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Jessica Simpson Tweets About 6.6 Earthquake in Japan

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JAPANESE TREND / Japanese Society (58) / Japanese Society (60)

Taking up herewith Japanese Social Trend News by Media.
Recent Social Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Aug 16 Bon return rush fills up airports (Japan Times)
 The Bon return rush began Saturday at Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture and Kansai International Airport near Osaka as travelers who went abroad for the summer holidays started heading back. Smaller airports, as well as bullet trains, regular trains and expressways, also grew crowded as travelers returned to Tokyo after visiting their hometowns or resting at various resorts in Japan.
Aug 16 Tokyo bees make honey high over Ginza (Japan Times)
 Forget Chanel, Cartier and H&M, the buzz on Ginza - long Tokyo's most glitzy shopping and entertainment district - is now all about... honeybees. That's because more than 300,000 Western and Japanese honeybees are being kept there on the roof of the 11-story Pulp & Paper Building by members of the Ginza Honey Bee Project.
Aug 16 J-Pop festival delivers in S.F. (sfgate.com)
 Harajuku girls and Japanese movie stars showed up today to San Francisco's Japantown to celebrate the opening of the New People J-Pop complex and to get a peek at its offerings of art, design, film and quirky fashions. Billed as the J-Pop summit, attractions included Japanese rock bands, a dance party, art demonstrations, beauty contests and the premier of the movie "20th Century Boys."
Aug 16 Heartbreak hotel: Shinjuku police clamp down on illegal lodgings (Mainichi)
 Complaints from local residents have spurred a crackdown by police on illegal lodgings around the Okubo district of Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, over the last couple of months. Popular with tourists from Asia, thanks to its plethora of Asian restaurants, diverse ethnic population and convenient access to Shinjuku's primary entertainment district of Kabukicho, many guests are staying in illegal lodgings without even realizing it.
Aug 16 7 suspects hit with new charges for robbing man found dead in Chichibu (Mainichi)
 Seven suspects arrested for withdrawing money from the bank account of a Tokyo man who was found dead on a mountain in the Saitama Prefecture city of Chichibu, have been served a fresh arrest warrant for robbing the victim and leaving him with fatal injuries, police said.
Aug 15 Japan confirms first H1N1 death (Reuters)
 A man in his 50s from the southern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa has died from the H1N1 influenza virus, becoming the country's first fatality from the disease, the Health Ministry said on Saturday. The man had apparently not been overseas, a health ministry official said. Other details were not immediately available.
Aug 15 Ponyo: can a Japanese fantasy finally animate US audiences? (guardian.co.uk)
 In his native Japan Hayao Miyazaki enjoys widespread critical and popular acclaim for his exquisitely animated films, which take viewers into surreal alternative worlds of shape-shifting dragons and floating castles. Bit while he is lionised at home as the master of anime, the director has struggled to capture the public imagination in the US. Miyazaki's hopes for a breakthrough in the biggest movie market in the world now rest with Ponyo, the tale of a playful goldfish who longs to be a little girl, released by Disney in the US today.
Aug 15 Harajuku's fashionistas carefully craft their flashy styles with everything from toys to skulls (Yomiuri)
 Step out of JR Harajuku Station in Tokyo, and you are greeted with a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns and styles. Here, fashionistas meticulously shop the nearby kawaii specialty stores for even the tiniest, perfectly cute addition to their outfits.
Aug 15 Controversy erupts over senior yakuza members receiving ringside sumo seats (Mainichi)
 Some senior yakuza members were provided with ringside seats during a recent sumo tournament held here, police said. The ringside seats were part of those set aside for sumo patrons, including companies and support groups that made a certain amount of donations to the Japan Sumo Association. The revelation suggests a possible illicit deal between a gang and sumo supporters.
