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Bowlingual the Japanese dog language translator returns

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Taking up herewith recent Japanese Electronics Trend News by Media.
Electronics Trend will be read via these News.
Jul 19 Toshiba launches Blu-ray after DVD setback (AFP)
 Japan's Toshiba Corp. will enter the Blu-ray DVD market, more than a year after it gave up on its own next-generation format that failed to gain industry support, a report said. The media-electronics conglomerate will launch Blu-ray products as early as this year, a complete reversal of its position over the high-density DVD standard.
Jul 19 Bowlingual the Japanese dog language translator returns (examiner.com)
 The Bowlingual, a gadget that analyzes a dog's bark to detect its emotion, is being relaunched. First put on sale in 2002, a new version from toymaker Takara Tomy is being reintroduced in Japan in August. The Bowlingual was created by an audio researcher and a veterinarian to analyze and interpret the acoustics of a dog's bark. It claims to be able to recognize and convey six basic emotions.
Jul 18 Lessons learned in search of broadband in China, Japan and at sea (Sun Times)
 The past week has been an adventure of great internet access, horrifically bad access, and a third type of access that left me convinced that there are fundamental things about technology that the Chinese government should probably get a tighter handle on before they start sending people up into space. And somehow, all three wound up costing me a hell of a lot of money.
Jul 18 Sharp rise in viewers switching to digital TV (Yomiuri)
 There has been a sharp rise in prime-time broadcasting satellite (BS) digital TV viewing rates in recent months. The measure of viewership is termed the contact rate and is akin to the viewing rate used to gauge the popularity of terrestrial TV programs.
Jul 17 Future looking bright for LED lightbulbs (Yomiuri)
 Competition among electrical appliance makers for a share of the household light-emitting diode market is heating up, with lightbulbs that use LED technology viewed as the key way to provide energy-efficient next-generation lighting. Following Sharp Corp.'s entry into the LED lightbulb market, Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp. on Wednesday released new LED lightbulbs priced 50 percent lower than its previous offerings.
Jul 15 Overheated iPod nano explodes and catches fire (Mainichi)
 The government said on Tuesday that a fire caused by sparks from an Apple iPod nano occurred early this month, becoming Japan's 19th case of an accident due to overheating of the portable music player.
Jul 14 Game Sector Passes Electricity Sector in Japan (hardocp.com)
 A report in Japan shows that nine top game companies have surpassed the 19 top electrical providers in net income.
Jul 12 Gadget heaven for Japanese geeks (hindu.com)
 With broadband connections ten times faster than the U.S. and 90 percent of the population owning mobile phones, it is not surprising that Japan has its own "Electronic Town." Called Akihabara, it is the centre of "otaku" or geek culture in Tokyo. In the district it is possible to buy anything from spy cameras to underground computer games.
Jul 11 NEC, Sharp to bring its phones outside of Japan (intomobile.com)
 Japan's NEC and Sharp plan to export their handsets to other countries. Both companies were already present on markets outside of the Land of the rising Sun, but have struggled to gain any significant marketshare. Now due to sliding decline in handset sales in Japan, Nec and Sharp are revising their strategy and plan to expand overseas.
By J.S. on Jul 24, 2009



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