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Sake tastes success abroad

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Taking up herewith Japanese Business Trend News by Media.
Business Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Aug 15 Outlet malls attracting shoppers with big discounts on quality items (Mainichi)
 Outlet malls, where manufacturers can offload old stock at lower prices, are doing a brisk trade. There are currently 34 such malls in suburban areas scattered across the nation, and despite their relative distance from traditional shopping districts, consumers are taking advantage of expressway discounts to make bargain shopping a new leisure activity.
Aug 14 Duty-free durian hits Japan (vietnewsonline.vn)
 Durian, okra and shrimp are being exported to Japan duty-free, under a trade deal signed last year, a conference on Thursday heard. The Vietnam Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (VJEPA), which came into effect last October, covers more than 7,000 Vietnamese products that can be exported to Japan without attracting import taxes.
Aug 14 High quality proves key ingredient to success (Japan Times)
 High-priced but good-quality products will win the hearts of customers every time. This is the belief of Masamichi Toyama, founder of Soup Stock Tokyo, and so far he has proved it. Contrary to the garish exteriors of most fast-food chains, Toyama opened outlets with simpler designs. They have been popular with women who might otherwise have a difficult time finding a place where they feel comfortable dining alone.
Aug 14 Specialty match shop opens in Kobe, ex-home to industry (Japan Times)
 A specialty shop has recently opened in Kobe selling various matches in the port city once known for what was one of Japan's leading exports. Among the products on sale at Match-bo are matches in boxes of old-fashioned design from the Meiji and Taisho eras and moisture-proof matches for use in emergencies.
Aug 14 Vouchers for clunkers plan draws fire (Japan Times)
 Japanese automakers objected Wednesday to a request from lawmakers to change the $3 billion Cash for Clunkers program to allow consumers to get vouchers even if a car isn't in stock at dealerships. Toyota Motor Corp. said it opposed the proposal from Republican Reps. Candice Miller and Fred Upton of Michigan, saying it would "create considerable confusion for consumers and dealers that is not warranted."
Aug 13 Novelty 'Tokyo subway' goods get on right track (AP)
 Leaving aside the question of their usefulness, novelty stationery goods featuring Tokyo subway trains such as a big pen with a retractable route map inside have won the hearts of railway fans. A series of nine stationery items also including the "mini train" stapler and "train" paper clips was put on sale by subway operator Tokyo Metro Co. in early June to commemorate the first anniversary of its Fukutoshin Line connecting Shibuya and Ikebukuro.
Aug 13 Over 20,000 firms in Japan aged 100 or older: survey (AP)
 Japan has 21,066 firms founded more than a century ago and they reflect the merits of the Japanese management style, a private credit research agency said Wednesday. There were eight firms founded more than 1,000 years ago, with Osaka- based construction company Kongo Gumi topping the list with 1,431 years of history, Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd. said based on its survey.
Aug 13 Japan power firms to buy CO2 credits; goals still afar (Reuters)
 Eight of Japan's 10 power firms failed to meet their self-imposed emission-cutting targets last year, adding to pressure on them to buy more carbon rights from abroad than planned in the coming years. Despite poor utilization of carbon-free nuclear plants, weak power sales due to the economic slump helped the power sector to reduce CO2 emissions by 5 percent in the business year to March 2009. Electricity demand is seen staying sluggish for now.
Aug 13 Firms learn lesson from Shizuoka quake (Yomiuri)
 The earthquake centered beneath Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture that struck Tuesday morning has hurt the economy of the Tokai region, home to a great number of manufacturing companies, sounding a new warning about the risks corporations face on this quake-prone archipelago. The Tomei Expressway, a transport artery that is key to the nation's economic activities, has been partially closed to traffic since the quake, choking the movement of people and goods in the Tokai district.
Aug 13 Aeon to start selling jeans for ¥880 (Japan Times)
 Aeon Co., the nation's largest retailer, said Wednesday it will start selling jeans Friday with a price tag of ¥880, below the ¥990 price offered by Fast Retailing Co.'s Uniqlo chain, which sells inexpensive casual wear.
