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In anonymous packed train lurk gropers

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Taking up herewith Japanese Society News Trend by Media.
The situation and / or Japanese Society Trend will be read via these News.
Aug 22 Japan's abandoned mines hint at the ruins we'll leave behind (io9.com)
 The mines in Osarizawa and Matsuo closed decades ago, leaving behind the ruins of industry and miners' homes. The shattered landscape offers a foretaste of a not-too-distant apocalypse.
Aug 21 No holy water? Japan churches drain basins as flu spreads (Reuters)
 Catholic churchgoers in Tokyo will have to do without holy water for now as the H1N1 influenza outbreak prompts Japanese churches to take steps to prevent the spread of the virus. The Franciscan Chapel Center in Tokyo is one church that has decided to empty the holy water basins, into which parishioners traditionally dip their fingers and bless themselves by making a sign of the cross.
Aug 21 Actress Sakai's husband to be served fresh warrant over drug possession (AP)
 Police decided Friday to serve a fresh arrest warrant on actress Noriko Sakai's husband on suspicion of possessing illegal stimulants in a villa in Chiba Prefecture, investigative sources said. The Metropolitan Police Department has raided the leisure home in Katsuura where Yuichi Takaso, the 41-year-old husband of Sakai, frequently stays and found a small amount of the stimulants and inhaling equipment.
Aug 21 Japanese drifting culture (importtuner.com)
 I hear the unmistakable shriek of tires breaking traction. Startled, I look over my shoulder to a sight I've only seen in movies. A car-a heavily modified S13 Nissan, at that-blocking the black and white Osaka Police patrol car that's been stalking us, with smoky donuts. And as if on cue, our getaway minivan-a Toyota Hiace with fellow journalist Alexi Smith behind the wheel-comes barreling down the street, both sliding doors open.
Aug 21 Be a fool and dance Bon-odori (Japan Times)
 If you spend your life stuck in one of Japan's concrete jungles, you may have never seen a Bon-odori (Bon-dance) performed at the summer Bon festivals held all over the country in towns and villages, where people dance in a circle or in line, making the same moves together to traditional Japanese music.
Aug 20 Ex-skating coach denies charges of raping student as trial opens (Mainichi)
 A former figure skating club coach facing charges of raping a 13-year-old girl he was training denied the charges against him as his trial opened in the Nagoya District Court on Thursday. Facing charges of rape resulting in injury is Yasuji Sakai, 58, a resident of Nagoya's Mizuho Ward.
Aug 20 Prince Tomohito enters hospital for alcoholism treatment (AP)
 Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, a cousin of Emperor Akihito, entered the Imperial Household Hospital on Thursday for treatment of alcoholism, the Imperial Household Agency said. It is the third time this year for the 63-year-old prince to be hospitalized for such treatment, following stays in June and July.
Aug 20 Ex-rakugo storyteller held for using stimulants (AP)
 A former Osaka-based rakugo comic storyteller has been arrested and indicted for using amphetamines earlier this year, investigative sources said Thursday. Known during his career as Shofukutei Komatsu, Togan Ka, 52, is famous for his activities to cheer up cancer patients. He was arrested in the city of Kyoto after local police questioned a friend of his June 25 on suspicion of driving a car without a license, according to the sources.
Aug 20 U.N. urges Japan to do more to eradicate discrimination against women (AP)
 A U.N. committee recommended Wednesday that the Japanese government immediately implement remedial measures to eradicate discrimination against women. Japan's efforts to implement antidiscrimination measures as a state party to the international convention against such discrimination are "insufficient," the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women said in a report.
Aug 20 Record 1,446 detected for cannabis in January-June period (AP)
 A record 1,446 people were detected possessing, using or trading in cannabis in the first half of this year, up 21.3 percent from a year earlier, the National Police Agency said Thursday. Among them, 914, or 63.2 percent, were in their 20s or younger, indicating cannabis use is spreading among young people.
