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NEC, Sharp to bring its phones outside of Japan

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Taking up herewith Japanese Electronics Trend News by Media.
Recent Electronics Trend in Japan will be read via these News.
Jul 11 NEC, Sharp to bring its phones outside of Japan (intomobile.com)
 Japan's NEC and Sharp plan to export their handsets to other countries. Both companies were already present on markets outside of the Land of the rising Sun, but have struggled to gain any significant marketshare. Now due to sliding decline in handset sales in Japan, Nec and Sharp are revising their strategy and plan to expand overseas.
Jul 07 SuperSpeed USB on a fast track (New York Times)
 It has been in the works for months, and reports abound that the next generation of the universal serial bus - USB to all of us - could be put in computers by the end of the year. USB 3.0 - nicknamed SuperSpeed - is all about data transfer speed, and about keeping a standard a standard: That is, remaining compatible with the millions of USB computers, peripherals and other consumer electronics devices in use.
Jul 07 Porn downloads strain mobile network (Japan Times)
 While telecommunications companies say privacy laws prevent them from seeing what customers download, Japan's top two pornography providers, Hokuto and Soft on Demand Co., said sales to mobile phone users are driving revenue growth. The problems Japanese carriers face may spread as consumers demand more movies, music and other data-intensive downloads, including growing access to sites with adult content.
Jul 05 Survey: The iPhone is No. 1 in Japan (CNN)
 Gauging the iPhone's popularity in Japan is not easy. Just ask Brian X. Chen. He wrote a piece for Wired.com last April called Why the Japanese Hate the iPhone suggesting that despite the long lines that greeted the iPhone 3G last summer, the device was a big flop in Japan.
Jul 03 Android set to launch in Japan, 1.5 deployment 'nearly complete' (ZDNet)
 The first Android-powered phone will launch in Japan on July 10th. New Japanese customers will have immediate access to free applications in the Android Market, with paid apps following sometime later. That's according to a notice sent from Google's Eric Chu to Android app developers late Wednesday. Bulgaria and Romania are on the target list after Japan, first with phones and free apps and then with paid apps.
Jul 03 Panasonic cuts TV recycling time (Japan Times)
 Panasonic Corp. and its fully owned unit Panasonic Eco Technology Center Co. said Thursday they have developed new technology that makes it possible to recycle old-style TV sets three times faster and leaves less waste than previous methods.
Jul 01 Apparently the Japanese like Wii Sports Resort (endsights.com)
 After having been on store shelves in Japan for only four days, Wii Sports Resort has become one of the region's top selling Wii games to date. The game sold 353,000 copies putting it in third place behind Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart Wii.
Jul 01 'Eco-points' ready for registration, exchanges of goods (AP)
 The government on Wednesday began accepting from consumers registrations for "eco-points" introduced recently to stimulate purchases of more efficient electric appliances as well as applications for exchanging points for merchandize, gift coupons and electronic money.
By J.S. on Jul 16, 2009



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