Aug 13 Tax breaks for eco-friendly cars drive up sales (Japan Times)
 New car sales are showing signs of recovery as the government's tax breaks and subsidies for environment-friendly vehicles lure consumers back to showrooms displaying popular gasoline-electric hybrids and other fuel-efficient autos, industry officials said Wednesday.
Aug 12 Rental apartments for senior citizens double in Japan (AP)
 The number of rental apartments for senior citizens in Japan has doubled from March 2008 to about 36,000 as a shortage of places in public nursing homes has prompted developers to build properties for seniors, land ministry officials said Wednesday. While the shortage of public housing facilities for the elderly has grown amid the aging of the population and the financial difficulties of local and central governments, real estate developers and nursing care providers have increased apartments for seniors in the absence of tough regulations, they said.
Aug 12 Japan's beer shipments hit record low for July on bad weather (AP)
 Japan's beer shipments in July plunged 11.8 percent from a year earlier to 46.18 million cases, hitting a record low for the month due to the effects of the economic slump and bad weather, industry reports showed Wednesday.
Aug 12 Japan wants to mass-produce electric buses (crunchgear.com)
 We now have "green" cars, bicycles and even trains - so why shouldn't we get electric buses? And apparently Japan asked the same question, as a number of local companies and institutions launched a collaborative project with the aim of developing an eco-friendly, large-size bus. The bus will be based on the Eliica, an Electric Lithium-Ion Car developed at Keio University in Tokyo.
Aug 12 Firms rush to gauge damage from quake (Japan Times)
 Companies scrambled Tuesday to assess the damage after some manufacturing lines in Shizuoka Prefecture were automatically shut down following the strong earthquake in the Tokai region. An official at Oji Paper Co. said the company's factory in Fuji that makes white paper boards for candy boxes automatically shut down after the magnitude 6.5 temblor.
Aug 11 Mitsubishi Chemical to bid for Mitsubishi Rayon (Asahi)
 Industry giant Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp. is in negotiations to acquire Mitsubishi Rayon Co., the nation's fifth-ranking manufacturer of synthetic fiber, for about 200 billion yen, sources said Monday. Mitsubishi Chemical is considering making Mitsubishi Rayon its wholly owned subsidiary through a public tender offer.
Aug 11 British music executives head to Japan to drum up business (guardian.co.uk)
 More than 30 British companies are in Tokyo this week on a government-sponsored mission to break into the huge, but notoriously tough, Japanese music market. Executives from small independent UK labels are hoping to build on the success of major British acts to carve out a niche in Japan, the world's second biggest music market after the US.
Aug 11 Japanese urged to take bluefin tuna off the menu (Times Online)
 Japan should abandon its love affair with sushi and embrace a diet from the austere days of the past, according to the country's leading fisheries expert. Masayuki Komatsu, a long-serving minister in the fisheries agency and now head of a prominent think tank, said that Japanese urgently needed to accept that bluefin tuna, of which they consume 44,000 tonnes every year, would soon be far beyond the budgets of ordinary people as stocks dwindle and prices soar.
Aug 11 Brewers turn ballpark into beer battleground (Yomiuri)
 The rivalries at Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, are more intense than ever this summer as Kirin Breweries Co. and Asahi Breweries Co. are now competing for beer sales in the outfield stands. This spring Kirin Breweries began selling its products in the stadium's outfield stands for the first time, coinciding with the completion of renovations to the stadium in March.
Aug 11 Rise in bankruptcies in July signals credit crunch still in effect (Japan Times)
 Corporate bankruptcies climbed in July, signaling businesses are still struggling to get funding amid the recession. Bankruptcies climbed 1.02 percent in July from a year earlier to 1,386 cases, Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd. said in a report Monday.
