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Japan may face deflation through 2011: IMF

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Taking up herewith Japanese Economical Trend News by Media.
Japan's Economic situation will be read via these News.
Jul 20 Universal Healthcare? Japan, yes; U.S. still arguing (dailykos.com)
 Can America afford universal healthcare? Japan has universal healthcare. Japan spends 8% of GDP on healthcare, versus 16% for the U.S., but Japan has lower infant mortality and longer life expectancy than the U.S. It may be helpful to consider how Japan manages to provide excellent healthcare while holding down costs. Japan has over 1000 health insurance plans, and in Japan one can go to any doctor, internist or specialist, without any gatekeeper.
Jul 18 Japan spends over 3.8 tril. yen to help crisis-hit businesses (AP)
 The Japanese government spent a total of about 3.83 trillion yen in seven months through June in extending emergency loans to and buying commercial paper from private businesses hit by a global financial crisis, according to government data made available Saturday.
Jul 18 The zombies that ate Japan's recovery (SeekingAlpha)
 In B-grade horror movie lore, Tokyo has to fend off attacks from rampaging monsters like Mothra and Godzilla. If the cinema were more true-to-life, however, Japan would be less worried about overgrown fire-breathing lizards... and more terrified of zombies instead. In response to a recent Taipan Daily asking what brought us out of the Great Depression, a number of you responded with a good question. "What about Japan?" Or rather, "What about Japan's extraordinary rate of consumer savings - and why hasn't it helped?"
Jul 16 Japan one step closer to intervention as yen surges (Forbes)
 Japan could be one step closer to intervening in the foreign exchange market for the first time in five years as a soaring yen further jeopardizes the country's chances of pulling out of recession. Growing unease about the global economy has prompted investors to rush out of trades that bet against the yen while favoring higher-yielding but often riskier currencies.
Jul 16 Japan may face deflation through 2011: IMF (AFP)
 The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday said that Japan would likely wrestle with deflation through 2011 as it struggles to recover from severe recession. "Inflation is projected to remain negative until 2011," the IMF said in a report. The IMF sees prices falling 1.1 percent this year, 0.8 percent in 2010 and 0.4 percent in 2011.
Jul 16 Gloomy employment prospects (Japan Times)
 Somewhat bright reports on the Japanese economy have been issued by the government and the Bank of Japan. But other data show that the economy is still in difficult straits. Careful attention should be paid especially to the gloomy prospects for employment.
Jul 15 Bank of Japan extends emergency steps (AFP)
 Japan's central bank said Wednesday it was extending its emergency measures to tackle the worst recession in decades, as it downgraded its outlook for the world's number two economy. But the Bank of Japan said the slump was easing and economic conditions "have stopped worsening."
Jul 15 Yosano looks abroad for recovery (Japan Times)
 Conditions abroad, not at home, will determine how the economy fares, Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano said Tuesday. "Downside risks are not much caused by domestic factors," Yosano said. "After all, the Japanese economy's recovery is based on an overseas recovery."
Jul 14 Japan consumer confidence rises (BBC)
 Japanese consumer confidence improved in June in a further sign that the world's second largest economy may be recovering from a deep recession. The government index for household confidence rose to 37.6 last month, compared with 35.7 in May.
Jul 13 Japan bonuses plunge 16.6% (Straits Times)
 Summer bonuses at Japanese companies have plunged a record 16.6 per cent on average this year, the second straight year of decline, according to a survey released on Sunday. The poll was conducted by the Nikkei business daily, covering some 700 listed and major non-listed firms in Japan, where bonuses are traditionally provided twice a year - summer and winter.
Jul 13 New Policies for an Older Japan (Wall Street Journal)
 If demography is destiny, Japan is in trouble. The country is the 'grayest' in the world, and its population is shrinking. These two developments will sap Japan's economic vitality.
By J.S. on Jul 22, 2009



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