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DPJ policy platform leaves questions over funding sources

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Taking up herewith Japanese Political Trend News by Media includinhg the situation of Election.
Recent Political Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Jul 28 Rakuten launches website to mediate political donations (AP)
 Japan's largest online shopping mall operator Rakuten Inc. on Monday launched a website designed to solicit political donations from individuals, becoming the first company to accept credit card-based donations on the Internet. The website, called "Love Japan," allows visitors to make donations starting from 1,000 yen to 73 politicians who have signed up for the donation service as of Monday.
Jul 28 DPJ policy platform leaves questions over funding sources (AP)
 The policy platform unveiled Monday by the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan, which promises to scrap expressway tolls and to implement other large spending projects, has raised questions over exactly how such projects would be financed. The proposed establishment of a politician-led governing structure and measures aimed at boosting the role of the Prime Minister's Office in policymaking are also sparking concern over whether politicians would really be able to overcome the expected resistance from bureaucrats.
Jul 27 More realism from the DPJ (East Asia Forum)
 The emerging realism in the DPJ observed last week has grown in recent days, especially on foreign policy. The party's manifesto for next month's election, due to be released to the public any day now, considerably softens the language on a number of foreign policy issues on which the DPJ had previously taken controversial positions. What would a DPJ government mean for the US-Japan alliance?
Jul 27 Will North Korea propel Japan to revisit its Nuclear option? (globalpolitician.com)
 Security analysts of Japan has often argued that commensurate with its economic superpower status Japan will try to become a military superpower, amend its Constitution and will ultimately become a nuclear weapon state. The statements by the political elites also suggests towards that ambition. The recent nuclear and missile tests by North Korea have also triggered the nuclear debate in Japan. But judging Japan's future nuclear strategy mere on statements and the events would be deceptive and foolhardy. The issue should be judged whether Japan has the delivery capability, "Second Strike" capacity and most importantly whether nuclear weapon has strategic significance for the country.
Jul 27 China slams Uighur leader Kadeer's Japan visit (Washington Post)
 China's ambassador to Japan on Monday slammed a planned Tokyo visit by Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer, in an apparent escalation of Beijing's campaign against the exile it accuses of instigating deadly ethnic riots. China says Kadeer, a once successful businesswoman in China but now leader of exile group the World Uyghur Congress, planned an outbreak of violence in northwestern Xinjiang region earlier this month in which nearly 200 people died. She denies the claim.
Jul 27 Aso draws criticism for gaffe on elderly (Asahi)
 Prime Minister Taro Aso earned the wrath of the main opposition party over the weekend for saying people aged 65 and older have no way of showing talent other than being put to work. "People aged 65 and older are well and capable of working," Aso said in a speech Saturday in Yokohama. "Please bear in mind that these people are not talented in anything but work."
Jul 27 Japan PM cancels visit to disaster-hit region (AFP)
 Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso Sunday cancelled his visit to the disaster-hit western Yamaguchi prefecture, where 14 people died in landslides, as torrential rain continued to pound the area. "Heavy rain is still falling in Yamaguchi and is forecast to continue. It is feared more disasters could occur," Aso told reporters before he was to take off at Tokyo's Haneda airport.
Jul 26 DPJ to give farmers say on rice cuts (Yomiuri)
 The Democratic Party of Japan plans to launch a program that would allow rice farmers to decide on their own whether to participate in state output cuts, according to sources.
Jul 26 DPJ must clarify how it will fund its pledges (Yomiuri)
 This is the second installment in a series of articles examining the challenges facing each political party in what may prove to be a historic general election.
Jul 25 If DPJ wins, legal age may be pared to 18 (Japan Times)
 The number of adults in the nation might suddenly jump if the Democratic Party of Japan comes to power in the Aug. 30 general election, as DPJ members said Friday they may try to lower the age of majority from 20 to 18. The party also plans to seek a lifting of the ban on election campaigning over the Internet.
Jul 25 LDP must do more than just attack DPJ (Yomiuri)
 On Wednesday, a day after the dissolution of the House of Representatives, the LDP leadership convened the secretaries general of its prefectural chapters for a meeting in a Tokyo hotel. In his opening speech, PM Aso again started out by expressing his regret and apologizing for the languishing approval ratings of his Cabinet and the recent spate of losses by LDP-backed candidates in local elections.
Jul 25 Kasumigaseki warming to DPJ (Yomiuri)
 Bureaucrats seem to be showing more consideration to the Democratic Party of Japan, perhaps spurred by the possibility of a new administration emerging from the upcoming election in the House of Representatives.
Jul 24 Concern growing over Japan's budget amid political uncertainty (AP)
 Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano said Friday the government will be able to draft the next fiscal year's budget on time, even if there is political uncertainty ahead of next month's general election. "Budget requests will be made on the basis of each ministry's belief and ideas," Yosano said at a news conference. "I believe there is no chance that the making of such requests will be swayed by politics."
