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My Mother's Simply Braised Spring Vegetables with a hint of Japan

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Found an interesting Blog SIte named "JUST HUNGRY".
In the blog, Maki (Ms.) is introducing "Many Kind of Japanese Cuisine Receipe including her Mother's Receipe".

I'm sure you will be able to enjoy Japanese Cuisine via "JUST HUNGRY".
I will qiote herewith some Articles which have been recently posted by her.
Vegetable Tempura
8 Jul 2009 by maki 
I’ve never really been good at making tempura, the quintessential Japanese deep fried dish. My mother’s tempura has always been terrific - crispy, light, and not greasy at all. So, taking advantage of her extended vacation here this year, I drilled her properly on how she makes tempura. ...

Basics: Cold soba noodles with dipping sauce
30 Jun 2009 by maki 

I’ve updated this very popular article a little bit and pushed it up from the archives, since it is the season for cold noodles now. I’ll also have a followup recipe soon for the perfect accompaniment to zaru soba. Originally published in May 2007. ...

My Mother's Simply Braised Spring Vegetables with a hint of Japan
26 Jun 2009 by maki
Summer vegetables, simply cooked   

Here’s another recipe from my mother. She just told me the recipe, and the reminiscences, verbally, (she says the recipe is too simple to write down!); I’ve written it down in the first person, from her point of view....

Homemade Umeshu (plum wine) and Ume Hachimitsu Sour (ume honey-vinegar drink)
22 Jun 2009 by maki 

Since so many people liked my mom’s umeboshi recipe, here are two more recipes using ume plums from her. She doesn’t have photos for these, so I’ve taken a picture of her notes, with a little illustration she did of how to layer the ume and sugar for the umeshu (plum wine). ...

Homemade Umeboshi (Japanese salty pickled plums)
18 Jun 2009 by maki 

My mother came for a visit this week, bringing along a pot of her homemade umeboshi. I asked her to tell me how she makes them; not only did she write it down for me, she even had pictures she’d taken of her attempts in the past couple of years! So, here is my mom’s version of how to make homemade umeboshi. I’ve freely translated her Japanese explanation to English. ...

Borough Market, London: A Very Literary Food Paradise
12 Jun 2009 by maki
Borough Market, London 

When I found out that I’d be in London this week for a couple of days, my thoughts immediately turned to what food-related things I could fit into my schedule. Tea and scones, check. Curry, check. A visit to Japan Centre, check. But at the top of my list was a proper roam around Borough Market. ...
By J.S. on Jul 20, 2009




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