Aug 15 Surviving a Japanese summer boils down to the art of omiyage (Japan Times)
 Incandescent blooms of hanabi (fireworks), smells of sea salt and suntan lotion on the beach; these images of summer dominate the mental landscape of Shonan, just as the umi-no-ie summer beach houses physically transform the shoreline from Chigasaki to Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Aug 14 Stimulants seized at villa frequented by husband of actress Sakai (AP)
 Police investigators have seized amphetamines at a villa in Chiba Prefecture which was frequented by self-styled professional surfer Yuichi Takaso, husband of pop singer-turned-actress Noriko Sakai who was arrested last week, police sources said Friday. Takaso, 41, was arrested on Aug. 3 in Tokyo for allegedly possessing a plastic bag containing a small amount of the drugs. His wife Sakai, 38, was also arrested Saturday on suspicion of possessing stimulants.
Aug 14 Man clinging to plastic bottle rescued in southern Japan sea (AP)
 A man who was drifting at sea has been rescued by a ship off a southwestern Japanese island and Coast Guard officials said Friday he might have lost his life without a plastic bottle he had that served as a life ring. The 24-old-year Japanese man accidentally fell off the deck of an Okinawa-bound tanker on Thursday morning and was found clinging to a 2-liter plastic bottle by crew of a Liberian-registered freighter about two hours later, according to Japan Coast Guard officials.
Aug 14 Model busted over credit card fraud for cosmetic surgery (Mainichi)
 A 26-year-old model has been arrested for allegedly illegally using another person's credit card for cosmetic treatment, police said. Ai Yoneda, a model -- professionally known as Sayuri Koda -- stands accused of fraud as well as forgery and use of a private document, according to police.
Aug 14 Client arrested in connection with death of realtor (Mainichi)
 A 49-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death of a woman whose body was found in a mountain forest here, police said. Police accuse Fumihiko Sato, an unemployed resident of the Fukushima Prefecture city of Iwaki, of abandoning the body of Mitsue Ishikawa, 59, off a cliff in a local mountain forest on Monday at around 10 p.m.
Aug 14 Japanese man was jeweller (Sydney Morning Herald)
 The Japanese man who was among the 13 passengers aboard the Airlines PNG twin engine aircraft that crashed en route to Kokoda was visiting Papua New Guinea both for business and pleasure, Japanese media reported yesterday. Katsuo Takahashi, 60, was visiting Papua to buy precious stones for his jewellery business in central Oshu.
Aug 14 Trial shows changes in defense strategy (Yomiuri)
 The proceedings in the second trial under the lay judge system indicated that the defense counsel learned lessons from the first lay judge trial in how to present its case. In addition, the ruling handed down in the trial at the Saitama District Court on Wednesday seemed to be more sympathetic toward the defense's side compared to the sentence handed down in the first lay judge trial at the Tokyo District Court last week, which was slightly harsher on the accused than generally anticipated for the crime being tried.
Aug 14 Summer Sonic: 10 years zoom by (Japan Times)
 Japan's biggest urban rock festival, Summer Sonic (SS), held simultaneously in Chiba and Osaka, marked its tenth anniversary last weekend by expanding from two days to three. In addition to bringing two of the biggest modern rock acts on the planet, My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park, to headline Friday and Saturday nights, respectively, they snagged two of the world's biggest R&B artists, Beyonce and Ne-Yo, to play back-to-back Sunday night and talked Lady Gaga into making her Asian festival debut.
Aug 14 Suspect charged in Chiba slaying (Japan Times)
 A man arrested last month for allegedly killing a Chiba woman and abducting her daughter to Okinawa, by air, was charged Thursday with murder and violating weapons law.
Aug 13 Quake-prone Japan still waiting for 'the big one' (AFP)
 When a powerful earthquake hit near Tokyo this week, many Japanese instantly shared the same dreaded thought -- that "the big one" had struck bringing death and devastation on a massive scale. The worst fears of millions did not come true this Tuesday morning. But the powerful tremor centred 170 kilometres (105 miles) from the Japanese capital -- the world's largest urban area with 35 million people -- was a sobering reminder that a catastrophic earthquake is decades overdue.
Aug 13 Same-sex marriage in Japan: The impossible dream? (Mainichi)
 Ten years ago, a gay pride parade in Japan would have been unthinkable; today, they attract thousands of people. But while parades are a long way from legally-recognized nuptials, they can be seen as a step towards making the issue one for public discussion.