Aug 20 4 found dead in flash flood in Naha (AP)
 Four people were found dead Thursday morning after they were carried away by a flash flood in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, the previous day, police said. The four, including Tetsuo Adaniya, 42, were checking the quake- resistance of a decrepit bridge when they were hit by the flash flood.
Aug 20 Grotesque! UK bans 'extreme torture' film (sky.com)
 The British Board of Film Classification has refused to give the DVD entitled Grotesque an 18 certificate, saying its tale of extreme torture featured unrelenting brutality and minimal narrative. It means the unclassified film cannot be legally supplied anywhere in Britain, with anyone doing so risking a heavy fine and imprisonment.
Aug 20 Entrepreneur checks on 'Shibuya gal' rice farm (Japan Times)
 Young entrepreneur Shiho Fujita, known for her trademark "Shibuya gal" look, has caught media attention by starting up a rice farm. And her latest visit to her paddies in the village of Ogata, Akita Prefecture, to check out the crop has her back in the spotlight.
Aug 19 Traces of stimulants detected in hair sample from actress Sakai (AP)
 Very small traces of stimulants have been detected in a hair sample from singer-turned-actress Noriko Sakai, who was arrested earlier this month for alleged amphetamine possession, investigative sources said Wednesday. The latest test results provide new evidence for police, who have been attempting to prove drug use by the 38-year-old after she admitted to inhaling amphetamines since last summer, but her urine samples were negative, according to the sources.
Aug 19 Opera singer Behrens dies in Tokyo (AP)
 Soprano Hildegard Behrens, one of the finest Wagnerian performers of her generation, has died while traveling in Japan. She was 72. Jonathan Friend, artistic administrator of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, said Tuesday in an e-mail to opera officials that Behrens felt unwell while traveling to a festival near Tokyo.
Aug 19 In Japan, a house of steel (New York Times)
 On the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, overlooking a pasture where dairy cows roam in summer, is a two-story house clad entirely in steel. The facade, which is less than two years old, already has a layer of rust that its owner, Peter Grigg, says protects the surface and gives it an unusual reddish color.
Aug 19 What do Japanese gay bar owners like playing? (1up.com)
 Yumemi Sugiko runs Ichimu-An, a gay bar in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. He plays video games for at least 30 hours a week, usually, mostly during the off-times at his job -- and as far as he's concerned, Detective Dick Gumshoe from the Ace Attorney series is his "type." He's playing through Dragon Quest IX right now (like three million or so of his fellow Japanese citizens), but what he'd really like is a "manly love adventure, where you're managing a rugby team."
Aug 18 No. of flu patients in Japan approaches epidemic proportions (AP)
 The number of influenza patients reported per medical institution in Japan has almost reached a level indicating the start of a flu epidemic, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases said Tuesday.
Aug 18 Japanese American group outraged by film (AFP)
 A Japanese-American group on Monday demanded an apology over a film starring Jeremy Piven due to a scene satirically depicting the mob beating of an Asian American man. "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard," which opened in sixth place in the North American box office last Friday, is a comedy about a down-and-out used-car salesman played by Piven who tries to make it big with a Fourth of July sale.
Aug 18 Negligent tenants face rent blacklist (Asahi)
 Alarmed by an increase in the number of apartment dwellers failing to pay rent, companies that guarantee housing payments have joined forces to compile a blacklist that identifies delinquent tenants. Critics say individuals who failed to pay rent for even a short time would be mixed in with hardened deadbeats, making it harder to find a place to live.
Aug 18 Man arrested for drive-by faeces attack (news.com.au)
 A 39-year-old construction worker has been arrested for throwing his own faeces at women passers-by from a motorcycle in two separate attacks in western Japan, police said Monday. The man turned himself in after making the second drive-by attack in Settsu, a satellite city near Osaka, and was detained on suspicion of assault.
Aug 18 Iranian wrestler 'tortured, framed' in Japan (presstv.ir)
 An Iranian wrestler-turned-businessman who moved to Japan in mid 1990s says he was a victim of human rights abuse there and is keen on pursuing his case. Behruz Lotfi-Nasab said he was arrested, tortured and tried on false charges after unwittingly getting involved with Japanese mafia while acting as translator to Iranian friends.
