by far the strangest representation of love we have seen in some time. An enterprising farmer and his wife in Kumamoto, Japan have created a heart-shaped watermelon.
Sep 03 Japanese tourist arrested over skink smuggling (news.com.au)
 A Japanese man has been arrested at Perth International airport for allegedly attempting to smuggle skinks out of Australia. A long-running Customs and Border Protection investigation led to the arrest of the 34-year-old man for allegedly attempting to smuggle 14 native reptiles out of Australia.
Sep 03 Gangster nabbed for stealing beloved 'Peko-chan' mascot doll (Mainichi)
 A gang member was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly stealing a popular "Peko-chan" mascot doll belonging to confectioner Fujiya Co., police said. Hiroshi Inaba is accused of stealing a Peko-chan doll -- which measures about 1.1 meters in height -- displayed at Fujiya's Arimoto store in Wakayama on Feb. 12 this year.
Sep 03 Police officer resigns after reprimand for complaining about bosses, job in blog (Mainichi)
 A female police officer here has resigned after she was reprimanded for complaining about her superiors and work in her blog, it has been learned. The police officer, in her 20s, received an official warning in July this year for "destroying public confidence in the police." She resigned at the end of July.
Sep 03 Smoking banned on all JR West stations in urban areas of Kansai (Yomiuri)
 West Japan Railway Co. in July made 204 stations along lines linking Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and other urban areas smoke-free, completing a smoking ban throughout the company's rail network in the Kansai region. Forty-seven stations on such lines as the Osaka Loop Line had already implemented the ban, bringing the total to 251.
Sep 03 An erroneous broadcast (Japan Times)
 Nippon Television Network Corp. aired a special program at 12:50 a.m., Aug. 24, to examine a grave error in its Nov. 23, 2008, program of "Shinso Hodo Bankisha." The Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization, a body made up of NHK and private broadcasting companies, had called on NTV to broadcast the special program.
Sep 02 Former priest in Nara arrested for stealing Buddhist statues (AP)
 A former Buddhist priest at a temple in Nara Prefecture was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of stealing Buddhist statues from another temple in the western Japan prefecture, police said. Kiyotaka Kanafuri, 62, who lives in the ancient Japanese capital, has admitted to allegations that he stole four statues dating from the Edo period (1603-1867) from Jisaku Temple in the village of Yamazoe between June 28 and July 1.
Sep 02 Actress Sakai's husband, actor Oshio to face trial Oct. 21, 23 (AP)
 The Tokyo District Court will open the trial of the husband of singer-actress Noriko Sakai on Oct. 21 and of actor-singer Manabu Oshio on Oct. 23 for their respective drug cases, according to court schedules made available Wednesday. The trial for Sakai's own drug case, meanwhile, has not yet been scheduled.
Sep 02 Japanese vending machines (examiner.com)
 Japan has become infamous for its vending machines. Pictures of ever stranger items being sold, such as batteries, eggs, or even underwear, can be found around online. When I asked rock music and radio DJ Brian Hardgroove about any strange experiences he's had while traveling in Japan, his first thought was "just the fact that there were soda and drink machines on the street."
Sep 02 Monkey said abused by Japanese wrestlers (UPI)
 One former and three current professional wrestlers abused a pet monkey at a gym in Kobe, Japan, police allege. The 10-year-old female Japanese macaque allegedly was burned with a lighter, sprayed with deodorant and subjected to other abusive acts last spring.
Sep 02 14-year-old hired 13-year-old prostitute (Japan Times)
 Police on Tuesday turned over to prosecutors their case against a 14-year-old boy in Kanagawa Prefecture who allegedly paid ¥60,000 to have sex with a 13-year-old girl he met on an Internet dating site. The boy, in his third year in a Tokyo junior high school, used money from the more than ¥100,000 he had saved from his allowance to make the payment, Kanagawa police said.
Sep 02 Activist against dolphin slaughter visits Taiji to show its nice side (Japan Times)
 The central figure in "The Cove," a controversial and shocking documentary about the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, is back in Taiji on the first day of the annual dolphin hunt with a film crew. But this time he says he wants to show the world what is right about the seaside town.
