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Japan mourns 'Flying Fish' Furuhashi

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Taking up herewith Japanese Social News Trend by Media.
Recent Social Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Aug 08 Stimulant drug delivery device seized at Sakai's home (AP)
 A delivery device for stimulant drugs was seized at the home of missing actress Noriko Sakai in Tokyo, and a DNA sample found on it matched that of hers, investigative sources said Saturday. Stimulant drugs were also found there, according to the sources.
Aug 08 Actress Akiko Yada divorces actor Manabu Oshio following drugs arrest (Mainichi)
  Actress Akiko Yada has announced she has divorced her husband, actor Manabu Oshio, who was arrested Monday on a drugs charge. "I divorced him. We had been living separately because of his extramarital affairs and differences in values between us," a statement she released Friday partly reads.
Aug 08 How to find a husband, Japanese-style (ABC News)
 Smartly dressed young Japanese professionals casually converse in a dimly lit bar at what appears to be any other hotspot in Tokyo. But between sips of sake, the stakes are high. These singles are here for konkatsu, or marriage hunting. In konkatsu cooking classes, singles partake in an intimate cooking lesson, chopping up vegetables and sampling sauces side by side.
Aug 08 Puppy love in Japan (ntdtv.com)
 First there was "Heart", a male Chihuahua born in northern Japan, named after the unique, amorous pattern on his coat. Now two years later big brother has a little puppy "Love" to join him, as a sibling bearing a similar heart-shaped marking was born this week.
Aug 08 How to get lost in Kyoto (Japan Times)
 A young couple from Norway were talking about their travels in Japan. "We weren't that impressed with Kyoto," they said. "It was too hard to get around." A week later, I found myself in Kyoto with my 15-year-old niece who was visiting me from the United States. As a 17-year resident of Japan and having taken tourists to Kyoto over a dozen times, we naturally passed up tour guide brochures that said things like "Kyoto Free Walk!"
Aug 07 First Japanese-American federal judge dies (AP)
 U.S. District Judge Robert M. Takasugi, who was sent to an internment camp with his family during World War II and overcame discrimination to become the first Japanese-American appointed to the federal bench, has died at the age of 78. Takasugi, a much-honored jurist who presided over the high-profile trial of automaker John Z. DeLorean in 1984 and authored groundbreaking opinions on constitutional issues during his 33 years on the bench, died Tuesday at a Los Angeles nursing home after a number of illnesses.
Aug 07 Teenage couple arrested for fatally abandoning newborn in bicycle basket (Mainichi)
 A teenage couple has been arrested for fatally abandoning their newborn baby in a bicycle basket, police said on Friday. The pair -- an 18-year-old girl from Tokyo's Itabashi Ward and a 19-year-old boy from the capital's Kodaira, both part-time workers -- stand accused of negligence as guardians resulting in death. Both have reportedly admitted to the allegations.
Aug 07 Veteran actress Ohara found dead at home (AP)
 Veteran actress Reiko Ohara was found dead Thursday at her home in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward, but police believe there is little likelihood of any foul play. She was 62. Ohara gained popularity in Japan through her various roles in Japanese television dramas and movies.
Aug 06 Actor Oshio got 'scared' after seeing woman fall ill (AP)
 Actor and pop singer Manabu Oshio, who is under arrest for alleged drug use, has told investigators that he got scared and left a Tokyo apartment after a woman with whom he took the drug tablets became ill, police sources said Thursday. The 30-year-old woman was found dead Sunday at a luxury apartment in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills business and entertainment quarter.
Aug 06 Japantown: A taste of culture in San Francisco (sfgate.com)
 A stroll through San Francisco's Japantown takes you past exquisite Victorian homes that escaped the urban-renewal wrecking ball, significant historic sites and elegant temples. Today Japantown - generally comprising an area between Laguna to the east-west and Geary and Bush to the north-south - is only a remnant of its pre-World War II self.
Aug 06 Ferry sinks off Tonga, 26 missing, 1 Japanese man onboard (AP)
 A Japanese-built ferry sank off the coast of the Pacific island nation of Tonga early Thursday morning, with authorities confirming 26 people are still missing. According to the Japan International Cooperation Agency, a Japanese man listed on the passenger manifest is Hiroshi Umeda, 70, a senior JICA volunteer from Gifu Prefecture. Tongan police could not confirm whether the man has been rescued.
Aug 06 Child porn cases, victims jump to record highs (AP)
 Child pornography cases and victims soared to record highs in the first half of this year, a police survey showed Thursday, with Japan failing to create effective countermeasures despite criticism that it proliferates child porn images via the Internet.
Aug 06 13-year-old Ayano Kudo wins 12th All Japan Bishojo Contest (Japan Today)
 Ayano Kudo, a first-year junior high school student from Miyazaki Prefecture, took out the Grand Prix at the 12th All Japan Bishojo (Beautiful Young Girl) Contest held at the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka this week. The contest, which attracted 94,810 applications this time from girls nationwide aged 12 to 20, helped propel the careers of current leading actresses such as Aya Ueto, 23, and Ryoko Yonekura, 34.