Aug 10 Ginza stores roll out red carpet for Chinese visitors (Asahi)
 Department stores in Tokyo's upmarket Ginza district are pulling out all stops to woo big-spending Chinese tourists drawn to the area because of its prestige, advertising in Chinese and employing staff who speak the language. The number of Chinese tourists to Japan is expected to soar in coming years. Since July, tourist visas have been issued to individual travelers who earn the equivalent of about 3.5 million yen a year.
Aug 10 Toyota plans 200,000 unit global output increase (Yomiuri)
 Toyota Motor Corp. is to raise its global output target for fiscal 2009 by about 200,000 units from its projection in May, to about 6.5 million units, it has been learned. The company believes it has completed its inventory adjustments in key countries and that auto sales are recovering thanks to government assistance for new car buyers in these markets, company sources said.
Aug 10 Sake tastes success abroad / Manufacturers tap export markets to alleviate domestic woes (Yomiuri)
 A sharp increase in sake exports amid a Japanese cuisine boom overseas has lifted the spirits of a number of manufacturers looking abroad to make up for evaporating domestic sales. As shochu distilled spirits and other alcoholic drinks cut into sake sales, major sake manufacturers in the Fushimi district in Kyoto and the Nada district in Hyogo Prefecture--both major sake manufacturing bases in western Japan--have tried to expand their market overseas.
Aug 09 Japan Post Service to end tie-up with ANA (Yomiuri)
 Japan Post Service Co. likely will end its air cargo agreement with All Nippon Airways due to an apparent lack of growth in the international shipping business, The Yomiuri Shimbun learned Saturday. Japan Post Service, which is a part of the Japan Post Group, plans to sell ANA all of its stock in ANA & JP Express Co., a joint venture established with ANA before Japan Post was privatized. Japan Post Service, which holds 33.3 percent of shares in the company, likely will start negotiating with ANA soon.
Aug 08 Banks laid off 12% of their employees in Japan (New York Times)
 Goldman Sachs Group and seven other overseas banks eliminated 12 percent of their workforce in Japan last fiscal year as a stock market rout crimped trading income and investment banking fees.
Aug 08 Japan to increase wheat imports as rain ravages crop (Bloomberg)
 Japan, Asia's biggest wheat importer, may increase purchases to a more than three-year high as rain cuts domestic output and lower prices help revive demand. The government is considering raising imports to more than the 4.91 million metric tons planned in March.
Aug 08 HP shakes up Japan's wireless market (BusinessWeek)
 It was a bold statement in small packages. On Aug. 5, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) said it was planning to sell portable, Web-connected computers that can tap Japan's cellular networks without requiring users to be locked into a contract with a wireless operator. The computers -- laptops, netbooks, and touchscreen tablets -- will come with 100 minutes of free airtime and a built-in, pay-as-you-go wireless system when they go on sale next month.
Aug 08 Hermes-touch copter to whisk rich to Narita (Japan Times)
 Mori Building Co. unveiled a ritzy helicopter Friday with interior appointments provided by French luxury brand Hermes that will be used to shuttle wealthy customers between central Tokyo and Narita International Airport in Chiba Prefecture in just 30 minutes, brief limo ride included.
Aug 07 Japan Airlines announces billion-dollar loss (AFP)
 Japan Airlines, Asia's biggest carrier, said Friday that it lost one billion dollars in the last quarter as the global economic downturn and swine flu fears triggered a severe slump in demand. The group announced drastic cuts to its flight services as it braces for a second straight year in the red.
Aug 07 Toll discount expanded for Bon season (Asahi)
 The 1,000 yen fee for unlimited use of rural expressways was expanded Thursday from weekends and national holidays to some weekdays. For today and next week, the discount for cars equipped with Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) devices applies on Thursdays and Fridays.
Aug 07 Toyota planning a new sports car with Subaru (Japan Times)
 Toyota Motor Corp. will produce a fun but affordable sports car as the automaker seeks a return to profitability with vehicles that meet customers' desire for fuel efficiency without sacrificing style.
By J.S. on Aug 17, 2009



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