Sep 02 1st lay judge trial on rape cases begins in Aomori (AP)
 The first lay judge trial on rape cases began Wednesday at the Aomori District Court with the court giving due consideration to the privacy of two victims. In the trial, the third since the new criminal trial system was introduced in Japan in May, Yasuhiro Tajima, 22, pleaded guilty to burglary, rape and other charges in four cases as the court examined more than one case at once, also for the first time under the system.
Sep 01 Japan conducts quake drills nationwide on 1923 quake memorial day (AP)
 An estimated 795,000 people from Tokyo and 30 other prefectures took part in annual anti-earthquake drills conducted by the central and local governments Tuesday, the 86th anniversary of the 1923 killer quake, the Cabinet Office said.
Sep 01 Actor Oshio released on bail after arrest for using Ecstasy (Mainichi)
 Actor Manabu Oshio, under indictment for using Ecstasy, has been released after paying 4 million yen in bail. Oshio has been charged with violating the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law by taking tablets containing Ecstasy at an acquaintance's apartment in the Roppongi district of Minato Ward in Tokyo sometime around Aug. 2.
Sep 01 Charisma Man: An American geek is reborn in Japan (Los Angeles Times)
 The anime character is coming back from hiatus to his Calvin and Hobbes-type fantasy world in which he is super. But he has his own version of debilitating kryptonite. In this land of anime, Charisma Man is a comic strip character created in 1998 by Larry Rodney, a Canadian then teaching English in Nagoya, to lampoon what he saw as the absurd hubris of many Western men in Japan. Capitalizing on their novelty status, they prowled for cheap thrills, an easy paycheck and sex -- not necessarily in that order. Many were slackers posing as teachers (a job for which they were underqualified) to continue the charade of their low-wattage celebrity.
Sep 01 Japanese couple wins World Tango competition (AP)
 A Japanese couple outdanced the Argentines and more to win the traditional salon category at the Tango Dance World Championship. The competition wrapped up Monday night with the finals of "stage" tango, a less traditional form that combines classic tango moves with elements of ballet and even acrobatics.
Sep 01 Hokkaido woman dies after contracting new flu (AP)
 A public health worker in her 40s has died in Hokkaido after contracting the new H1N1 strain of influenza A, a local government said Monday, bringing the number of deaths linked to the epidemic to eight in Japan. The Hokkaido government said the woman, who died Sunday at a hotel in Wakkanai, had suffered high blood pressure and the immediate cause of her death was acute heart failure.
Sep 01 Murder suspected in death of woman, 84 (Yomiuri)
 A wealthy, 84-year-old woman was found dead with a twisted cloth wrapped around her neck in her home in Ota Ward, Tokyo, on Saturday morning, according to the police. Sue Uryu, who ran a real estate leasing business, was found lying on the floor of a Japanese-style room on the first floor of her house by a 58-year-old relative, who called an ambulance.
Sep 01 Typhoon 11 travels along Japan, commuter problems and a few injuries (examiner.com)
 On August 31st and September 1st, Typhoon 11 (Tropical Storm Krovanh), passed along Eastern and Northern Japan, including Tokyo. Heavy rains, strong winds, and high waves hit the region, but without many reported major incidents other than commuter problems. At Narita International Airport outside of Tokyo around 38 flights in and out were said to have been cancelled.
Sep 01 Health workers to be given top priority for anti-flu vaccinations (AP)
 Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Yoichi Masuzoe said Tuesday medical and health workers would receive top priority for vaccinations against the new type of influenza that is spreading at an alarming pace. "It is correct to preferentially vaccinate medical workers" who are in charge of people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, Masuzoe said, citing the death of a health worker in her 40s in Hokkaido.
Aug 31 2 13-year-old girls commit suicide together in Shizuoka (Mainichi)
 Two junior high school girls were found dead here Sunday, after apparently throwing themselves off a building. A security guard found the girls lying on the ground at local commercial complex BiVi Fujieda on Sunday at around 3:40 p.m. The two were pronounced dead shortly after being taken to hospital.
Aug 31 Grilled fish giveaway goes up a gear (Asahi)
 A battle by two fishing cities for the right to be known as the nation's sanma (saury) capital is set to intensify with the addition of a new competitor. Each September, teams from Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture and Miyako in Iwate Prefecture travel to Tokyo to give away thousands of the popular autumn fish, grilled with salt.
By J.S. on  Sep 8, 2009



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