Jul 24 Aso seeks support from biz groups, Hatoyama out on street stumps (AP)
 Prime Minister Taro Aso visited several industry groups Thursday to seek their support for the Aug. 30 general election, while his rival Yukio Hatoyama, Democratic Party of Japan leader, was on a campaign tour, calling on the public to support the party's bid to oust the ruling bloc led by Aso's Liberal Democratic Party.
Jul 23 Japan to freeze North Korean assets (AFP)
 Japan announced Thursday it would freeze assets of North Koreans in compliance with new UN sanctions for their links to Pyongyang's nuclear programme, an official said Thursday. The action against five individuals, four companies and one government bureau will take effect on Friday.
Jul 23 Japan shrinks from the American embrace (FT.com)
 Japan's postwar edifice has rested on two mighty pillars. The first is its military alliance with the US, its erstwhile conqueror, under whose nuclear umbrella Japan has sheltered since 1945. The second is the Liberal Democratic party, stalwart defender of that alliance, whose benign conservatism supported Japan's extraordinary economic rise. The first of these pillars, the LDP, is about to crumble. What will happen to the other one?
Jul 23 Cabinet rules 'no tweets allowed' in upcoming election campaign (Mainichi)
 The Cabinet declared Tuesday that using the micro-blogging service "Twitter" in election campaign activities violates the Public Offices Election Law. The government made the decision to ban the use of Twitter during the upcoming House of Representatives election campaign in response to questions submitted by Kenzo Fujisue, a Democratic Party of Japan member of the House of Councillors.
Jul 23 Nakasone, Clinton agree to cooperate on N. Korea (AP)
 Japanese Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone agreed Wednesday with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the need for close cooperation on a bilateral basis as well as with South Korea in dealing with the North Korean nuclear issue, and discussed with his Chinese counterpart the important role that Beijing can play as a close ally of Pyongyang, Japanese officials said.
Jul 23 Koizumi's son rejects 'double candidacy' in general election (AP)
 Shinjiro Koizumi, a son of former Prime Minister Juichiro Koizumi who plans to run in the Aug. 30 general election, will limit his candidacy to a single-seat constituency in Kanagawa Prefecture and refrain from simultaneously running in the proportional representation block, he said Wednesday. The key hereditary candidate of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party said voters would not accept a candidate who is defeated in a constituency but becomes a parliamentarian under the proportional representation system.
Jul 22 Gaffe-prone Japan PM struggling (BBC)
 He put a brave face on it, walking up to the podium and bowing stiffly before he began the news conference. But even some in his own Liberal Democratic Party fear Japan's Prime Minister, Taro Aso, is leading them to a historic defeat. He is asking for more time in power. But he began by saying sorry for past mistakes.
Jul 22 Senate rejects additional spending for F-22 fighter jets (AP)
 The Senate voted Tuesday to cut off production of the F-22 stealth fighter jet, despite Japan's hopes for acquiring the Lockheed Martin Corp.-built aircraft as the country's next-generation mainstay striker. The 58-40 vote, which removed $1.75 billion for an additional seven F- 22s from a $680 billion defense policy bill for fiscal 2010, was in line with President Barack Obama's drive to rein in defense spending.
Jul 22 Koizumi, others retire from political scene as lower house dissolved (AP)
 Key veteran lawmakers left the political arena for good on Tuesday following the dissolution of the lower house, including former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi who led the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to a landslide victory in the 2005 general election. Koizumi, 67, who was elected 12 times, announced last September that he would not run at the next general election and left his seat for his son to inherit. "Thank you for everything," Koizumi said as he hurriedly got into a car and left the LDP headquarters in central Tokyo.
Jul 21 Aso dissolves lower house for Aug. 30 poll, LDP facing uphill battle (AP)
 After tumultuous months since taking office last September, Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso finally dissolved the lower house Tuesday for a general election on Aug. 30, in which public surveys have indicated his ruling Liberal Democratic Party could well lose to the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan.
Jul 21 Analyst says economic downturn forced new Japan election (VOA News)
 Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso has dissolved parliament's lower house and called for national elections on August 30. In televised remarks Tuesday, the prime minister, who took office just last September, apologized for his failings and admitted that his party's internal turmoil had contributed to recent local election losses.
Jul 21 Hatoyama aiming for majority with other opposition parties (AP)
 Yukio Hatoyama, leader of the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan, said Tuesday that he is determined that the DPJ together with other opposition parties will at least secure a majority in the 480- seat House of Representatives in the Aug. 30 election to realize a "new government." Hatoyama told a news conference at the DPJ's headquarters following the dissolution of the lower house that his party is "tasked with a historical mission" to bring to an end the almost uninterrupted rule of the Liberal Democratic Party spanning more than half a century.
Jul 21 Aso set to dissolve lower house for election, LDP facing uphill battle (AP)
 Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso is set to dissolve the House of Representatives on Tuesday for a general election on Aug. 30 that will determine whether his Liberal Democratic Party-led ruling coalition can remain in power amid declining support for the Cabinet. The lower house election will be the first since September 2005, when then popular Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi helped the LDP secure more than 300 seats in the 480-seat chamber by making postal privatization the most contentious issue in the campaign.
By J.S. on Jul 31, 2009



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