Aug 06 Woman hit with fresh arrest warrant over another pregnancy fraud (Mainichi)
 A woman who was arrested in July for pretending to be pregnant with twins and swindling a Chiba Prefecture city out of a maternity loan, has been served a fresh arrest warrant over a similar case in another city in the prefecture, police said.
Aug 06 Bosozoku bike gangs in Ginowan called names (Yomiuri)
 Police and residents in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture, have launched a campaign to drive away bosozoku motorcycle and automobile gangs using the epithet "dasaizoku" (uncool gangs) to describe them. The campaign aims to embarrass bike gang members and encourage them to quit their reckless riding and driving. But will it work?
Aug 06 Wrong-way driver travels 47 km (Asahi)
 A disoriented driver drove his car in the wrong lane of the Matsuyama Expressway for about 47 kilometers Tuesday, causing one vehicle to crash into a roadside marker, injuring the motorist, police said.
Aug 06 Lay judges find their voices on 3rd day (Yomiuri)
 Lay judges involved in the trial at the Tokyo District Court took an active role in the third session Wednesday asking many questions, though one lay judge was forced to quit the trial due to a health complaint. All of the six lay judges, including a man who replaced the woman, asked questions of the defendant, Katsuyoshi Fujii, 72, about the situation surrounding the incident in which a woman was stabbed to death.
Aug 05 Trail of missing actress Sakai goes cold in Yamanashi Pref. (AP)
 The trail of actress Noriko Sakai, who has been missing since her husband was arrested Monday for allegedly possessing illegal stimulant drugs, went cold Tuesday evening in Yamanashi Prefecture, police said Wednesday. Following a request earlier Tuesday from her mother-in-law to search for the 38-year-old actress, the police traced radio waves from her cell phone, but they disappeared in the prefecture west of Tokyo, indicating she could be there, the Metropolitan Police Department said.
Aug 05 Ex-pop star hopeful arrested for allegedly stealing pachinko balls (AP)
 A 26-year-old man who was once a would-be pop star has been arrested along with three co-workers on suspicion of stealing pachinko balls from a pachinko parlor where they work in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, police said Wednesday. The four, including Kazuki Matsumoto who belonged to entertainment agency Johnny & Associates that has famous pop music groups like SMAP under its wings, are suspected of removing equipment that counts the number of balls from pachinko machines and stealing around 3,300 pachinko balls on the night of Dec. 25 last year.
Aug 05 Woman found dead at mudslide site in rain-hit Fukuoka (AP)
 A woman's body was found at a mudslide site in Fukuoka Prefecture on Wednesday, bringing the death toll from mudslides and flash floods caused by torrential rain that hit parts of western Japan late last month to 14. Police said the body is believed to be that of Masako Motozawa, 61, who had been missing after a mudslide engulfed her house in Sasaguri in the downpour that started on July 24. Her 34-year-old daughter Ayako was found dead last Friday in piles of mud some 30-40 meters away from where their house had stood.
Aug 05 Actor Oshio says he took tablets with dead woman: police (AP)
 Japanese actor Manabu Oshio, who was arrested on illegal drug charges Monday, said he "took tablets together with a woman" found dead Sunday in a Tokyo apartment, police said Wednesday. Oshio, 31, was arrested on suspicion of using the synthetic drug MDMA after testing positive for the drug known as "Ecstasy" in a urine test conducted in connection with the death of the 30-year-old woman.
Aug 05 Fantasy rules at Japan 'Cosplay' world summit (AFP)
 It's not every day warlocks and battle-bots, space ninjas and kinky maids bump shoulders in a crowd, but then the Japanese youth cult of Cosplay is all about letting go of everyday life. A contraction of the words costume and play, Cosplay is a craze born in Tokyo's Harajuku fashion district where teenagers have long been turning heads with eye-popping handmade costumes of manga cartoon and anime movie characters.
Aug 05 Popular Japanese music 101: What is J-Pop? (examiner.com)
 When most people think of popular Japanese music, they think of j-pop: An abbreviation for Japanese pop that is also loosely defined as a musical genre that entered the mainstream music industry of Japan during the 1990's. Often associated with bright colors, girls that are kawaii (the Japanese word for cute) and Lolita Goth and Visual Kei styles of clothing, j-pop has found an American following among a large number of anime and manga enthusiasts.
Aug 04 Japanese man on course to be matador in Spain (AFP)
 A Japanese man moved closer to achieving his goal of becoming his country's first full-fledged professional matador by taking part in his first bullfight involving mounted lancers. Taira Nono slayed two young bulls at the bullring in the southern Spanish resort town of Torremolinos on Sunday after a picador, a bullfighter on horseback, goaded the animals with steel-pointed lances which weaken their shoulder muscles.
Aug 04 The dark world of Tokyo nightclub hostessing (Daily Mail)
 Seeking money and excitement, Lucie Blackman left her home in Kent in May 2000 to find work in Tokyo as a nightclub hostess. In the second part of an authoritative and groundbreaking book charting the life and death of the 21-year-old, we explain how she was instructed in the art of targeting wealthy customers. She was soon earning £1,500 a week - but other girls made more. When one customer suggested Lucie boost her earnings by going to his apartment for a drink, she agreed, thinking it would be safe.
