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Shopping habits of China's 'suddenly wealthy'

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Taking up herewith China Society Trend News by Media.
Social Trend in China will be read via these News.
GDP in China is said to catch up with GDP in Japan in a few years and it's necessary for us to watch China Trend.
Report provided by Financial Times titled "Shopping habits of China's 'suddenly wealthy'" is interesting. 

China wed fad reflects social trend
Aug 17, 2009 by China Daily

"She is not a belle, but kind and supportive," said the 31-year-old Zhang, owner of an education and training center in Nantong, east China's Jiangsu ...

China Daily Reported Only Half Of Job Seekers May Find Jobs In China
Aug 22, 2009 by Comtex Smartrend

SmarTrend analyzes over 5000 securities simultaneously throughout the trading day and provides its subscribers with trend change alerts in real time. ...

One-dog policy has China pet owners hot under collar
Aug 16, 2009 by Reuters

China's growing affluence and pursuit of Western trends, greater numbers of middle-class families have become avid pet owners in a booming social trend. ...

China's Tumbling Stock Market Draws Mixed Response
Aug 19, 2009 by The Epoch Times

... an American scholar and analyst on China's social development, explained during an interview with VOA that after the cold war, the global economic trend ...

As China rises and global economy falters, maquiladoras face ...
Aug 22, 2009 by Examiner.com

The Pew Hispanic Center released a report in October entitled “Trends in Unauthorized Immigration: Undocumented Inflow Now Trails Legal Inflow. ...

China can become consumption powerhouse -McKinsey
Aug 20, 2009 by Forbes

BEIJING, Aug 21 (Reuters) - Shifting China's economy towards services would do much more than strengthening the social safety net as a way to boost the ...

The Best Little Investment Opportunity I Know
Aug 21, 2009 by msnbc.com

Second, you may not know that rural China stands to benefit significantly from government infrastructure projects and social safety net spending. ...

Shopping habits of China's 'suddenly wealthy'
Aug 21, 2009 by Financial Times

Neon lights lining a street in China 

...The rise of the Chinese consumer has ­provided unprecedented opportunities for enterprising global corporations and many now look to the country as their biggest growth market for the indefinite future. And while China’s nouveaux riches share many of the tastes of their counterparts in any other part of the world, there are also a number of customs and cultural legacies that have ­created new markets for ­products that have little value elsewhere. This has encouraged global companies to invest an increasing amount of time and money in understanding what makes the Chinese customer special and how best to market or customise products. ...

The Great Paradox of China: Green Energy and Black Skies
Aug 18, 2009 by Reuters

Overall, however, on these emerging fronts the trends seem positive. But on domestic environmental issues - those that impact the daily lives of the Chinese ...

Japan must shake off US-style globalization
Aug 19, 2009 by Christian Science Monitor

In Japan, opinion was divided on how far the trend toward globalization should go. Some people advocated the active embrace of globalism and supported ...

By J.S. on Aug 26, 2009

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