Aug 13 People heading home for Bon holidays, traffic jammed (AP)
 Transportation facilities and expressways were crowded Thursday as people headed to their hometowns for Japan's Bon holidays. Restoration work on the Tomei Expressway, parts of which were closed due to damage caused by a major earthquake Tuesday, was completed Wednesday midnight for the outbound lanes, but the inbound lanes will not be reopened Thursday.
Aug 13 Japan promised land for S. Korean prostitutes (Asahi)
 The Internet advertisement guaranteed financial rewards almost unimaginable in the prevailing economic gloom: "Why not go to Japan, where you can earn 20 million won (about 1.55 million yen) a month with ease!" If there was something risky about the opportunity, it didn't deter more than 80 women across South Korea from sending off applications for the job, convinced that here were riches too great to pass up in tough times.
Aug 13 Modern Japan: Love & Romance (YouTube)
 Each episode has a theme, around which Jonathan Ross presents cultural phenomena, films, music, and art that exemplify facets of Japan. The series is colorful in both its creative use of subject matter, and its use of bright colors that helps accent the action on screen rather than distract from it.
Aug 13 Linkin Park rock Japan (Reuters)
 Rock band Linkin Park have added another "first" to their storied musical career by performing in Okinawa, Japan at a concert held at the Mihama Athletic Field.
Aug 13 2nd lay judge trial gives man 4 1/2 years for attempted murder (AP)
 The second trial involving citizen judges under Japan's new criminal trial system resulted Wednesday in a sentence of four-and-a-half years for a man who attempted to kill a male acquaintance in Saitama Prefecture. After the first lay judges tried a murder case last week in Tokyo, the case at the Saitama District Court involved for the first time a victim appearing as a witness, with room for leniency as the murder attempt failed and the defendant turned himself in.
Aug 13 New policy keeps heat on deserters in Japan (stripes.com)
 The U.S. military in Japan has been more aggressive in charging and tracking deserters since a fugitive sailor stabbed a taxi driver to death last year, military legal staff and investigators said. Since then, a dozen servicemembers have been charged with desertion and five remain at large.
Aug 13 Newlyweds infuse lay judge trials with 'Legal Eagles' twist (Japan Times)
 A newly married couple who are both legal professionals coincidentally became involved in the nation's first two lay judge trials. Kiyoshi Magawa, 30, one of the attorneys for Shigeyuki Miyake, 35, the defendant in the second lay judge trial, is the husband of public prosecutor Yoko Magawa, 28, one of three who worked the first trial, which was held last week at the Tokyo District Court.
Aug 13 Japan's population decline is gathering momentum (BusinessWeek)
 Japan's Internal Affairs Ministry published the latest numbers on the country's declining population on Aug. 11. The data doesn't make for pleasant reading. In the year through the end of March 2009, the number of births in Japan fell for the first time since 2006 to 1.08 million, while there were 1.13 million deaths. Put together, that adds up to a record decline in the population of 45,914.
Aug 12 Japan digs out from typhoon, quake disasters (AFP)
 Disaster-hit Japan pushed on with recovery efforts Wednesday, a day after a strong earthquake struck and three days after a typhoon brought flashfloods and landslides that killed at least 15 people. In the flood-hit western town of Sayo, 400 rescue workers and troops searched debris-strewn river banks for survivors or victims of inundations brought by Typhoon Etau that have left 17 people missing nationwide.
Aug 12 Woman dies, over 120 injured after strong quake jolts western Japan (AP)
  One woman is believed to have been killed by the magnitude 6.5 earthquake that shook Shizuoka Prefecture in central Japan and its vicinity on Tuesday while intensive work to repair an expressway damaged by the jolt continued Wednesday ahead of the peak holiday season. The Shizuoka municipal government said it has recognized a 43-year- old, found dead Tuesday under a pile of books in her apartment in the city, as a victim of the quake.
Aug 12 Japanese director Miyazaki seeks breakout U.S. film (Reuters)
 Director Hayao Miyazaki is considered a master of animation in his native Japan, and when Disney releases his latest movie "Ponyo" on Friday the studio hopes to score with an entirely different audience -- mainstream U.S. movie fans. Disney has tried before with other Miyazaki films in the United States and Canada, but has found little success.