Aug 18 In anonymous packed train lurk gropers (Japan Times)
 A perverse reality that periodically surfaces on the country's crowded urban trains is the groper. Usually male and preying on young females, gropers take advantage of the anonymity of a crowded train where body contact is unavoidable to molest their victims or sexually harass them verbally in low tones.
Aug 18 Romanians will be able to travel to enter Japan without visas (romaniantimes.at)
 Romanian citizens will be able to travel to Japan without visas from September 1, but they will have to present a valid passport. The Japanese embassy in Bucharest said today (Mon) Romanians could stay in Japan for a maximum of 90 days.
Aug 17 Miss Universe preliminary evening gown competition pictures, video (examiner.com)
 Miss Universe contestants demonstrated their ability to dress up for a formal Sunday in the Bahamas. The evening gown competition is among those considered in tallying the scores to determine who will be crowned the new Miss Universe on Aug. 23.
Aug 17 8 arrested for assault, gang rape of high school girl (Mainichi)
 Eight people, including a mother and daughter, have been arrested here for the assault and gang rape of a high school girl. Yoshie Seri, 41, was arrested for breaking the Law Concerning Punishment for Physical Violence, assault and gang rape, with the seven others also arrested for assault and/or gang rape. Four are minors.
Aug 17 Chinese woman pleads not guilty over alleged triple murder case (AP)
 A Chinese woman indicted for killing her Japanese husband and two other men in a scheme to inherit her husband's assets pleaded not guilty Monday at her first hearing at the Osaka District Court. "I'm innocent," Yin Lina, 53, told the court, denying the charges that she murdered her husband Zenichiro Kato, 77, at their home in the city of Osaka around October 2001 to illegally obtain his assets.
Aug 17 Trio arrested after man's body unearthed in Saga (Mainichi)
 Three men were arrested Sunday in connection with the death of a 38-year-old co-worker after one of them phoned police and admitted killing the victim and burying his body, law enforcers said.
Aug 16 Bon return rush fills up airports (Japan Times)
 The Bon return rush began Saturday at Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture and Kansai International Airport near Osaka as travelers who went abroad for the summer holidays started heading back. Smaller airports, as well as bullet trains, regular trains and expressways, also grew crowded as travelers returned to Tokyo after visiting their hometowns or resting at various resorts in Japan.
Aug 16 Tokyo bees make honey high over Ginza (Japan Times)
 Forget Chanel, Cartier and H&M, the buzz on Ginza - long Tokyo's most glitzy shopping and entertainment district - is now all about... honeybees. That's because more than 300,000 Western and Japanese honeybees are being kept there on the roof of the 11-story Pulp & Paper Building by members of the Ginza Honey Bee Project.
Aug 16 J-Pop festival delivers in S.F. (sfgate.com)
 Harajuku girls and Japanese movie stars showed up today to San Francisco's Japantown to celebrate the opening of the New People J-Pop complex and to get a peek at its offerings of art, design, film and quirky fashions. Billed as the J-Pop summit, attractions included Japanese rock bands, a dance party, art demonstrations, beauty contests and the premier of the movie "20th Century Boys."
Aug 16 Heartbreak hotel: Shinjuku police clamp down on illegal lodgings (Mainichi)
 Complaints from local residents have spurred a crackdown by police on illegal lodgings around the Okubo district of Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, over the last couple of months. Popular with tourists from Asia, thanks to its plethora of Asian restaurants, diverse ethnic population and convenient access to Shinjuku's primary entertainment district of Kabukicho, many guests are staying in illegal lodgings without even realizing it.
Aug 16 7 suspects hit with new charges for robbing man found dead in Chichibu (Mainichi)
 Seven suspects arrested for withdrawing money from the bank account of a Tokyo man who was found dead on a mountain in the Saitama Prefecture city of Chichibu, have been served a fresh arrest warrant for robbing the victim and leaving him with fatal injuries, police said.
By J.S. on Aug 24, 2009



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