Aug 04 Ex-TV commentator and economist imprisoned for groping (AP)
 The Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office on Monday jailed once well-known TV commentator and economist Kazuhide Uekusa, who was sentenced to four months in prison for groping a female high school student on a Tokyo train in 2006. According to the lower courts' rulings, Uekusa put his hands up the high school student's skirt and touched her body on a commuter train between the Keihin Kyuko Line's Shinagawa and Kamata stations on the night of Sept. 13, 2006.
Aug 04 Actor Oshio arrested for drug use (AP)
 Actor Manabu Oshio was arrested Monday on suspicion of using the synthetic drug MDMA, police said. Oshio, 31, tested positive for the drug known as "Ecstasy" in a urine test the police conducted in connection with a woman who was found dead at an apartment in Tokyo's Roppongi district Sunday night.
Aug 04 Conductor runs along tracks to next station after train departs without him (Mainichi)
 A train conductor was forced to run nearly a kilometer along the tracks to the next station on the weekend after his train left without him. The JR Ome Line rapid service train for Tokyo departed JR Higashi-Nakagami Station in the Tokyo city of Akishima at around 8:20 a.m. Sunday without its conductor, forcing him to run nearly one kilometer along the railway tracks to the next stop to catch the train.
Aug 04 Farmers create coloured rice 'murals' in Japan (telegraph.co.uk)
 The creations emerge in the late summer months after the rice plants have had a chance to grow. But the farmers first sketch out their designs on computers so that they know exactly where the rice needs to be planted. The most famous work is grown in the village of Inakadate, 600 miles north of Toyko, where the tradition began in 1993.
Aug 04 Japan mourns 'Flying Fish' Furuhashi (inquirer.net)
 The death of Japanese swimming legend Hironoshin Furuhashi has stirred emotions in his country, which drew much inspiration from his stunning run of world records in the years immediately after World War II. Furuhashi, who was 80, was found dead of heart failure on Sunday in his hotel room in Rome where he had attended the world swimming championships as vice president of the sport's governing body FINA.
Aug 04 Spontaneous Japanese TV keeps Dave Spector on his toes (Japan Times)
 Michael Jackson's death meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For Japanese television celebrity Dave Spector, it meant being woken on the morning of June 26 at 6 a.m. and spending most of the next two weeks either studying or commenting on the performer for the benefit of Japanese television audiences.
Aug 03 Woman, granddaughter, stabbed by man in central Tokyo home (AP)
 A 78-year-old woman died and her 21-year-old granddaughter is in critical condition after being stabbed in their central Tokyo home Monday morning allegedly by a man who was the granddaughter's customer at an ear-cleaning salon, police said. The suspect, Koji Hayashi, a 41-year-old company employee from Chiba, was arrested on the spot by officers from the Metropolitan Police Department, who received an emergency call at around 9 a.m. reporting "a fight using knives."
Aug 03 'Japan's woodstock' revived (Asahi)
 More than 1,400 music fans braved rain Saturday to attend the revival of a festival regarded as "Japan's Woodstock," originally held in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, annually from 1969 to 1971. A crowd of mostly middle-aged and older fans gathered for the Nakatsugawa Folk Jamboree, which was overseen by the same locals who managed the original festivals.
Aug 03 Former pink districts now singing the blues (Asahi)
 Two communities in the Tokyo metropolitan area which battled to rid themselves of notoriety as major centers of sleaze now face a new struggle. After successfully driving out massage parlors and other unsavory traders, they are desperately seeking new tenants to stop the former "pink districts" becoming virtual ghost towns. Streets once lit up with bright neon lights and filled with the banter of drunken customers and touts outside establishments in the Nishi-Kawaguchi district in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, and the Koganecho district of Yokohama's Naka Ward are now empty and unlit.
Aug 03 Lay judge candidates nervous, concerned ahead of selection process (AP)
 Lay judge candidates summoned by the Tokyo District Court appeared nervous Monday ahead of the selection process, with some expressing willingness to serve and others reluctance. "As there is no precedent, I am nervous," said a 25-year-old woman from Tokyo's Suginami Ward, presenting a summons the court sent to candidates to serve as citizen judges in the first trial held under the newly inaugurated criminal court system.
Aug 03 Public bikes to hit Tokyo hub in Oct. (Yomiuri)
 The Environment Ministry will lease bicycles to the public in the Marunouchi business district in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, between October and December as part of an experiment to boost bicycle usage in the capital and cut greenhouse gas emissions. The ministry plans to set up five bicycle parking ports 300 meters apart, each with 50 bicycles that can be used at anytime.
Aug 03 Japanese win 'cosplay' world title (Japan Times)
 A Japanese pair were named the world's top costume role players Sunday, the first time the crown has been won by the country where "cosplay" originated. The colorfully dressed partners defeated contenders from 14 other countries in the World Cosplay Championship, a featured part of the three-day World Cosplay Summit that began Saturday.
By J.S. on Aug 13, 2009



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