Aug 12 Number of citizens residing in Japan rises for 2nd straight year (AP)
 The number of Japanese citizens residing in the country rose for the second year to over 127 million as of the end of March, partly because more people returned to the country than left after Japanese companies pulled back from overseas operations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said Tuesday.
Aug 12 Japanese man burns down house over Gundam models (escapistmagazine.com)
 A 29-year-old man in Japan has been arrested after burning his house to the ground following a fight with his mother over models from the Gundam anime/manga franchise. Yoshifumi Takabe was arrested after he allegedly burned down the house he and his mother lived in. Takabe doused his room in kerosene and set it on fire in a suicide attempt while distraught after learning that his mother had thrown away his "valuable" models from the iconic Gundam franchise.
Aug 12 15 die after heavy rain due to typhoon hits western Japan (AP)
  The death toll from Monday's floods and landslides due to torrential rain caused by a typhoon rose to 15 in western Japan on Tuesday, while 12 other people remain missing, local police said. In the hardest-hit town of Sayo, Hyogo Prefecture, the police recovered the body of a woman from a canal on Tuesday afternoon, while police in Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture, found the body of a nine- year-old boy on Tuesday night.
Aug 11 Nabbed Sakai's 1995 hit song tops iTunes download ranking (AP)
 Singer-actress Noriko Sakai's 1995 single "Aoi Usagi" (Blue Rabbit) was the most downloaded song Tuesday on the popular iTunes music download site following her arrest over alleged stimulant possession.
Aug 11 Police sergeant arrested for taking bribes from massage parlor owner (Mainichi)
 A Tokyo police sergeant has been arrested for corruption after receiving a total of 670,000 yen in bribes from the owner of a Korean massage parlor in exchange for overlooking the sex business she ran there.
Aug 11 Presley statue finds new home (Asahi)
 A relocated bronze statue of Elvis Presley was unveiled here Sunday at a ceremony attended by former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, an avowed fan of "The King." The statue lost its home when Love Me Tender, a Presley specialty store in Tokyo's Harajuku district named after the singer's 1956 hit, closed in January.
Aug 11 Jessica Simpson Tweets About 6.6 Earthquake in Japan (people.com)
 Jessica Simpson is all shook up - literally. The singer, who flew to Japan over the weekend, was shocked by the jolt of a magnitude 6.6 earthquake that hit early Tuesday morning. "Thought I was hallucinating," she Tweeted Monday. "I have never felt anything like this in my life. Laying in bed watching CNN."
Aug 11 Actress Sakai hesitated to turn herself in due to presence of reporters (AP)
 Actress Noriko Sakai apparently hesitated to turn herself in after she was told by an acquaintance that police stations were swarming with reporters following the arrest of her husband for alleged possession of stimulant drugs, investigators said Monday. Sakai was quoted by investigators as saying she "got into a panic and didn't know what to do" after hearing from the acquaintance, whom she had sent to take a look at the police station where her husband, Yuichi Takaso, 41, was under arrest and the one which received the search request from her mother-in-law.
Aug 11 Beyonce does fashion promo in Japan (monstersandcritics.com)
 US singer Beyonce Knowles poses for photographers during a Japanese fashion brand 'Samantha Thavasa' press launch at Disneyland Hotel in Urayasu, Chiba province, Japan.
Aug 10 Are Japan's stars getting a free pass on drug use? (Mainichi)
 Recent days have seen two Japanese entertainment stars arrested for drug offenses, and voices are now being raised claiming the entertainment world is getting a free pass when it comes to banned substances. At first glance, it would appear that drug use is rampant in the entertainment world.
Aug 10 Key gangster boss in major crime group Inagawa-kai arrested (AP)
 A leading gangster boss in the major crime syndicate Inagawa-kai was arrested Monday on suspicion of obstructing authorities from seizing his property. Kazuo Uchibori, 56, more commonly known as Kazuya Uchibori, is a heavyweight in the Tokyo-based gang -- the third largest in Japan as head of its major subsidiary Yamakawa-ikka based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.
By J.S. on Aug 21, 2009



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